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Auto-Turret (Legacy of the Void)

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This article covers the current multiplayer version of this structure. For another version see Auto-Turret (Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm).
[e][h] Auto-Turret
Unit Information
Armored Ground Unit
Automated defensive turret. Times out after 10 seconds.
 0  0  0  0
Attack 1: 12mm Gauss Cannon
Ground / Air
6 (+1)
Unit stats
150 1 (+2 structure)


The Auto-Turret is a temporary and immobile structure deployed by the Raven at the cost of 50 energy. It automatically attacks nearby air and ground targets that come within its range.

Once deployed, the Raven can leave the area, and the Turret will remain until it is killed or its duration expires (10 seconds). At expiration, the Auto-Turret would have dealt a maximum of 315 damage before armor.

The white circle denotes the build range of 3
  • When placed side by side, Auto-Turrets form perfect walls.
  • Considered a structure for targeting purposes and is attacked accordingly by Banelings. In a similar way, it cannot be attacked by Liberators in Defender Mode.
  • Is mechanical, thus repairable by SCVs and MULEs.
  • Like all Terran structures, it takes burn damage at 33% HP (50 total HP remaining), and will die if left unattended.
  • Structure attribute also provides immunity against the majority of hostile spells, such as Neural Parasite and Psi Storm.
  • Auto-Turrets can be placed on creep, unlike other Terran Buildings.
  • Higher health and armor allows it to absorb damage that would otherwise be directed on the Terran player's army.
  • Auto-Turrets do not count as structures for the purposes of losing a game (by losing all your structures). However, the creation of an Auto-Turret counts as the creation of a unit (rather than a structure) for the purposes of Stalemate Detection.


 100      100      57 Hotkey: H
Researched from: Engineering Bay
Adds +1 attack range to Auto-Turrets, Missile Turrets, and Planetary Fortresses.

This upgrade increases the range of the Auto-Turret from 6 to 7, allowing for better positioning when placing the turret. It also provides the range to retaliate against units which normally out range the Turret, such as a Thor, or mobile Siege Tank.

Neosteel Armor
 150      150      100 Hotkey: B
Researched from: Engineering Bay
Increases the armor of all Terran structures by 2. Increases the cargo space of Bunkers by 2 and the load space of Command Centers and Planetary Fortresses by 5.

This upgrade increases the armor of the Auto-Turret from 1 to 3, greatly improving its survivability against low damage units like Zerglings and Zealots. The improved resilience increases the efficiency of Auto-Turrets as protective shields when they are placed in front of the Terran player's army. In addition, it makes the Auto-Turret more viable for expansion harassment, causing worker units to deal 2 damage to the structure.

Competitive Usage[edit]

This section may be outdated due to patch changes (extreme reduction of the lifetime) Help us by revising it.

In General[edit]

Auto-Turrets see limited usage in competitive StarCraft. This is primarily because the Raven's other spells see more attention in competitive play, leaving the Auto-Turret as an energy dump after Seeker Missiles and Point Defense Drones have been cast. Despite this, Auto-Turrets retain specific uses in all match ups.

  • Harassment: One such use is the harassment of undefended expansions. A smaller number of turrets can halt mining at an expansion until the defending player can bring units to protect his economy. Should the opponent engage the turret with workers, a Seeker Missile can be devastating. If used in conjunction with an offensive push or other harassment, Auto-Turrets are capable of dealing enough damage to severely cripple or fully destroy the expansion. An upgraded AT could singlehandedly destroy a Hatchery/Lair/Hive, Command Center/Orbital Command (without armor upgrade) or Nexus (at +1 shield armor upgrade or less).
  • Defense: Auto-Turrets are used defensively to absorb damage by opposing armies, acting as an HP-buffer and/or hindering the movement of melee units like Zealots and Ultralisks, while soaking up damage from ranged attackers.
  • Vision: While normally delegated to Ravens or Scanner Sweeps Auto-Turrets can provide vision in dangerous areas, either ahead of an army, or on high ground. This allows the Raven to remain safely with the rest of army, only exposing itself briefly to deploy the Auto-Turret.
A Terran player deploys multiple Auto-Turrets on the cliffs of Desert Oasis, denying his opponent the Xel'Naga Tower
After using 4 Auto-Turrets to block a ramp, the Terran player kills unprotected drones on Steppes of War.

Vs. Protoss[edit]

The Terran player uses Auto Turrets to protect his army from approaching Zealots on Metalopolis.

Aside from their use as mobile vision/detection, Ravens are less commonplace in TvP, which in turn limits Auto-Turret usage. However, they still retain their protective use, especially when part of a Marine/Siege Tank push. Because Feedback is capable of instantly destroying a Raven or Point Defense Drone that is providing vision for Siege Tanks, Auto-Turrets can be used as spotters instead. A major downfall of Auto-Turret usage against Protoss are the units high shield health, coupled with quick shield regeneration. Where an Auto-Turret can damage a Zerg unit and have the damage remain for minutes, Protoss shields often endure the entire attack and negate its effects shortly thereafter.

  • A sacrificial Auto-Turret can cause enemy Zealots to charge prematurely.
  • Two Auto-Turrets will kill a Photon Cannon unassisted.
  • Auto-Turrets can be used as energy dumps prior to engagement, limiting potential damage received from Feedback.
  • Cannot be the target of Graviton Beam.
  • Because Auto-Turrets are quick firing, they are somewhat effective against Immortals, although they have the armored attribute.

Vs. Terran[edit]

A single Auto-Turret forces a Siege Tank to unsiege or be destroyed on the high ground of Desert Oasis.

Though not as common as just using Point Defense Drones in this match up, the auto-turrets can be used to bomb Siege Tanks and make Tanks splash each other. The Auto-Turret can survive 3 Tank attacks or 2 fully upgraded attacks, which is enough to kill a standard Siege Tank. On top of this, they will deal minor additional damage with their standard attack. With the Point Defense Drone not being able to intercept Marine fire, an Auto-Turret can pose as an HP buffer, especially with its armor upgraded from 1 to 3. Because the PDD intercepts Marauders' grenades, it is usually a better choice if the opponent builds large numbers of Marauders.

  • Can be used to destroy defending Missile Turrets, opening a defended base for a potential Medivac drop, or air harassment.
  • Effective at harassing defensive Siege Tanks.
  • Due to the nature of Terran production, a small number of Auto-Turrets by the rally line can severely hinder reinforcements.
  • Lacks effectiveness against many Terran units, because the race only has ranged attackers.

Vs. Zerg[edit]

Hincram uses Auto-Turrets to kill SLush's 5th expansion during a high level ladder game on Lost Temple.

Auto-Turrets are extremely good against Zerg opponents that have Banelings in their army, as dropping one down amongst Banelings can draw their fire to it, causing multiple Banelings to suicide on the Auto-Turret. Since most Terrans opt to launch a Seeker Missile first, one Auto-Turret can be placed with the left over energy. Aside from drawing Baneling fire, Auto-Turrets are rather powerful in their own right as a support unit. An Auto-Turret right in front of a player's army will distract a hostile, Zergling-heavy composition, especially with its armor upgraded from 1 to 3. By throwing a few Auto-Turrets down, Terrans can gain a slight advantage and possibly win a fight that they would otherwise have lost.

  • A single un-upgraded Auto-Turret will kill a Queen, but will burn down afterwards.
  • With such a large size, defensive Auto-Turrets are effective at blocking melee Zerg units.
  • Will be attacked by the higher damage Baneling anti-structure attack.
  • Can be used like force-fields by placing 3 auto-turrets at the top of a ramp, preventing a run-by to defend from turrets in a mineral line and denying a surround.
  • The Building Armor upgrade is most cost effective in this match-up with auto-turrets, especially vs Queens, Drones, and un-upgraded Zerglings.


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