Artosis Pylon

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A critical Pylon destroyed.

An Artosis Pylon is a single Pylon responsible for powering multiple structures in a Protoss base. It is a vulnerability because an opponent could significantly disrupt the Protoss player's production, tech advancement, and/or base defenses by destroying that one Pylon.


In an NASL cast, IdrA labeled one of CrunCher's's Pylons (which was alone powering several important buildings) as being an 'Artosis Pylon'. The reference was to the NASL Season 1 Week 4 game (Artosis vs Fenix), where Artosis lost power to several important tech and production buildings when Fenix took out a single Pylon.

While Artosis is not the first or last player to make this mistake, IdrA was the first to name the error on such a popular broadcast. While it began as a friendly joke, it quickly became this standard term.

Tasteless Pylon[edit]

During a 2013 DreamHack Open Stockholm semifinal between HerO and Leenock, the defensive line of HerO was breached by the Zergling rush of Leenock. The entirety of HerO's defense was powered by a single Pylon which was quickly targeted down and destroyed by attacking Zerglings. However, an additional Pylon finished warping in soon after the first Pylon had fallen. Artosis was casting with Apollo at the time and admitted, "He can't let that Pylon die! That is an Artosis Pylon!" - which Apollo agreed with. When the first Pylon fell, Artosis remarked, "That's all right - it's got a Tasteless Pylon to back it up, Apollo!" With the defense holding firm, Leenock called GG almost immediately, and the phrase Tasteless Pylon is still used to describe any Pylon that backs up an Artosis Pylon.

iNcontroL Pylon[edit]

Artosis himself prefers to use this alternative name for an Artosis Pylon, as he insists iNcontroL makes more Artosis Pylons than he does himself.