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Units in Starcraft II are tagged with one or more Attributes that determine bonus damage, affect targeting, and/or can influence spells and abilities.


There are restrictions on which Attribute combinations are valid.


All units aside from SCVs, Ghosts, Hellbats, Banelings, Queens and Archons have exactly one Attribute from the following 4 categories:

  1. All units are either ground or air.
  2. All units are either melee, ranged, or have no attack.
  3. All units are either light or armored. The exceptions are Archon, Ghost, Ravager, Baneling, Queen, and Cocoon, which are neither light nor armored.
  4. All units are either biological or mechanical. The exceptions are Archon and Infested Terran Egg, which are neither, and SCV and Hellbat, which are both.

Units can then have two additional attributes from the following: detector, massive, psionic, structure. In the Campaign, some units are marked by a Heroic attribute; this identifies that the unit is resistant to "control-effects" and/or has significant "plot-armor" within the Campaign story.


Type Armor Attack Movement
Biological, Mechanical Armored, Light Melee, Ranged Air, Ground
Detector, Heroic, Massive, Psionic, Structure