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Autocast is a mode available on several unit Abilities that automatically activates an ability when certain conditions are met.

Autocast is toggled on or off by a right-click on the ability's icon in the Command Card, or by pressing the Alt key simultaneously with the ability's hotkey.

Abilities With Autocast[edit]


SCV and MULE - Repair - Default: Off - Hotkey: Alt + R
Medivac - Heal - Default: On - Hotkey: Alt + E


Zealot - Charge - Default: On - Hotkey: Alt + C
Carrier - Build Interceptor - Default: Off - Hotkey: Alt + I


Any burrowed Zerg unit - Unburrow (it will happen automatically when an enemy unit walks on top of the burrowed Zerg) - Default: Off - Hotkey: Alt + R