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Attributes in Starcraft II are a set of tags that belong to units and buildings that can determine bonus damage on weapons and affect Abilities and Spells. Ground and Air are unit types that determine how a unit can move and which weapons can target it. Detector is a passive ability. Melee and Ranged are damage types on a weapon that can determine whether certain abilities affect it. Attributes are listed with the statistics on the user interface when a single unit is selected.


The Attributes are: Light, Armored, Massive, Biological, Mechanical, Psionic, Structure, Heroic.

Heroic applies to specific Campaign units and the Mothership.

Units & Buildings[edit]

Most units have one Attribute from the following pairs:

All buildings have the Structure attribute, including the Auto-Turret and Stasis Ward. All buildings except Stasis Ward and Creep Tumor are Armored. All Terran buildings are Mechanical. All Zerg buildings are Biological. No buildings are Psionic, Massive or Heroic.

Abilities & Weapons[edit]

Most weapons with bonus damage only apply that damage to units with specific Attributes, usually Light or Armored. Infernal Pre-Igniter and Mag-Field Accelerator are upgrades that grant bonus damage, as does the ability Prismatic Alignment. Some abilities can only target units with certain attributes. Repair only targets Mechanical units, Steady Targeting only targets Biological units, and Interference Matrix only targets Mechanical and Psionic units. Massive units, on the other hand, counter certain movement-controlling abilities. For example, they cannot be targeted by Graviton Beam. Neural Parasite cannot target Heroic units.