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[e][h] Apocalypse
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Kim Min-hyeong
Alternate IDs:
Apocalypse, [IvD]torpedo, Fox
Total Earnings:
????-??-?? — ????-??-??
????-??-?? — ????-??-??
????-??-?? — ????-??-??
2012-01-30 — 2012-12-04
2012-12-20 — 2013-02-01
2013-02-01 — 2013-08-14
2013-08-14 — 2014-09-30
2015-07-27 — 2015-10-11
2015-10-11 — 2015-11-30
2015-12-14 — 2019-04-21

Kim "Apocalypse" Min Hyung is a South Korean Terran who is currently teamless.


Apocalypse (Apoc) performed well in the IPL Team League for QIM, which led Quantic Gaming to pick him up.[1]

Apocalypse attended the 2012 MLG Summer Championship in Raleigh representing Quantic and faced the eventual winner Leenock in Round 2 of the Open Bracket—falling down and losing to Maker in the Loser's Bracket. He attended the 2012 MLG Fall Championship in Dallas and made an Open Bracket Winner's run that ended at IdrA in a semifinal round—he proceeded to sweep through the Loser's Bracket to end up in the Championship Loser's Bracket where he lost 0-2 to HerO, securing a 25th-32nd finish.

On December 20, 2012, he joined It's Gosu after Quantic Gaming disbanded.[2]

On February 1, 2013, Apocalypse was acquired by Quantic Gaming after the team reformed after merging with It's Gosu and 4Not.[3]

On August 14, 2013, Apocalypse was acquired by IvDgaming after leaving Quantic Gaming.[4]

After leaving IvDgaming on September 30, 2014, Apocalypse went teamless, only joining a team a year after that. He joined PSISTORM Gaming on October 11, 2015[5] and left it after only a month[6] following a past matchfixing allegation.[7]

Wings of Liberty[edit]

Apocalypse was a member of the South Korean clan aLive and the lesser known Team DeadMachine before he joined Incredible Miracle.

Heart of The Swarm[edit]

Apocalypse participated in the Lake Charles Scion Thanksgiving Open, his first opponent was Hunterxx an American Zerg player whom Apocalypse defeated 2-0. The next 2 two rounds had Apocalypse face Petraeus and Sage yet again he defeated both 2-0. In the final of the tournament he would go up against qxc who managed to take a game off of him which would be the only one the whole tournament as Apocalypse won with a score of 3-1.


In A2Major tournaments
2014-08-103 - 4thDestiny I3 : 4 INnoVation$400
2012-12-194thGGA Finals Season 12 : 3 HwangSin$0
In A3Minor and A5Monthly tournaments
2016-05-061stEURONICS Gaming Cup #23 : 2 Botvinnik$67.61
2015-08-241stGo4SC2 July 2015ZZZZZ3 : 1 Bly$342
2014-09-132ndCHEO Invitational1 : 3 hendralisk$79
2013-12-141stLake Charles Scion e-Sports Thanksgiving Open3 : 1 qxc$2,000
Complete Results in any Tournament

Team Achievements

In A2Major tournaments
2011-12-221stIPL Team Arena Challenge5 : 3$500
In A3Minor tournaments
2014-04-131st2014 Deimos Esports Team League5 : 1$113.93
Complete Results in any Tournament



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