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[e][h] avilo
Player Information
David J.C. Blowe
December 19, 1987 (1987-12-19) (age 32)
Alternate IDs:
LgNavilo, VTavilo, GodOfMech, MECHGYVER
Total Earnings:
2011-04-13 — 2011-07-08
2011-12-08 — 2012-10-28

David "avilo" Blowe was a Terran player and coach from the United States. He is a former member of both Team Legion and VT Gaming. In April 2019, he was permanently banned on Twitch after charges of harassment were brought by another streamer.


Avilo, a long-time gamer, started playing games when he was five years old.[Citation needed] When he discovered StarCraft: Brood War, he found it struck a chord with his competitive nature and he continued to play both Brood War and Command and Conquer throughout college.[Citation needed] Avilo received a beta invite and started playing StarCraft II at that time. While he has not won or placed highly at a major tournament (as of June 2014), Avilo has a relatively famous StarCraft II stream on Twitch.[1] Avilo has repeatedly called out his opponents and other StarCraft 2 streamers for hacking and cheating.


Twitch Bans[edit]

In July 2017 he got banned from Twitch for 24 hours for various misbehaviors.[2] In 2019 Avilo was removed from‘s list of featured streams and permanently banned from Twitch for harassing another streamer and recording without consent from both parties. Following this, he resorted to streaming on YouTube.

2020 Sexual Harassment Controversy[edit]

On June 24th, 2020 Avilo was accused of "Sexual Harassment, Emotional Abuse, Bdsm Abuse and Stalking" by Twitch streamer/personality Atira via twitter [3]. Avilo responded with several counter tweets from his perspective[4]. As of June 24th, 2020 Avilo has been banned from participating in the popular NA LAN - Cheesadelphia - by its administrator, Joe LoGuidice [5] as well as Shyrshadi Events [6]. Feardragon has also petitioned ESL to ban Avilo from playing in future events via twitter; it is still under consideration as of June 24th, 2020 [7]. On June 26th, 2020 he reiceived punishment for "unwanted behavior" and his ESL account was set to frozen for 3 weeks[8].

Wings of Liberty[edit]

Throughout college, avilo played as much as possible with the goal of becoming a progamer once he was finished with college.[Citation needed] He successfully completed his studies, and received his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science in late 2011.[Citation needed] avilo joined VT Gaming on April 13, 2011, along with MrBitter, where he stayed until VT Gaming disbanded on July 8. After a few months, avilo found a new home with Team Legion.

Legacy Of The Void[edit]

He was selected to represent the USA team at NationWars V in 2018 with Neeb and MCanning. Their journey ended in the group stage against Germany.


In A3Minor and A5Monthly tournaments
2014-01-111 - 2ndDC LAN XIII2 : 0 Juggler$130
2012-06-302ndSpaceWhales Showdown #40 : 3 Fitzyhere$50
2012-06-142ndDC LAN VIII1 : 3 Anfield$165
2012-01-211stDC LAN VII3 : 0 Alkresh$200
Complete Results in any Tournament

WoL Matches[edit]





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