Artanis (commander)

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Artanis is the leader of the Protoss Daelaam. He can use support abilities from the Spear of Adun, and warp in units instantly into battle.

Units and Structures[edit]


  1. Swift Retribution
  2. Spear of Adun: Guardian Shell
  3. Superior Warp Gates
  4. Twilight Council Upgrade Cache
  5. New Unit: Reaver
  6. Templar Archives Upgrade Cache
  7. High Archon
  8. Spear of Adun: Warp Harmonization
  9. Reaver Upgrades Pack
  10. Spear of Adun: Solar Bombardment
  11. New unit: Tempest
  12. Fleet Beacon Upgrade Cache
  13. Spear of Adun: Shield Overcharge
  14. Spear of Adun: Solar Unslaught
  15. Glory of the Daelaam

General Strategy[edit]