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[e][h]Aposis Gaming
Team Information
Patrick "Snow" Robinsson
Team Captain:
Markus "Emperor" Løtveit
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:

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Aposis Gaming is a Norwegian e-Sports organization formed in 2011 with a team in StarCraft II. They are one of the bigger esport teams in Norway, participating actively at tournaments and LANs.

Aposis has a goal to promote esports, and thus have hosted an official Aposis tournament on Teamliquid, with a $100 prize and bracket maxed out with all 64 participants.


  • January 4, MooN decided to retired from SC2.
  • February, Swedish master Protoss Thejoniz joins Aposis Gaming.
  • March, Swedish Protoss Hama joins Aposis Gaming Academy.
  • May, Zerg player Skruffy decides to play SC2 more casually and leaves Aposis Gaming.
  • June, Swedish master Protoss Thejoniz leaves Aposis Gaming due to personal reasons.
  • July, Evire Leaves Aposis Gaming to join Karnage eSports Academy team.
  • February, Aposis announces itself internationally on[1]
  • February, Aposis hosts its first international $100 tournament through[2]
  • February, Diffe becomes the first grandmaster player of Aposis, closely followed by qualitY & Plecto.
  • February, Aposis signed SolO and Cookie.[Citation needed]
  • February, Aposis arranges the SC2 WoL tournament at dfektLAN 2013.[3]
  • March 6, Aposis signed Prebs.[4]
  • March 28, Aposis in collaboration with Esport Arena, BLAN, GGWP.TV and Expert Gaming, hosts an unofficial tournament at The Gathering within SC2, LoL & CS:GO.[5]
  • April 16, Aposis deploys their new and improved website.[6]
  • April 28, Aposis announces their new protoss player, Shad.[7]
  • May 17, Krematoa joins Aposis as League of Legends Manager.[Citation needed]
  • September 9, SolO leaves to join ROOT Gaming's academy.[8]
  • September 26, Sakamoto and Monte officially join as Aposis Gaming, Sakamoto as StarCraft 2 Manager and Monte as crew.[Citation needed]
  • October 2, Prebs leaves to join ROOT Gaming's academy.[9]
  • October 7, Shad leave Aposis due to personal reasons.[Citation needed]
  • October 12, Aposis signed MooN.[Citation needed]
  • October 19, Aposis signed Bemnex.[Citation needed]
  • October 16, officially sponsors Aposis.[10]
  • October 25, Aposis signed Evire.[Citation needed]
  • October 31, Gurgel joins Aposis as Tournament Manager.
  • December, Diffe leaves the team due to personal reasons.

Player Roster at time of disband[edit]

Main Roster[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
NorwayBemnexJoakim Gjerstad2014-07-??
NorwayEmperor CaptainMarkus Løtveit2012-02-292014-07-??
NorwayHurricaneErling Moen2014-07-??
NorwayIchoJakob Hedenstad2012-02-??2014-07-??


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
SwedenHaMaPer Örling2014-07-??


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
NorwayqualitYSimen Moe2012-05-??2014-07-??


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
NorwayactioNDaniel Antonsen2012-05-232013-10-01
NorwayCreamcakeTin Duong201?-??-??201?-??-?? Team BX3
NorwayDiffeØyvinn Kastnes201?-??-??201?-??-??
NorwayEvireEirik Stensbøl2013-09-252014-08-01 Karnage eSports
NorwayPlectoJostein Tafjord2012-08-232013-04-24 No Dice Gaming
NorwayPrebsPreben Johnsen2013-03-??2013-1?-?? SEED Gaming
NorwaySnitchablesRuben Drange2012-10-272013-02-?? Team Infused
NorwaySolOTobias Glenne2013-02-??2013-09-09 SEED Gaming


ID Name Position
Norway Snow Patrick Robinsson CEO
Norway Lasion Bjørnar Fyhn CFO
Norway Sløvpeis Ove Person Dota 2 Manager
Norway -- Aleksander Floer Designer
Norway Sakamoto Huy Quang Vu Crew
Norway Monte Patrick Johansen Crew
Norway Krematoa Trond Hessenschmidt League of Legends Manager
Norway Gurgel Luis Benitez Ruiz CS:GO Manager & Event Manager

Team Achievements[edit]

Date Placement Tier Tournament Result Prize
2013-07-13 1st A3Minor Norwegian Clan League 2013 4 : 1 $329.08
2012-11-18 1st A3Minor NCL 2012 5 : 2 $86.44

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