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Armor is an attribute every unit and structure with health points bears. Damage by incoming attacks is reduced by the amount of armor: every point of armor reduces the damage received by one point. Units attacking in volleys, like the Zealot and the Thor, have the target's armor applied to each of their attacks.

Units commonly have a base armor ranging from 0 to 3 and gain 1 additional armor for every armor upgrade affecting them. Every combat unit has at least one armor upgrade affecting them. Buildings commonly have an armor of 1.

Protoss Plasma Shields use a separate armor value for computing damage to the shields, starting at 0 for all Protoss units and buildings and growing by 1 for every Shields Upgrades.

Armor is commonly notated in the form x (+y), expressing the unit has x base armor, and gains y armor for every armor upgrade affecting the unit.

Upgrades Affecting Armor[edit]




Abilities Affecting Armor[edit]


  • Attack damage modifying unit attributes like Biological or Light are applied before armor.
  • Armor cannot reduce damage below 0.5, every attack deals at least 0.5 damage.
  • Armor does not reduce damage dealt by abilities.