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Baneling/Roach Rush (vs. Terran)

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[e][h] Baneling/Roach Bust
Strategy Information
Zerg versus Terran


This build is used in order to punish a greedy Terran, as with the current way TvZ is played early expands have become very popular and it is not uncommon to see delayed tech in favor of a fast expand with Hellions or Bunker Marines. This means the Terran will lack Marauders and Tanks, the very counter to this build.

This build is highly effective versus Hellion openings, but if no Hellions are scouted and no expansion is taken, proceed cautiously in case of Banshees or cheese.


By breaking down the front wall of the Terran base, you not only leave his natural open to attack but also can set him heavily back in supply, forcing more depots in the main or even supply drops, which set the Terran behind further.

Once the wall is down, focus down Hellions and pump out lings, with any luck the Roaches and lings can overpower the Terran production before he is able to make Marauders or tanks, and small numbers of these will melt very quickly to 8 Roaches and mass ling reinforcements, ending the game before ten minutes.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Baneling/Roach Rush

(All supply that is unaccounted for can be taken as droning unless said otherwise, queens to be made as soon as possible)

  • 9 Overlord
  • 13 Drone Scout
  • 15 Hatch
  • 16 Pool
  • 18 Extractor (Remove Drones from gas after 100 mined and research metabolic boost at spawning pool)
  • 17 Overlord
  • 26 Overlord
  • 30 Overlord
  • Drone, Then two more extractors and a Roach Warren
  • 3 more Overlords
  • 12 roaches
  • Gas should be the bottleneck
  • After 50 gas put down baneling nest
  • Constant injects, Overlords and rallied lings, do not get supply blocked!
  • Morph maximum banelings
  • Attack, Reinforce with lings.


It is important to scout the position of the opponent's base and verify whether there is a Supply Depot atop the ramp. It is also critical not to lose the initial 4 Banelings as they are needed to bust the wall.


On scouting a wall use Banelings to take down any depots and Bunkers in your way, after which the Roaches go in followed by lings to damage and kill any Hellions, any Marines from here should be dealt with easily by any remaining Banelings/lings as well as Roaches, from here focus down SCV's at the natural and once lifted, head up the ramp and snipe tech as fast as possible, the low tech of the Terran is the reason this build succeeds, a well microed tank can shut this down if a walloff is involved with a Bunker.

Video by ViBe on


The main counters to this build are Marauders and tanks, both of which should be delayed upon a FFE, ensure that only one gas is taken early by the Terran otherwise a possible Banshee harrass/all-in is possible. Sacrifice an Overlord at 6:30 to scout for the tech, react accordingly.

Heavy Marauder play requires Banelings and heavy Hellion play requires Roaches, Hellion Marauder all-ins are very rare but possible, to shut one down you need to produce plenty of lings and focus fire Hellions with Roaches, get a surround with a flank and employ the use of Spine Crawlers at the natural.

Pro features[edit]

  • Kills greedy Terrans that do not prepare
  • If you choose to expand behind it in sacrifice of 12 lings this build can be considered pressure and not all-in, if it seems like the attack will fail, back off and use the Roaches and lings defensively and be aware of any tech switches or pushes the Terran may decide to make
  • Can catch a turtling Terran player off-guard and potentially end the game immediately.

Con features[edit]

  • Only works against a Supply Depot or add-on style wall-in.
  • Hard-countered by an adequate number of Marauders, especially when micro'd competently.


Build order on by Supert0fu