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[e][h] Attero
Player Information
Andrew Golec
February 4, 1988 (age 34)
Alternate IDs:
Vyanta, VTAttero, DREAMAttero
Approx. Total Winnings:
Years active:
2010 - 2012
2010-??-?? — 20??-??-??
20??-??-?? — 2011-05-09
2011-05-09 — 2012-07-04

Andrew "Attero" Golec (born February 4, 1988) is a retired Canadian Protoss player.

After a year of going pro, Attero departed from his long-term team, Team Dynamic, and in August 2012, he announced that he had retired from eSports.


Attero has a very subtle background in StarCraft: Brood War and Counter-Strike. He is known for using Random for the entire StarCraft II: Beta and for his stream and coverage of HuK, a former teammate in VT Gaming.

In Beta[edit]

Attero defeated qxc in the Canada vs USA event to start Canada off with a 1-0 lead over USA.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

Attero made his debut on the LAN scene at MLG Dallas 2010 where he met Slush in the winner's bracket, round three, and chose TvZ as his match up. He lost 1-2 to quick Brood Lord rushes and very solid defense, and ended up losing to HayprO in the loser's bracket shortly thereafter.

In November 2010 Attero decided to choose a race and picked Protoss, which, at the time, was not doing too well in tournaments. He played Protoss in StarCraft: Brood War and strongly believed that they have the most potential to be challenging and display a large number of strategies.

The first major achievement as Protoss was getting to the final twice at a local LAN tournament in Quebec, the Skyzo Cup where he met his teammate and soon-to-be PvT rival AlexCMoi from Dream Vision Gaming. After that he won a series of online tournaments such as ESL Go4SC2 Cups and a US US.CraftCup.

Attero had a notable second place finish in the JTV Invitational #2 taking out players such as GoOdy, NGry, Kas, mOoNan, Minigun and Brat_OK and then falling to Socke in the final.

In December Attero surprised many viewers with his successful run in the HomeStory Cup #4 US Qualifier, beating players such as WinDy and KawaiiRice, only losing the finals to South Korean progamer viOLet. This qualified Attero for the HomeStory Cup #4. He was eliminated 1-2 in first group stage, winning against Adelscott but losing against DIMAGA and ReaL.


  • Played Random in StarCraft: Brood War.[Citation needed]
  • Played Night Elf in Warcraft III.[Citation needed]
  • Chose the nickname Attero by looking at a list of words in Latin, picking Attero which means destroyer.[1]


In A3Minor Tournaments
2012-02-222ndvVv's Wednesday Night StarCraft #30
Team Dynamic
1 : 4vVv GamingvVv Gaming$0 Invitational #2vT GamingvT Gaming0 : 3$300
In A4Basic Tournaments
2012-02-201stPlayhem EU Daily 158Team DynamicTeam Dynamic– : –$45
2012-02-151stPlayhem EU Daily 153Team DynamicTeam Dynamic– : –$45
2011-09-251stThe V Showmatch 28Team DynamicTeam Dynamic4 : 1$100
2011-09-181stThe V Showmatch 27Team DynamicTeam Dynamic4 : 3$100
2011-09-111stThe V Showmatch 26Team DynamicTeam Dynamic4 : 1$100
2011-09-041stThe V Showmatch 25Team DynamicTeam Dynamic4 : 3$100
2011-07-031stGo4SC2 NA Cup 70Team DynamicTeam Dynamic3 : 2$50
2011-04-171stGo4SC2 NA Cup 483 : 2$50
2011-04-051stGo4SC2 NA Monthly Finals Cup 63 : 0$200
2011-04-041stGo4SC2 NA Cup 443 : 2$50
2011-02-121stUS.CraftCup Cup 233 : 0$20
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Matchup Statistics

 vs Protossvs Terranvs Zergvs RandomTotal
as Protoss58 - 4655.8 %50 - 3161.7 %57 - 6148.3 %3 - 0100 %168 - 13854.9 %
as Random0 - 0-1 - 516.7 %0 - 0-0 - 0-1 - 516.7 %

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