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ASUS ROG Online 2020: Qualifiers

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The ASUS ROG Online 2020: Qualifiers allow 8 players to receive a spot in the Group Stage of ASUS ROG Online 2020. Each of these qualifiers is open to all participants, with no region restrictions.

  • 3 slots for the Europe server qualifier.
  • 3 slots for the Americas server qualifier.
  • 2 slots for the South Korean server qualifiers.

Qualified Players[edit]

Protoss (5) Terran (1) Zerg (2)
From the EU Qualifier (3)
Netherlands Harstem 
Denmark MaxPax 
Germany ShoWTimE 
From the AM Qualifier (3)
United States Neeb 
South Korea ByuN 
South Korea PartinG 
From the KR Qualifier (2)
South Korea DongRaeGu 
South Korea Solar