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[e][h] Bang
Player Information
Seo Dong Hyeon
Alternate IDs:
MVPBang, Bang.MVP
Total Earnings:

Seo "Bang" Dong Hyeon is a South Korean Terran and he's currently teamless.


Wings of Liberty[edit]

Bang has played in several Esports Weekly Match tournaments, although he never made the later rounds. However, he was able to take series off Cutter 2-1 and RainBOw 2-0.

He has also attempted to qualify for GSL multiple times. His first attempt in GSL October ended up in a loss in the first round to TheStC 1-2. His results have been improving, as he was knocked out in the quarterfinals in 2012 GSL Season 2 and 2012 GSL Season 3 to Sage and finale 1-2, and most recently in the 2012 GSL Season 4 preliminaries he defeated Action 2-1 in the quarterfinals, but was eliminated in the semifinals by BaBy 0-2.