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Atlantis Spaceship

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[e][h]Atlantis Spaceship
Map Information
Space Platform
Spawn Positions:
2 at 1,7

Atlantis Spaceship is a two-player map, created by Team Crux member LSPrime. It was used in the IPL Team Arena Challenge 2 and 2012 Global StarCraft II League Season 2. It continues to be used in the current seasons of those events, IPL Team Arena Challenge 3 and 2012 Global StarCraft II League Season 3.


This map has one of the largest rush distances in any map pool. This allows for many players to go for greedy expansions and upgrade timings. Some players meta-game this map and do a proxy to punish greedy play by negating the long rush distance. This map has also seen a lot of mech play by Terrans. This map is favorable for mech play as there are a small number of attack paths, depending on which bases you expand to. In addition the long distances in this map allows you to take some map control and reposition your slow army as required. Another common style on this map is air, from all three races. Air play is quite strong as the air distances are much closer than by land, PvX sees Phoenix play, TvX sometimes sees Banshee play, and ZvX also favor Spire play on this map. The more central base with three Vespene Geysers can be sieged from the low ground, however only the extra, rich, Vespene Geyser is at risk.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Two bases with a third, rich, Vespene Geyser, this geyser can be sieged from the low-ground behind the Geyser.
  • A Xel'Naga tower placed in the middle of the map provides vision for both early aggression and is vital in mid-/lategame positional warfare.

The map does not call for a single true path of expansion. You can either do it from your main and natural and just continue along the edge of the spaceship - or alternatively take the pocket 3rd and make a cluster with the 3gas-expansion and the 5th close to your main by air.


  • Artosis has stated that he does not think this is a very good or balanced map several times during GSL broadcasts.[1]
  • If you look at the minimap, you can see a panda bear, his head is in the 10o'clock position.


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