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[e][h]Awesome Gaming
Team Information
Tobias "OneStep" Sörling
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Recent Player Trades:
2013-05-24 - Jagelius leaves
2013-05-10 - Fuzer leaves


Awesome Gaming was formed in 2011, starting out originally as a small gaming and production team of friends and enthusiasts based in Sweden. Today, Awesome Gaming supports StarCraft II, DotA II, CS:GO & League of Legends teams and became one of the fastest growing teams, focusing on European players. Aside of their main focus on developping young, talented players, they also aim to create quality content, develop commentators and to engage within the StarCraft II community by organizing showmatches & tournaments.[1][2][3][4]

StarCraft II lineup is currently competing in IPTL Amateur division & various national events. [5] Notably, Fuzer participated in HomeStory Cup VI [6]



  • Team is founded, with main goal to help development & growth of professional and semi professional players, as well as to support up & coming commentators. [7]


  • November, 4th - New partner of the team - Esportclothing, is announced.
  • December, 3rd - Fuzer acquired by the team. [8]
  • December, 14th - Sovlet joins the team. [9]
  • December, 23rd - Team announces their main sponsor, CM Storm [10]


Players at Disbanding[edit]

Awesome Gamng's roster at Dreamhack Summer 2013: BabyToss, Tebo, Moilanen, Sovlet, Mad and XeNoN.
ID Name New Team
CzechCzech Republic P BabyToss Jana Otahalova Eternity Gaming
SwedenSweden Z FireFlyHugs Aapo Maijanen
SwedenSweden P Mad Victor Lindgren
FinlandFinland T Moilanen Atte Moilanen
DenmarkDenmark Z Monkeyman Nikolai Andreasen
germanyGermany Z Nuss Djamal Sadaghiani
SwedenSweden Z Pizzaboy Joel Björklund
UKUnited Kingdom P Sovlet Dean Bailey
SwedenSweden P Tebo Teo Borgia
SwedenSweden P XeNoN Ben Jagevi

Academy Team[edit]

ID Name New Team
SwedenSweden T Toadie Frederik Eriksson
romaniaRomania P Squeeze Iulian Tatu
PolandPoland P CrazyIvan Iwo Leszczyński
SingaporeSingapore T Clare Lance Yap
SwedenSweden T KimchiSon Adam Wallander
usUSA T Graphix Sam Rexroth
SwedenSweden Z Iridium Markus Andersson
SwedenSweden Z Fluttershy Jimmy Oskarsson
SwedenSweden P Unforgetable Ossian Brus -
SwedenSweden P Fruktig Stefan


ID Name New Team
FinlandFinland T Fuzer Samuli Romppanen Team
FinlandFinland P Jagelius Jaakko Koski Ence eSports
SwedenSweden P Ashtrayheart Joakim Karlsson


ID Name Position
SwedenSweden P AOP Anton Levein Owner
SwedenSweden P OneStep Tobias Sörling Player Manager
GermanyGermany P Vitamin Marc Stiebe Academy Manager
SwedenSweden P Fuiji Niklas Sävelid Assistant & Co-operations manager
SwedenSweden R Dex TheDrone Nelle Assistant Manager