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[e][h]Random Apollo
Commentator Information
Shaun Clark
October 14, 1989 (age 33)
Alternate IDs:
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Years active (caster):
2011 - 2017
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Apollo Protoss Romania
Mexico Zerg Cham
2020-03-15 21:40:18UTC  
Apollo Protoss Romania
United States Terran Future
2020-03-08 00:00:12UTC  
Apollo Zerg United Kingdom
United Kingdom Terran PuReBall
2010-08-27 00:00:12UTC  
Apollo Zerg United Kingdom
United Kingdom Zerg rANDY
2010-08-27 00:00:11UTC  
Apollo Zerg United Kingdom
2010-08-27 00:00:07UTC  

Shaun "Apollo" Clark is a Random player from the United Kingdom.

He is also, arguably, one of the most experienced people in the casting scene, having commentated major events such as IEM Season V - Global Challenge Cologne, DreamHack 2011 Stockholm Invitational, ASUS ROG Summer 2011, and IPL Season 3.

He currently lives in The United States working for ESL.


Apollo was born and raised in Staffordshire, which is part of England's West Midlands.[1] He was originally a professional Command and Conquer player for Team Dignitas, winning the Command and Conquer 3 event at the 2007 World Cyber Games for Great Britain.[2] In 2009, Apollo retired from professional Command and Conquer and traveled to Korea where he spent the summer playing poker and Brood War, where he achieved a peak of C- on iCCup as Terran.[3]

Apollo switched over to StarCraft II shortly after the release of Wings of Liberty and initially played as Terran but eventually switching over to Zerg. Later, he switched to Random to improve his casting and coaching.[4] Since then, he has become a fixture in ESL's Europe-based division, including WCS Europe and Intel Extreme Masters tournaments.


In Beta[edit]

From the first day of the beta Apollo played as Terran, his race in Brood War. He played all day every day until he moved back to Korea for the summer of 2010 to live with Tasteless. He spent his time there talking StarCraft II every day with IdrA, Artosis, and his roommate.[5] Tasteless influenced Apollo to begin commentating and he applied for the position of Day9's co-commentator at IEM Season V.[6]

Wings of Liberty[edit]

Apollo started out the release of the game playing Zerg, playing at a high level but never winning tournaments. He played in the Multiplay UK i40 LAN event taking third over future notable and future team mate BlinG. He ultimately switched to Random to assist in his casting knowledge[4] and is currently ranked in the region of Grandmaster for Random and Zerg.[7]


Apollo started to gain fame when he co-commentated the IEM Season V - Global Challenge Cologne alongside Day[9]. He also co-casted alongside Day9 on Screen 1 of DreamHack Summer 2011. He gained this job through the assistance of 2GD who recommended Apollo to DreamHack.

He later commentated with TotalBiscuit at the Multiplay UK i40 LAN event in the UK and they frequently work together as a matter of course, securing event bookings as a commentary team. Some of their most notable events have included The SHOUTcraft Invitational, ASUS ROG Summer 2011, Multiplay UK i43,DreamHack Valencia 2011 and Iron Squid – Chapter I.

Apollo has also co-casted with TLO at IEM Season VI - Global Challenge Kiev and SCAN Invitational 3.

He casted DreamHack Stockholm 2012 alongside iNcontroL and Wolf.

Apollo was announced as a caster for The GD studio casting events such as their Arena tournaments.[8]

On June 19, it was announced that Apollo was hired by ESL and would be moving to Germany to work for them full time and cast WCS Europe.[9]


  • Apollo was an accomplished Command and Conquer player, winning multiple tournaments including WCG 2007[10] and various cash tournaments on
  • Has a strong attraction to beer.[11]
  • Is gaining more appreciation over time, due to his high activity in Web - releasing many videos revolving around StarCraft II.
  • Has owed tofucake $20 since IPL3 where he lost a bet that EDT = GMT - 4[Citation needed].
  • During 2013 WCS Season 1 he lost Bo3 in Rock-Paper-Scissors against Soulkey 0-2. As a result he is supposed to buy dinner for himself, Soulkey, Day9 and Chobra.
  • Apollo casted on Day 1 2013 DreamHack Open Stockholm in a pink Pikachu pajama suit to pay a lost bet with Carmac at the IEM World Championship.[12]
    • Artosis complemented it by wearing Pokémon anime main character Ash Ketchum's trademark hat and fingerless gloves. The DreamHack venue DJ even played the original Pokémon anime theme song (Gotta Catch 'Em All.)
  • When he moved to Sweden, MaddeLisk invited him in a Coca-Cola commercial to share a Coke with her as part of Coca-Cola's Share A Coke ad campaign in Sweden. Apollo later took her up on the offer at DreamHack Summer.[13][14]
  • Calls Jaedong "The Dong"
  • Was the player/coach of the European team that defeated the American team in a showmatch on finals day at the combined 2014 WCS Season 1 Europe/America finals.
  • RotterdaM owed Apollo 200$ for him jumping into the ocean on their Road Trip to IEM San Jose
  • During 2014 DreamHack Open Summer, was called out by MC because he predicted HyuN to win against MC.[15]

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