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Basic Tournaments

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Basic Tournaments offer a very small prize pool and little to no prestige.


Sep 25Sep 25DOMrud Cup #1$524Poland WrocławPoland TBDPoland TBD
Aug 8Aug 8Meta Plays Monthly #3$1000World OnlineTBDTBD
Aug 7Aug 7CSO Cup #24$250South Africa OnlineTBDTBD
Aug 6Aug 6Sentimiento Latino #113$500 OnlineTBDTBD
Aug 5Aug 5Cock of the Walk #68$500 OnlineTBDTBD
Aug 4Aug 4Queen's Gambit #12$350Europe OnlineTBDTBD
Aug 2Aug 8maraleCup #11$5016Europe OnlineTBDTBD
Aug 1Aug 1PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #56$500 OnlineTBDTBD
Jul 31Jul 31SSL Cup #5$250 OnlineTBDTBD
Jul 31Aug 1SCiE cup #1$7416Russia OnlineTBDTBD
Jul 31Aug 29DSL Pro: Global Finals$10016 OnlineTBDTBD
Jul 31Jul 31Battle of the Americas #63$500 OnlineTBDTBD
Jul 30Jul 30Copa Hyperion #25$250 OnlineTBDTBD
Jul 29Jul 29Cock of the Walk #67$500 OnlineTBDTBD
Jul 28Jul 28SDC Cup #24$500 OnlineTBDTBD
Jul 28Jul 28Queen's Gambit #11$350Europe OnlineTBDTBD
Jul 25Jul 25The Pizza Pie: Weekly #12$5011 OnlinePoland  GeraldPoland  PAPI
Jul 25Jul 25PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #55$500 OnlineTBDTBD
Jul 24Jul 24CSO Cup #23$259South Africa OnlineGermany  ForJumyPoland  Trifax
Jul 24Jul 24Sunrise Cup #53$390China OnlineTBDTBD
Jul 22Jul 22Cock of the Walk #66$509 OnlinePoland  KrystianerGermany  ForJumy
Jul 21Jul 21SDC Cup #23$506 OnlineSouth Korea  kiwianHong Kong  GogojOey
Jul 20Jul 20SCVRush Open #244$508Europe OnlinePoland  KrystianerPoland  Gerald
Jul 19Aug 1Berserker Master League 2021: Season 3$032 OnlineTBDTBD
Jul 18Jul 18GdA Night Tournament #2$5010 OnlineRussia  SKillousUkraine  Kas
Jul 18Jul 18PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #54$500 OnlinePoland  KrystianerRussia  KingCobra
Jul 17Jul 17SSL Cup #4$254 OnlinePoland  KrystianerCanada  TriGGeR
Jul 17Jul 17Sunrise Cup #52$3912China OnlineHong Kong  BistorkChina  Asuna
Jul 17Jul 17The Pizza Pie: Weekly #11$507 OnlinePoland  GeraldCanada  TriGGeR
Jul 17Jul 17Battle of the Americas #62$500 OnlineUnited States  PureLegacyUnited States  PattyMac
Jul 16Jul 16Copa Hyperion #24$2516 OnlinePeru  XionSMexico  Pacomike
Jul 15Jul 15Grand Platypus Open #72$350 OnlineTBDTBD
Jul 14Jul 14SDC Cup #22$5011 OnlineMexico  SpeCialSouth Korea  LunaSea
Jul 13Jul 13SCVRush Open #243$5020Europe OnlinePoland  KrystianerUkraine  Kas
Jul 13Jul 13Meta Plays Monthly #2$10013World OnlineRussia  BeePoland  Ziggy
Jul 11Jul 11SC2 MSIA βeta #1$6622Malaysia OnlineMalaysia  MILMalaysia  GuaiLou
Jul 11Jul 11The Pizza Pie: Weekly #10$5013 OnlineUnited States  AstreaSouth Korea  NightMare
Jul 11Jul 11PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #53$5014 OnlinePoland  KrystianerPoland  PAPI
Jul 10Jul 10SSL Cup #3$250 OnlinePoland  KrystianerRussia  Nicoract
Jul 10Jul 10CSO Cup #22$2513South Africa OnlinePoland  KrystianerEstonia  kiyj
Jul 10Jul 10Sunrise Cup #51$3910China OnlineChina  HHHChina  Daydreamer
Jul 10Jul 10Battle of the Americas #61$5015 OnlineUnited States  PureLegacyUnited States  PattyMac
Jul 10Jul 10The Demi Australian Open #1$858South East Asia OnlineAustralia  StarDuckPhilippines  EnDerr
Jul 9Jul 9Sentimiento Latino #112$500 OnlinePeru  RyuBrazil  Erik
Jul 8Jul 8Cock of the Walk #65$6019 OnlineRussia  VanyaPoland  Gerald
Jul 8Jul 8Grand Platypus Open #71$350 OnlineHong Kong  GogojOeyHong Kong  Bistork
Jul 6Jul 6SCVRush Open #242$5015Europe OnlinePoland  KrystianerPoland  PAPI
Jul 4Jul 4Banshee Cup July 2021$504 OnlineUnited Kingdom  CountessNorway  Andromeda
Jul 4Jul 4PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #52$5015 OnlinePoland  KrystianerPoland  PAPI
Jul 3Jul 3Sunrise Cup #50$390China OnlineChina  AsunaChina  Daydreamer
Jul 3Jul 3EPIC.LAN 33: Code A$06Europe OnlineUnited Kingdom  BobicusUnited Kingdom  Mono
Jul 3Jul 3CyberUnderground LAN$968Russia Rostov-on-DonRussia  SubZeroRussia  KINE
Jul 3Jul 3Battle of the Americas #60$5014 OnlineBrazil  ErikMexico  JimRising
Jul 2Jul 2Copa Hyperion #23$9015 OnlineBrazil  ErikMexico  Pacomike
Jul 1Jul 1Cock of the Walk #64$6016 OnlinePoland  GeraldPoland  PAPI
Jul 1Jul 1Grand Platypus Open #70$350 OnlineHong Kong  GogojOeyAustralia  Pezz
Jun 30Jun 30SDC Cup #21$5011 OnlineCanada  TriGGeRHong Kong  GogojOey
Jun 30Jun 30Asgard Cup #52$270Europe OnlineRussia  ShamelessRussia  ART
Jun 30Jun 30Queen's Gambit #10$3513Europe OnlineUkraine  BlyPoland  PAPI
Jun 29Jun 29Goodgame Cup 1$1004South Korea OnlineChina  CyanMexico  Cham
Jun 29Jun 29SCVRush Open #241$5017Europe OnlineRussia  StrangeBrazil  Erik
Jun 28Jun 282021 NA Apprentice Season 3: Code A$8016North America OnlineCanada  Bioice
Jun 27Jul 4HOST Open #8$3016Brazil OnlineBrazil  TheZergLordBrazil  MasTeR
Jun 27Jun 27Meta Plays Monthly #1$9011World OnlineSpain  AqueroNFinland  Mixu
Jun 27Jun 27The Pizza Pie: Weekly #9$5011 OnlineUnited States  NinaPoland  PAPI
Jun 26Jun 26SSL Cup #2$258 OnlinePoland  KrystianerPoland  Ziomek
Jun 26Jun 26CSO Cup #21$2511South Africa OnlinePoland  KrystianerHong Kong  Bistork
Jun 26Jun 26Sunrise Cup #49$7017China OnlineChina  MacSedChina  TurN
Jun 26Jun 26Twój Stary Cup$530Poland OnlinePoland  SnoxtarPoland  PAPI
Jun 26Jun 26Battle of the Americas #59$5020 OnlineCanada  BioiceMexico  JimRising
Jun 25Jun 25Demi SEA Weekly #27$558South East Asia OnlineIndia  DemiHong Kong  GogojOey
Jun 25Jun 25Dyszka Showmatch #5$260Poland OnlinePoland  MiszuPoland  Snoxtar
Jun 25Jun 25Sentimiento Latino #111$5027 OnlineMexico  JimRisingBrazil  TheZergLord
Jun 25Jun 25Steadfast's Trigger Showmatch #3$752 OnlineUnited States  FutureCanada  TriGGeR
Jun 24Jun 24Cock of the Walk #63$6219 OnlineNetherlands  uThermalRussia  Strange
Jun 24Jun 24Grand Platypus Open #69$350 OnlineHong Kong  GogojOeyIndia  Demi
Jun 24Jun 24The Steadfast Secret Goals Series #2$1752World OnlineSouth Korea  PartinGMexico  Cham
Jun 23Jun 23Queen's Gambit #9$3510Europe OnlinePoland  KrystianerSlovakia  Hopt
Jun 22Jun 22SCVRush Open #240$5012Europe OnlinePoland  KrystianerSlovakia  Hopt
Jun 21Jul 5SoloAsR Invitational #9$5018China OnlineTBDTBD
Jun 20Jun 20The Pizza Pie: Weekly #8$509 OnlinePoland  GeraldMexico  Cham
Jun 20Jun 20PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #50$5015 OnlineUkraine  BlyPoland  Krystianer
Jun 20Jun 20Steadfast's Trigger Showmatch #2$752 OnlineSweden  SortOfCanada  TriGGeR
Jun 19Jun 19Diamond Heroes VIII$9615 OnlineUnited States  NikmanUnited States  Alexkidd
Jun 19Jun 19GdA Night Tournament #1$2520 OnlineFinland  MixuFrance  Adrien
Jun 19Jun 19Battle of the Americas #58$859 OnlineCanada  TriGGeRBrazil  Erik
Jun 18Jun 18Asgard Cup #51$2111Europe OnlineRussia  ShamelessUkraine  JEROS
Jun 18Jun 18Copa Hyperion #22$2513 OnlineColombia  eGGzPeru  Ryu
Jun 18Jun 18Demi SEA Weekly #26$556South East Asia OnlineHong Kong  GogojOeyAustralia  Azure
Jun 18Jun 18Dyszka Showmatch #4$260Poland OnlinePoland  PAPIPoland  Trifax
Jun 17Jun 17Cock of the Walk #62$6116 OnlineRussia  VanyaNetherlands  uThermal
Jun 17Jun 17Grand Platypus Open #68$350 OnlineHong Kong  GogojOeyIndia  Demi
Jun 17Jun 17Steadfast's Trigger Showmatch #1$752 OnlineTaiwan  NiceCanada  TriGGeR
Jun 16Jun 16Out of the Void Surprise Tournament$405 OnlineTaiwan  NiceUnited States  Vindicta
Jun 15Jul 3Amantes de StarCraft 2 - Gladiadores Summer 2021$798Brazil OnlineBrazil  MasTeRBrazil  Shakti
Jun 14Jun 14Demi SEA Weekly #25$557South East Asia OnlineHong Kong  GogojOeyHong Kong  Bistork
Jun 13Jun 13The Pizza Pie: Weekly #7$5010 OnlineUnited States  NinaPoland  Gerald
Jun 12Jun 12KCT$8111Poland OnlinePoland  GeraldPoland  Krystianer
Jun 12Jun 12SSL Cup #1$259 OnlineRussia  NicoractUnited States  Benjadeath
Jun 12Jun 12CSO Cup #20$2514South Africa OnlineFinland  MixuRussia  Brat_OK
Jun 12Jun 12Sunrise Cup #47$3914China OnlineChina  MacSedChina  Daydreamer
Jun 12Jun 12Battle of the Americas #57$5017 OnlineBrazil  ErikCanada  TriGGeR
Jun 12Jun 13Amantes de StarCraft 2 - #12$7834Brazil OnlineBrazil  ErikBrazil  TheZergLord
Jun 11Jun 11Sentimiento Latino #110$5031 OnlineBrazil  TheZergLordMexico  JimRising
Jun 11Jun 11MonsterSC2TV WeeklyCast #30$372Europe Weekly OnlineFrance  DenverGermany  BattleB
Jun 10Jun 10Cock of the Walk #61$6719 OnlineRussia  VanyaRussia  Strange
Jun 10Jun 10Grand Platypus Open #67$550 OnlineHong Kong  GogojOeyAustralia  StarDuck
Jun 9Jun 9SDC Cup #19$5017 OnlineHong Kong  GogojOeyPoland  ArT
Jun 9Jun 9Queen's Gambit #8$3511Europe OnlineUkraine  BlySlovakia  Hopt
Jun 8Jun 8SCVRush Open #239$5014Europe OnlinePoland  KrystianerRussia  MindelVK
Jun 7Jun 9Danskyck Cup #5$558Poland OnlinePoland  SnoxtarPoland  Aristori
Jun 6Jun 6Demi SEA Weekly #24$5511South East Asia OnlineHong Kong  GogojOeyAustralia  Seither
Jun 6Jun 6Banshee Cup June 2021$507 OnlineUnited States  OphidianUnited Kingdom  Countess
Jun 5Jun 5Sunrise Cup #46$3617China OnlineChina  MacSedChina  HHH
Jun 5Jun 5Battle of the Americas #56$5021 OnlineUnited States  NinaMexico  Pacomike
Jun 4Jun 4Copa Hyperion #21$2525 OnlineMexico  JimRisingBrazil  TheZergLord
Jun 3Jun 3Cock of the Walk #60$6012 OnlineRussia  BeePoland  PAPI
Jun 2Jun 2SDC Cup #18$500 OnlineRussia  BeeSouth Korea  ViViD
Jun 2Jun 2Queen's Gambit #7$3512Europe OnlineUkraine  KasPoland  Krystianer
Jun 2Jul 10Proving Grounds #2$74.5014 OnlineUnited States  SmartAsianGuyUnited States  Alexkidd
Jun 2Jun 2Grand Platypus Open #66$350 OnlineHong Kong  GogojOeyVietnam  MeomaikA
Jun 1Jun 1SCVRush Open #238$5015Europe OnlinePoland  KrystianerIsrael  Adonminus
Jun 1Jul 1Legion Cup 2021: Spring NA$7528 OnlineTBDTBD
May 30May 30Demi SEA Weekly #23$5513South East Asia OnlineHong Kong  GogojOeyIndia  Demi
May 30May 30The Pizza Pie: Weekly #6$508 OnlineCanada  TriGGeRRussia  Nicoract
May 30May 30Manes Sarmatis In-House Open #2$844Poland OnlinePoland  RodzynPoland  Snoxtar
May 29May 29CSO Cup #19$2510South Africa OnlineRussia  NicoractRussia  MindelVK
May 29May 29Sunrise Cup #45$1610China OnlineChina  ReWhiteChina  YanM1e
May 29May 29Battle of the Americas #55$5022 OnlineUnited States  RyanMexico  JimRising
May 28May 28Twoja Stara Cup$5413Poland OnlinePoland  RodzynPoland  Maro
May 28May 28Sentimiento Latino #109$5031 OnlineColombia  eGGzPeru  Ryu
May 28TBDmaralekos Replay Liga #2$7548Germany OnlineGermany  DronehardGermany  vmgNarra
May 28May 28Liga Cubana de StarCraft II #17$300Cuba OnlineCuba  SlayersMvPCuba  Whisper
May 28May 28Singapore StarCraft League 2021 #19$506Singapore OnlineSingapore  RevenantSingapore  DarkImpure
May 27May 27Asgard Cup #50$1814Europe OnlineRussia  MindelVKNetherlands  Marsman
May 27May 27Cock of the Walk #59$5618 OnlineRussia  BeePoland  Krystianer
May 26May 26SDC Cup #17$5013 OnlineHong Kong  GogojOeySouth Korea  ViViD
May 25May 25SCVRush Open #237$5013Europe OnlinePoland  PAPIHong Kong  Bistork
May 23May 23The Pizza Pie: Weekly #5$5012 OnlineUnited States  NinaPoland  Gerald
May 22May 22Sunrise Cup #44$1613China OnlineChina  DaydreamerChina  tiaoben
May 22May 22Battle of the Americas #54$10021 OnlineUnited States  NinaCanada  TriGGeR
May 21May 21Copa Hyperion #20$8519 OnlineMexico  PacomikePeru  Ryu
May 21May 21Singapore StarCraft League 2021 #18$503Singapore OnlineSingapore  RevenantSingapore  Hiro
May 20May 20Asgard Cup #49$180Europe OnlineNetherlands  MarsmanRussia  AllHailLulu
May 20May 20Cock of the Walk #58$678 OnlineRussia  BeeSlovakia  Hopt
May 16May 16The Pizza Pie: Weekly #4$5012 OnlinePoland  GeraldUnited States  Rhizer
May 15May 15CSO Cup #18$2514South Africa OnlineRussia  MindelVKRussia  MODEUS
May 15May 16PsyChol Cup #1$6716Poland OnlinePoland  SnoxtarPoland  Aristori
May 15May 15Sunrise Cup #43$1617China OnlineChina  HHHChina  Fenix
May 14May 14Singapore StarCraft League 2021 #17$5014Singapore OnlineSingapore  SaikoSingapore  LeoRusher
May 13May 13Cock of the Walk #57$5016 OnlinePoland  KrystianerRussia  Bee
May 9May 9Demi SEA Weekly #22$558South East Asia OnlineMalaysia  RangerAustralia  Pezz
May 8May 8Sunrise Cup #42$1611China OnlineHong Kong  BistorkChina  Daydreamer
May 7May 7Copa Hyperion #19$12522 OnlineMexico  PacomikeMexico  JimRising
May 7May 7Singapore StarCraft League 2021 #16$507Singapore OnlineSingapore  HiroSingapore  LeoRusher
May 2May 2Demi SEA Weekly #21$559South East Asia OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAHong Kong  GogojOey
May 2May 2Banshee Cup May 2021$505 OnlineUnited Kingdom  CountessUnited States  Melody
May 2May 2PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #48$5013 OnlinePoland  KrystianerPoland  PAPI
May 1May 1CSO Cup #17$2522South Africa OnlineRussia  BeeUkraine  Kas
May 1May 1Sunrise Cup #41$1518China OnlineChina  hyperionChina  HHH
May 1May 1Grand Platypus Open #65$700 OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAIndia  Demi
May 1May 10SoloAsR Invitational #8$5126China OnlineHong Kong  BistorkChina  Daydreamer
May 1May 1Battle of the Americas #53$10020 OnlineUnited States  PiLiPiLiUnited States  Ryan
May 1May 2Amantes de StarCraft 2 - #11$16537Brazil OnlineBrazil  TerraNBrazil  Erik
Apr 30May 1Danskyck Cup #4$538Poland OnlinePoland  ZiomekPoland  Snoxtar
Apr 30Apr 30Sentimiento Latino #108$25045 OnlineBrazil  TerraNBrazil  Shakti
Apr 30May 16Legion Cup Winter Season Finals$756 OnlineCanada  OiLTowNGermany  Shakyor
Apr 30Apr 30Singapore StarCraft League 2021 #15$508Singapore OnlineSingapore  SaikoSingapore  DarkImpure
Apr 29Jun 11Pax Romana #1$4813 OnlineRussia  NihonGoPoland  Matrixx
Apr 29Apr 29Team GP Cup #6$506 OnlineHong Kong  GogojOeySouth Korea  Black
Apr 29Apr 29Cock of the Walk #56$6921 OnlineRussia  StrangeUkraine  JEROS
Apr 28Apr 28SDC Cup #16$5012 OnlineTaiwan  NiceVietnam  MeomaikA
Apr 28Apr 28The King of GP$1005South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  PrinceSouth Korea  Ryung
Apr 28Apr 28Queen's Gambit #6$3523Europe OnlinePoland  KrystianerBrazil  Erik
Apr 27Apr 27EZDUNK Open Cup #6$5616 OnlineUnited States  PureLegacyColombia  eGGz
Apr 25Apr 25HOST Open #7$2715Brazil OnlineBrazil  ErikBrazil  TheZergLord
Apr 25Apr 25Demi SEA Weekly #20$5512South East Asia OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAHong Kong  GogojOey
Apr 25Apr 25The Pizza Pie: Weekly #3$5017 OnlineCanada  TriGGeRUnited States  Ruiyichi
Apr 24Apr 24Grand Platypus Open #64$850 OnlineHong Kong  GogojOeyVietnam  MeomaikA
Apr 24Apr 24Battle of the Americas #52$5014 OnlineMexico  JimRisingUnited States  Ryan
Apr 23Apr 23Copa Hyperion #18$15022 OnlineBrazil  TheZergLordMexico  JimRising
Apr 23Apr 23Singapore StarCraft League 2021 #14$5011Singapore OnlineSingapore  RevenantSingapore  Nameless
Apr 22Apr 22Asgard Cup #48$1817Europe OnlineRussia  ARTRussia  AllHailLulu!
Apr 22Apr 22Cock of the Walk #55$6820 OnlinePoland  KrystianerRussia  Bee
Apr 22Apr 22MonsterSC2TV WeeklyCast #27$602Europe Weekly OnlineFrance  DenverFrance  MarineLorD
Apr 22Aug 8Hungarian Starcraft Tournament, Season #3: 1st Division$5010Hungary OnlineTBDTBD
Apr 21Apr 21SDC Cup #15$500 OnlineSouth Korea  SolarSouth Korea  Prince
Apr 21Apr 21Queen's Gambit #5$3516Europe OnlineNetherlands  HiGhDrAIsrael  Adonminus
Apr 20May 20Proving Grounds #1$44.7510 OnlinePhilippines  TaggedOnceUnited States  AlexKiDD
Apr 18Apr 18Demi SEA Weekly #19$657South East Asia OnlineHong Kong  GogojOeyMalaysia  Ranger
Apr 18Apr 18The Pizza Pie: Weekly #2$5013 OnlineRussia  VanyaMexico  Cham
Apr 18Apr 18PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #46$5018 OnlinePoland  GeraldPoland  PAPI
Apr 17Apr 17CSO Cup #16$2516South Africa OnlineUkraine  KasSlovakia  Hopt
Apr 17May 1DSL Pro Season 4$10012 OnlinePoland  KrystianerSweden  Fjant
Apr 17Apr 17Dyszka Showmatch #3$260Poland OnlinePoland  TrifaxPoland  Miszu
Apr 17Apr 17Grand Platypus Open #63$700 OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAHong Kong  GogojOey
Apr 17Apr 17Battle of the Americas #51$5018 OnlineUnited States  VindictaMexico  Cham
Apr 16Apr 16Sentimiento Latino #107$5037 OnlineMexico  PacomikeMexico  JimRising
Apr 16Apr 16MonsterSC2TV WeeklyCast #26$602Europe Weekly OnlineFrance  ClemFrance  MarineLorD
Apr 16Apr 16Singapore StarCraft League 2021 #13$508Singapore OnlineSingapore  RevenantSingapore  DarkImpure
Apr 15Apr 15Asgard Cup #47$1822Europe OnlineRussia  MindelVKRussia  Matvey
Apr 15Apr 15Cock of the Walk #54$6925 OnlinePoland  KrystianerPoland  PAPI
Apr 14Apr 14SDC Cup #14$5010 OnlineSouth Korea  ViViDSouth Korea  Ryung
Apr 13Apr 13EZDUNK Open Cup #5$5013 OnlinePoland  ArTBrazil  AreZ
Apr 11Apr 11Demi SEA Weekly #18$559South East Asia OnlineHong Kong  GogojOeyVietnam  MeomaikA
Apr 11Apr 11The Pizza Pie: Weekly #1$5011 OnlineUnited States  AstreaPoland  Gerald
Apr 11Apr 11PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #45$5013 OnlineUkraine  KasGermany  BattleB
Apr 10Apr 10Sunrise Cup #39$1511China OnlineChina  MacSedHong Kong  Bistork
Apr 10Apr 10Challenger Cup #3$608France OnlineFrance  LilbowFrance  SoulSpirit
Apr 10Apr 10Dyszka Showmatch #2$260Poland OnlinePoland  SnoxtarPoland  Angry
Apr 10Apr 10Grand Platypus Open #62$700 OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAHong Kong  GogojOey
Apr 10Apr 10Battle of the Americas #50$8021 OnlineCanada  TriGGeRMexico  JimRising
Apr 9Apr 9Asgard Cup #46$1714Europe OnlineRussia  AshbringerRussia  Nicoract
Apr 9Apr 9Copa Hyperion #17$2536 OnlinePeru  RyuMexico  JimRising
Apr 9Apr 9Singapore StarCraft League 2021 #12$506Singapore OnlineSingapore  SaikoSingapore  DarkImpure
Apr 8Apr 8Cock of the Walk #53$7019 OnlineUkraine  KasRussia  Rail
Apr 6Apr 6SCVRush All-In #4$500Europe OnlinePoland  KrystianerUnited States  Ruiyichi
Apr 5Apr 5maraleCup #10$2525Europe OnlinePoland  ZiomekGermany  Rhoust
Apr 4Apr 4Demi SEA Weekly #17$557South East Asia OnlineHong Kong  GogojOeyHong Kong  Bistork
Apr 4Apr 4Banshee Cup April 2021$505 OnlineUnited States  MelodyNorway  Alexandria
Apr 4Apr 4The Pizza Pie: Season 5 - Cup #10$7516 OnlinePoland  GeraldUnited States  Nina
Apr 3Apr 3CSO Cup #15$2515South Africa OnlinePoland  KrystianerFinland  Mixu
Apr 3Apr 3Grand Platypus Open #61$700 OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAPhilippines  EnDerr
Apr 3Apr 3Battle of the Americas #49$5014 OnlineUnited States  NinaBrazil  TerraN
Apr 2Apr 2Dyszka Showmatch #1$260Poland OnlinePoland  ZiomekPoland  Aristori
Apr 2Apr 2Sentimiento Latino #106$5031 OnlineBrazil  ErikBrazil  TerraN
Apr 2Apr 2Singapore StarCraft League 2021 #11$509Singapore OnlineSingapore  SaikoSingapore  DarkImpure
Apr 1Apr 1GG Show Match #5$502North America OnlineUnited States  PiLiPiLiCanada  Bioice
Apr 1Apr 1Cock of the Walk #52$5018 OnlineRussia  BeeFrance  Rom
Mar 31Mar 31SDC Cup #12$5011 OnlineHong Kong  GogojOeyPoland  ArT
Mar 31Mar 31Team GP Cup #4$5011 OnlineSouth Korea  ZestRussia  MilkiCow
Mar 28Mar 28SCR Cup #4$660Russia OnlineTBDTBD
Mar 28Mar 284 Stars Cup #9$404Poland OnlinePoland  AristoriPoland  Damrud
Mar 28Mar 28PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #43$5013 OnlinePoland  KrystianerPoland  PAPI
Mar 28Mar 28The Pizza Pie: Season 5 - Cup #9$7515 OnlinePoland  GeraldFinland  Mixu
Mar 27Mar 27Sunrise Cup #37$158China OnlineChina  hyperionChina  soy
Mar 27Mar 27Bond Open Cup 1v1 #2$5027World OnlineSpain  AqueroNMexico  JimRising
Mar 27Mar 27Grand Platypus Open #60$850 OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAHong Kong  GogojOey
Mar 27Mar 27MonsterSC2TV WeeklyCast #23$592Europe Weekly OnlineFrance  ClemSouth Korea  Zoun
Mar 26Mar 27Danskyck Cup #3$518Poland OnlinePoland  SnoxtarPoland  Gerald
Mar 26Mar 26Copa Hyperion #16$2522 OnlineMexico  PacomikeBrazil  TheZergLord
Mar 25Mar 25Cock of the Walk #51$5016 OnlineGermany  BattleBPoland  PAPI
Mar 25Mar 25La Espira: Rey de las Razas #2$504South America OnlineColombia  eGGzBrazil  Erik
Mar 24Mar 24SDC Cup #11$500 OnlineSouth Korea  PuzzleSouth Korea  ViViD
Mar 24Mar 24Queen's Gambit #3$3512Europe OnlineSlovakia  HoptRussia  YoungYakov
Mar 24TBDmaralekos Replay Liga #1$5038Germany OnlineGermany  FrisKGermany  TralaBoB
Mar 23Mar 23Asgard Cup #45$3526Europe OnlineNetherlands  MarsmanRussia  EnigmA
Mar 21Mar 21Korea Lite Cup #7$9016South Korea OnlineTaiwan  RexSouth Korea  TAiLS
Mar 21Mar 21Demi SEA Weekly #16$5512South East Asia OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAHong Kong  GogojOey
Mar 21Mar 21PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #42$5010 OnlineRussia  VanyaUnited Kingdom  RazerBlader
Mar 21Mar 21The Pizza Pie: Season 5 - Cup #8$7511 OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxMexico  Cham
Mar 20Mar 20CSO Cup #14$259South Africa OnlineGermany  ForJumyRussia  Ashbringer
Mar 20Mar 21TriColores Cup$508Poland OnlinePoland  RodzynPoland  Gerald
Mar 20Mar 20Sunrise Cup #36$155China OnlineChina  MacSedChina  Buqun
Mar 20Mar 20GG Show Match #4$752Europe OnlineGermany  BattleBUnited States  PiLiPiLi
Mar 20Mar 20Grand Platypus Open #59$950 OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAHong Kong  GogojOey
Mar 19Mar 19Team GP Cup #3$5019 OnlineTaiwan  NiceSouth Korea  Puzzle
Mar 19Mar 19MonsterSC2TV WeeklyCast #22$602Europe Weekly OnlineFrance  ClemPoland  Elazer
Mar 18Mar 18Asgard Cup #44$2424Europe OnlineUkraine  KasRussia  Shameless
Mar 18Mar 18Cock of the Walk #50$5011 OnlineUkraine  BlyPoland  Krystianer
Mar 16Mar 16EZDUNK Open Cup #4$5017 OnlineMexico  ChamPeru  Onix
Mar 16Apr 25Berserker Master League 2021: Season 2$032 OnlineSweden  FjantGermany  BuRny
Mar 14Mar 14Korea Lite Cup #6$909South Korea OnlineTaiwan  NicePoland  ArT
Mar 14Mar 14Demi SEA Weekly #15$5513South East Asia OnlineHong Kong  GogojOeyAustralia  StarDuck
Mar 14Mar 14PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #41$5012 OnlinePoland  PAPIPoland  Gerald
Mar 14Mar 14The Pizza Pie: Season 5 - Cup #7$7514 OnlineUnited States  NinaPoland  Gerald
Mar 13Mar 13Sunrise Cup #35$158China OnlineChina  MacSedChina  ReWhite
Mar 13Mar 13GG Show Match #3$752Europe OnlinePoland  ElazerDenmark  MaxPax
Mar 13Mar 13Grand Platypus Open #58$950 OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAHong Kong  GogojOey
Mar 13Mar 13Battle of the Americas #48$5022 OnlineMexico  ChamUnited States  PureLegacy
Mar 12Mar 12Asgard Cup #43$1829Europe OnlineRussia  MindelVKNetherlands  Marsman
Mar 12Mar 12Copa Hyperion #15$4520 OnlinePeru  kaozfatePeru  Ryu
Mar 11Mar 11Cock of the Walk #49$5021 OnlinePoland  GeraldPoland  Krystianer
Mar 10Mar 10SDC Cup #9$5010 OnlineTaiwan  NicePoland  ArT
Mar 8Apr 102021 NA Contender Season 2$500North America OnlineUnited States  ReaLiTyUnited States  Ward
Mar 7Mar 7Korea Lite Cup #5$907South Korea OnlineTaiwan  NiceSouth Korea  PartinG
Mar 7Mar 7Demi SEA Weekly #14$558South East Asia OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAHong Kong  GogojOey
Mar 7Mar 7PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #40$5020 OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxPoland  Gerald
Mar 7Mar 7The Pizza Pie: Season 5 - Cup #6$7517 OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxRussia  Vanya
Mar 6Mar 6CSO Cup #13$18.6518South Africa OnlineUkraine  KasPoland  Gerald
Mar 6Mar 6Grand Platypus Open #57$700 OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAHong Kong  GogojOey
Mar 6Mar 6Battle of the Americas #47$7020 OnlineCanada  TriggerPeru  Ryu
Mar 5Mar 5Sentimiento Latino #104$7028 OnlineMexico  PacomikeBrazil  Shakti
Mar 4Mar 4Cock of the Walk #48$5019 OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxRussia  Brat_OK
Mar 3Mar 3SDC Cup #8$509 OnlineTaiwan  RexRussia  Ashbringer
Mar 2Mar 2EZDUNK Open Cup #3$500 OnlineBrazil  ErikPeru  tavo
Mar 2Apr 17Legion Cup 2021: Winter EU$8032 OnlinePoland  DanielloUnited Kingdom  Chelch
Mar 1Mar 1GG Show Match #2$752United States OnlineMexico  ChamUnited States  PiLiPiLi
Mar 1Apr 25Legion Cup 2021: Winter NA$8032 OnlineUnited States  ReaLiTyUnited States  Oldmanslum
Feb 28Feb 28Korea Lite Cup #4$900South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  ZounMexico  SpeCial
Feb 28Feb 28Demi SEA Weekly #13$5511South East Asia OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAHong Kong  GogojOey
Feb 28Feb 28The Pizza Pie: Season 5 - Cup #5$6510 OnlineRussia  VanyaPoland  Gerald
Feb 28Feb 28Project Chaos Esports: Final Battle$724Europe OnlineNetherlands  MarsmanKazakhstan  Bekzhan
Feb 27Feb 27epic.WAN 32: Code A$217Europe OnlineHungary  AZTEXUnited Kingdom  Wok
Feb 27Feb 27Destiny Hero Series #7$19.252 OnlineRussia  NicoractSweden  Fjant
Feb 27Feb 27Grand Platypus Open #56$700 OnlineHong Kong  GogojOeyAustralia  Azure
Feb 27Feb 27Battle of the Americas #46$5019 OnlineUnited States  NinaBrazil  Erik
Feb 27May 3LittleMac StarCraft II League: Season 2$5032 OnlineUnited States  HellbatKinGPeru  ROY
Feb 26Feb 26Sunrise Cup #33$158China OnlineHong Kong  BistorkChina  Daydreamer
Feb 26Feb 26Copa Hyperion #14$2524 OnlinePeru  RyuMexico  JimRising
Feb 26Feb 26Liga Cubana de StarCraft II #16$300Cuba OnlineCuba  InMoLaTioNsCuba  SlayersMvP
Feb 25Feb 25Cock of the Walk #47$5014 OnlineRussia  VanyaPoland  Krystianer
Feb 25May 7The Cauldron Finals: The Cauldron Crown$670 OnlineUnited States  RainforestPhilippines  TaggedOnce
Feb 24Feb 24SDC Cup #7$5011 OnlineTaiwan  NiceVietnam  MeomaikA
Feb 24Feb 24Queen's Gambit #2$3522Europe OnlineDenmark  LillekaninPoland  Gerald
Feb 23Feb 25Danskyck Cup #2$548Poland OnlinePoland  AristoriPoland  Rodzyn
Feb 23Feb 23SCVRush All-In #3$750Europe OnlineSpain  SouLeerFrance  Garitos
Feb 21Feb 21HOST Open #6$300Brazil OnlineBrazil  TheZergLordBrazil  Fate
Feb 21Feb 21Korea Lite Cup #3$908South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  PartinGPoland  ArT
Feb 21Feb 21Demi SEA Weekly #12$550South East Asia OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAHong Kong  GogojOey
Feb 21Feb 21OSC Elite SC2 Cup #13$757 OnlineUkraine  BlyPoland  Krystianer
Feb 21Feb 21Black Ice Monthly Open #7$2510North America OnlineSlovakia  HoptEstonia  kiyj
Feb 21Feb 21The Pizza Pie: Season 5 - Cup #4$6514 OnlineUnited States  FutureGermany  Moja
Feb 20Feb 20Grand Platypus Open #55$700 OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAHong Kong  GogojOey
Feb 20Feb 20Battle of the Americas #45$5016 OnlineUnited States  NinaPeru  Ryu
Feb 19Feb 19Team GP Cup #1$5015 OnlineSouth Korea  PartinGEstonia  kiyj
Feb 19Feb 19Sentimiento Latino #103$8015 OnlinePeru  RyuPeru  XionS
Feb 18Feb 18Asgard Cup #42$1823Europe OnlineRussia  AshbringerRussia  Nicoract
Feb 18Feb 18Cock of the Walk #46$5022 OnlineUkraine  BlyPoland  Krystianer
Feb 17Feb 17Queen's Gambit #1$3519Europe OnlineRussia  Brat_OKGermany  Moja
Feb 14Feb 14Korea Lite Cup #2$9010South Korea OnlineSouth Korea  PartinGSouth Korea  NaTuRal
Feb 14Feb 14Demi SEA Weekly #11$5512South East Asia OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAHong Kong  GogojOey
Feb 14Feb 14BeAsT Semi Pro League #2$7516Europe OnlineGermany  RhoustFrance  GreatTeacher
Feb 14Feb 14The Pizza Pie: Season 5 - Cup #3$650 OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxUnited States  Nina
Feb 14Feb 14PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #39$5018 OnlineUkraine  KasFinland  Mixu
Feb 13Feb 13CSO Cup #12$2514South Africa OnlinePoland  KrystianerRussia  YoungYakov
Feb 13Feb 13Challenger Cup #2$618France OnlineFrance  ricusFrance  Rom
Feb 13Feb 13Grand Platypus Open #54$700 OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAAustralia  StarDuck
Feb 13Feb 13Battle of the Americas #44$5018 OnlineUnited States  NinaMexico  Cham
Feb 13Feb 13Amantes de StarCraft 2 - #9$740Brazil OnlineBrazil  DakkoNBrazil  ManoManolo
Feb 12Feb 12Copa Hyperion #13$2516 OnlineMexico  PacomikeMexico  JimRising
Feb 12Feb 19SoloAsR Invitational #7$5516China OnlineChina  SilkyChina  Daydreamer
Feb 11Feb 11Asgard Cup #41$1828Europe OnlineEstonia  kiyjRussia  Nicoract
Feb 11Feb 11Cock of the Walk #45$5026 OnlinePoland  GeraldRussia  Vanya
Feb 10Feb 10SDC Cup #5$500 OnlineSouth Korea  RyungSouth Korea  NaTuRal
Feb 9Feb 94 Stars Cup #6$404Poland OnlinePoland  RodzynPoland  PAPI
Feb 8Mar 20maraleague, Season #4$5048Germany OnlineGermany  FrisKGermany  Shiek
Feb 7Feb 7Demi SEA Weekly #10$5511South East Asia OnlineAustralia  SeitherAustralia  Pezz
Feb 7Feb 7Destiny Hero Series #4$252 OnlineBelgium  LucasdartEgypt  Magnath
Feb 7Feb 7PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #38$5020 OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxPoland  Gerald
Feb 6Apr 5DSL Pro Season 3$50.5516 OnlinePoland  KrystianerSouth Korea  Percival
Feb 6Feb 6Grand Platypus Open #53$558 OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAHong Kong  GogojOey
Feb 6Feb 6Battle of the Americas #43$5020 OnlineMexico  ChamUnited States  Nina
Feb 6Feb 21Destiny Starleague: Elite Season 3$41.460 OnlinePoland  DanielloBelgium  Lucasdart
Feb 5Feb 5Sentimiento Latino #102$5025 OnlineMexico  JimRisingPeru  tavo
Feb 4Feb 4Asgard Cup #40$1820Europe OnlineRussia  MODEUSRussia  Nicoract
Feb 4Feb 4Cock of the Walk #44$5011 OnlineCroatia  goblinPoland  Krystianer
Feb 4Feb 4Destroyer of Worlds #1$5013World OnlineUnited States  NinaUnited States  Skyler
Feb 2Feb 2EZDUNK Open Cup #2$5010 OnlineSouth Korea  JiniohSouth Korea  HonMonO
Feb 2Feb 6Amantes de StarCraft 2 - Gladiadores WESG$938Brazil OnlineBrazil  ZinhoBrazil  MasTeR
Feb 1Feb 1Destiny Hero Series #6$252 OnlineTBDTBD
Feb 1Feb 1Destiny Hero Series #5$252 OnlineGermany  MechanicsGermany  Ghosti
Jan 31Jan 31Demi SEA Weekly #9$5513South East Asia OnlineHong Kong  GogojOeyMalaysia  Ranger
Jan 31Jan 31The Pizza Pie: Season 5 - Cup #2$6513 OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxPoland  Gerald
Jan 31Jan 31PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #37$5011 OnlinePoland  GeraldRussia  Ashbringer
Jan 30Jan 30CSO Cup #11$2519South Africa OnlineRussia  MODEUSRussia  Ashbringer
Jan 30Jan 30Battle of the Americas #42$5014 OnlinePeru  tavoPeru  NeO
Jan 29Jan 29Copa Hyperion #12$2526 OnlineBrazil  nanOBrazil  TheZergLord
Jan 27Jan 27SDC Cup #3$505 OnlineSouth Korea  RyungUnited States  Ruiyichi
Jan 26Jan 26SCVRush All-In #2$759Europe OnlineCroatia  goblinSlovakia  Hopt
Jan 26Jan 26The Cauldron: Gauntlet$47.900 OnlineUnited States  MauriceMossUnited States  Vulnox
Jan 24Jan 24Demi SEA Weekly #8$5510South East Asia OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAAustralia  Seither
Jan 24Jan 24La Llama Dorada #1$5068Peru OnlinePeru  RyuPeru  XionS
Jan 23Jan 23Grand Platypus Open #52$3515 OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAAustralia  StarDuck
Jan 22Jan 22JumyCup #1$7325Europe Germany  DasDuelonPoland  Trifax
Jan 22Jan 22Sentimiento Latino #101$5021 OnlinePeru  RyuPeru  NeO
Jan 21Jan 21Cock of the Walk #42$5013 OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxEstonia  kiyj
Jan 20Jan 20SDC Cup #2$5010 OnlineSouth Korea  ZounSouth Korea  Ryung
Jan 19Jan 19EZDUNK Open Cup #1$5018 OnlineMexico  ChamRussia  Vanya
Jan 18Feb 212021 NA Contender Season 1$5040North America OnlineCanada  OiLTowNCanada  CyStorm
Jan 17Jan 17Practice X Invitational #1$91.5015North America Online tGuaN Nihjanix
Jan 17Jan 17The Pizza Pie: Season 5 - Cup #1$6513 OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxMexico  Cham
Jan 16Jan 16CSO Cup #10$2518South Africa OnlineRussia  VanyaUkraine  Kas
Jan 16Jan 16PSISTORM StarCraft Open #1$500United States OnlineSpain  SouLeerUnited States  Ryan
Jan 15Jan 15Copa Hyperion #11$4520 OnlineBrazil  nanOPeru  XionS
Jan 14Jan 14Cock of the Walk #41$5021 OnlineRussia  VanyaDenmark  MaxPax
Jan 13Mar 10Berserker Master League 2021: Season 1$7032 OnlineSweden  FjantPoland  Daniello
Jan 12Jan 17maraleCup #9$2516Europe OnlineGermany  ChabbySlovakia  Radko
Jan 12Jan 12La Espira: Rey de las Razas$504South America OnlineColombia  eGGzMexico  Pacomike
Jan 10Jan 11Manes Sarmatis In-House Open #1$8116Poland OnlinePoland  SnoxtarPoland  BluE
Jan 9Jan 17Destiny Starleague: Elite Season 2$250 OnlineBelgium  LucasdartAustralia  Newton
Jan 8Jan 8Project Chaos Esports: Collateral Damage$6111Europe OnlinePoland  GeraldUkraine  JEROS
Jan 1Feb 7Sunrise Cup 2021 New Year$6330China OnlineChina  MacSedChina  小金者


Dec 27Dec 27Sunrise Cup #30$154China OnlineChina  mymyHong Kong  SeleiXi
Dec 26Dec 26REGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #104$3611Russia OnlineUkraine  BlyPoland  Krystianer
Dec 24Dec 24Asgard Cup #39$2420Europe OnlineUkraine  KasRussia  Exostriker
Dec 24Dec 31maraleChristmas 2020$600Germany OnlineRussia  EnigmADenmark  PappiJoe
Dec 21Dec 214 Stars Cup #5$404Poland OnlinePoland  SnoxtarPoland  Aristori
Dec 20Dec 20Sunrise Cup #29$157China OnlineHong Kong  BistorkChina  Alka
Dec 20Dec 20Demi SEA Weekly #7$558South East Asia OnlineIndia  DemiAustralia  Seither
Dec 20Dec 20La Espira FFA Battle Royale #2$5072 OnlineColombia  eGGzPeru  Sebas
Dec 19Dec 19SCVRush All-In #1$758Europe OnlineUkraine  BlyRussia  Bee
Dec 19Dec 19Grand Platypus Open #51$5515 OnlineIndia  DemiVietnam  MeomaikA
Dec 19Dec 19Black Ice Monthly Open #5$258North America OnlineSouth Korea  SpearRussia  Bee
Dec 19Dec 19Battle of the Americas #41$5012 OnlineUnited States  VindictaPeru  kaozfate
Dec 19Dec 19REGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #103$3723Russia OnlineRussia  MysticMuseRussia  GeNieS
Dec 18Dec 19#WCS20 ADEC StarCraft$2518Cuba OnlineCuba  InMoLaTioNsCuba  SlayersMvP
Dec 18Dec 18Cascadia Cup Weekly #6$5014 OnlineUnited States  VindictaPoland  Gerald
Dec 17Dec 17Cock of the Walk #40$5013 OnlinePoland  KrystianerRussia  Bee
Dec 13Dec 13HOST Open #5$5621Brazil OnlineBrazil  TheZergLordBrazil  nanO
Dec 13Dec 13Sunrise Cup #28$155China OnlineChina  AlkaChina  YanM1e
Dec 13Dec 13Cascadia Cup Weekly #5$50.108 OnlineMexico  ChamUnited States  Ruiyichi
Dec 13Dec 13The Pizza Pie: Season 4 - Cup #10$8011 OnlineMexico  SpeCialPoland  Gerald
Dec 12Dec 12CSO Cup #9$2514South Africa OnlinePoland  ZiomekNetherlands  HiGhDrA
Dec 12Dec 12Ao Dai Weekly #62$4011Vietnam OnlineHong Kong  BistorkMalaysia  Ranger
Dec 12Dec 12Grand Platypus Open #50$754 OnlinePhilippines  NuksAustralia  StarDuck
Dec 12Dec 12Battle of the Americas #40$5014 OnlineMexico  ChamUnited States  starkiller
Dec 12Dec 12REGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #102$3717Russia OnlineUkraine  BlyRussia  MysticMuse
Dec 11Dec 11Copa Hyperion #10$60.7016 OnlineMexico  PacomikeMexico  JimRising
Dec 11Dec 18SoloAsR Invitational #6$5011China OnlineChina  BistorkChina  星空凛
Dec 10Dec 10Asgard Cup #38$2515Europe OnlineEstonia  kiyjRussia  Shameless
Dec 10Dec 10Cock of the Walk #39$506 OnlineRussia  YoungYakovPoland  Krystianer
Dec 6Dec 13eXmasCup 2020$6422Brazil OnlineBrazil  LunariumBrazil  Spawn
Dec 6Dec 6Sunrise Cup #27$156China OnlineHong Kong  BistorkChina  Alka
Dec 6, 2020Jan 21, 2021maraleCup Germany #4$5024Germany OnlineGermany  DasDuelonGermany  FrisK
Dec 6Dec 6Cascadia Cup Weekly #4$5115 OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxSouth Korea  Spear
Dec 6Dec 20Alpha X Junior Championships Season 12$668World OnlineGermany  GhostiUkraine  SlyCrab
Dec 5Dec 5Grand Platypus Open #49$5510 OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAHong Kong  GogojOey
Dec 5Dec 5Battle of the Americas #39$5013 OnlineMexico  ChamUnited States  PattyMac
Dec 5Dec 6Snox Off Race Invitational #7$9316Poland OnlinePoland  SnoxtarPoland  Rodzyn
Dec 5Dec 5REGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #101$3621Russia OnlinePoland  KrystianerRussia  GeNieS
Dec 4Dec 4Challenger Cup #1$368France OnlineFrance  RomFrance  Garitos
Dec 4Dec 4Sentimiento Latino #99$5018 OnlineMexico  JimRisingBrazil  Erik
Dec 4Dec 4Liga Cubana de StarCraft II #15$36.4514Cuba OnlineCuba  InMoLaTioNsCuba  SlayersMvP
Dec 3Dec 3Asgard Cup #37$2616Europe OnlineRussia  BeeEstonia  kiyj
Dec 3Dec 3Cock of the Walk #38$5012 OnlinePoland  KrystianerMexico  Cham
Nov 30Nov 304 Stars Cup #4$404Poland OnlinePoland  HaPePoland  Tocon
Nov 29Nov 29Sunrise Cup #26$158China OnlineChina  AlkaChina  QzDdb
Nov 29Nov 29Golden Unicorn Cup$590CIS OnlineNetherlands  MarsmanRussia  GeNieS
Nov 29Nov 29BeAsT Semi Pro League #1$7516Europe OnlineGermany  RhoustSweden  MonstR
Nov 29Nov 29The Pizza Pie: Season 4 - Cup #9$808 OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxUkraine  Bly
Nov 28Nov 28CSO Cup #8$2720South Africa OnlinePoland  KrystianerRussia  YoungYakov
Nov 28Nov 28Ao Dai Weekly #61$406Vietnam OnlineAustralia  AzureAustralia  Vivid
Nov 28Nov 28Grand Platypus Open #48$3517 OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAIndia  Demi
Nov 28Nov 28REGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #100$7142Russia OnlineCroatia  goblinSlovakia  BlueCheese
Nov 27Nov 27Copa Hyperion #9$2511 OnlinePeru  RyuMexico  Sinner
Nov 24Nov 24IndyK Trovo Weekly #9$304Poland OnlineRussia  VanyaPoland  Snoxtar
Nov 22Nov 22Sunrise Cup #25$156China OnlineChina  AlkaChina  YanM1e
Nov 22Nov 22Demi SEA Weekly #5$9011South East Asia OnlineHong Kong  GogojOeyAustralia  Azure
Nov 22Nov 22Cascadia Cup Weekly #3$507 OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxFrance  Kaldwin
Nov 21Nov 21Destiny Hero Series #2$17.504 OnlineRussia  DefMarsUnited States  Ruiyichi
Nov 21Nov 21Destiny Hero Series #3$28.702 OnlineUnited Kingdom  NicoSweden  Fjant
Nov 21Nov 21Grand Platypus Open #47$558 OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAHong Kong  GogojOey
Nov 21Nov 21Black Ice Monthly Open #4$256North America OnlinePoland  ZiomekIreland  Eiger
Nov 21Nov 21Battle of the Americas #38$5012 OnlineMexico  ChamUnited States  Vindicta
Nov 21Nov 21Amantes de StarCraft 2 - #7$7449Brazil OnlineBrazil  TheZergLordBrazil  MasTeR
Nov 21Nov 21REGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #99$4830Russia OnlineEstonia  kiyjCroatia  goblin
Nov 21Nov 21Nordic StarCraft League, November 2020$5016Europe OnlineSweden  NamsharFinland  ZhuGeLiang
Nov 21Nov 28Alpha X Junior Championships Season 11$508World OnlineFrance  ArrogfireGermany  Ghosti
Nov 20Nov 20Sentimiento Latino #98$5019 OnlineMexico  JimRisingMexico  Pacomike
Nov 20Nov 20IndyK Crew Weekly Cup #39$3511 OnlinePoland  KrystianerRussia  Bee
Nov 20Nov 20Project Chaos Esports: November Madness$716Europe OnlineNetherlands  MarsmanSpain  Killermonjas
Nov 19Nov 19Asgard Cup #36$1217Europe OnlineNetherlands  MarsmanUkraine  aelliot
Nov 19Nov 19Cock of the Walk #37$5016 OnlinePoland  KrystianerBrazil  Erik
Nov 17Nov 17IndyK Trovo Weekly #8$304Poland OnlinePoland  KrystianerSlovakia  BlueCheese
Nov 16Nov 164 Stars Cup #3$404Poland OnlinePoland  SnoxtarPoland  Trifax
Nov 16Dec 13maraleague, Season #3$250Germany OnlineGermany  ShiekGermany  SenSei
Nov 15Nov 15Sunrise Cup #24$157China OnlineHong Kong  BistorkChina  DEPEE
Nov 15Nov 15FreeStar Cup 2020 November$04Norway OnlineNorway  CreamCakeNorway  FifthRom
Nov 15Nov 15The Drunk Canadian Classic #2$508 OnlinePoland  SnoxtarUnited States  starkiller
Nov 15Nov 15PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #36$5012 OnlinePoland  KrystianerDenmark  MaxPax
Nov 15Nov 15The Pizza Pie: Season 4 - Cup #8$8011 OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxUnited States  Nina
Nov 14Nov 14CSO Cup #7$139South Africa OnlineRussia  EastTossPoland  Ziomek
Nov 14Nov 14Ao Dai Weekly #60$400Vietnam OnlineHong Kong  BistorkAustralia  Azure
Nov 14Nov 14Grand Platypus Open #46$4511 OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAHong Kong  GogojOey
Nov 14Nov 14Battle of the Americas #37$5016 OnlineMexico  ChamUnited States  Nina
Nov 14Nov 14REGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #98$5341Russia OnlineCroatia  goblinUkraine  Bly
Nov 13Nov 13Copa Hyperion #8$2513 OnlineMexico  SinnerBrazil  TheZergLord
Nov 13Nov 13IndyK Crew Weekly Cup #38$3514 OnlineRussia  VanyaRussia  Exostriker
Nov 12Nov 12Asgard Cup #35$2324Europe OnlineNetherlands  MarsmanUkraine  Minatoeh
Nov 12Nov 12Cock of the Walk #36$5011 OnlinePoland  KrystianerRussia  Rail
Nov 12Nov 12MonsterSC2TV WeeklyCast #7$352Europe Weekly OnlineFrance  ClemFrance  Denver
Nov 10Nov 10IndyK Trovo Weekly #7$304Poland OnlineFrance  UzikotiPoland  Rodzyn
Nov 8Nov 8Sunrise Cup #22$155China OnlineChina  SoulariumChina  奇霸霸
Nov 8Nov 8GG Show Match #1$852United States OnlineUnited States  PiLiPiLiUnited States  JonSnow
Nov 8Nov 8Demi SEA Weekly #4$550South East Asia OnlineHong Kong  GogojOeyAustralia  Seither
Nov 8Nov 8OSC Elite SC2 Cup #12$8010 OnlineMexico  ChamDenmark  MaxPax
Nov 8Nov 8PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #35$5027 OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxUkraine  Bly
Nov 7Nov 7GachiCup$10021Russia OnlineNetherlands  MarsmanRussia  EnigmA
Nov 7Nov 7Ao Dai Weekly #59$4011Vietnam OnlineAustralia  AzureHong Kong  Bistork
Nov 7Nov 7Battle of the Americas #36$5011 OnlineMexico  PacomikeUnited States  PiLiPiLi
Nov 7Nov 7REGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #97$4739Russia OnlineUkraine  BlyRussia  Vanya
Nov 6Nov 6Sentimiento Latino #97$500 OnlinePeru  RyuMexico  Pacomike
Nov 6Nov 6IndyK Crew Weekly Cup #37$3514 OnlinePoland  KrystianerNetherlands  Marsman
Nov 5Nov 5Asgard Cup #34$2416Europe OnlineRussia  GeNieSRussia  Ashbringer
Nov 5Nov 5Shyrshadi Open #37$5011 OnlineMexico  SpeCialUnited States  Nina
Nov 5Nov 5Cock of the Walk #35$5010 OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxRussia  Bee
Nov 5Nov 5Cascadia Cup Weekly #2$506 OnlineMexico  SpeCialUnited States  starkiller
Nov 4Nov 4eXoN Cup Open #17$5010 OnlineMexico  SpeCialSouth Korea  sigh
Nov 4Nov 4The Drunk Canadian Classic #1$504 OnlineJapan  CriMsoNUnited States  Ruiyichi
Nov 3Nov 3OSC Matiz Open #8$7515 OnlineUkraine  BlyMexico  Cham
Nov 3Nov 3IndyK Trovo Weekly #6$304Poland OnlineGermany  SpatzSpain  SouLeer
Nov 2Nov 24 Stars Cup #2$404Poland OnlinePoland  TrifaxPoland  Ziomek
Nov 2Nov 16Destiny Starleague: Elite Season 1$270 OnlineSweden  FjantUnited States  ProbeScout
Nov 1Nov 1PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #34$5020 OnlinePoland  GeraldRussia  Brat_OK
Oct 31Oct 31Sunrise Cup #21$158China OnlineChina  ReWhiteChina  hyperion
Oct 31Oct 31Ao Dai Weekly #58$4013Vietnam OnlineHong Kong  BistorkPhilippines  NUKS
Oct 31Oct 31Destiny Hero Series #1$27.404 OnlineFinland  MixuBelarus  WannaBeByuN
Oct 31Oct 31Grand Platypus Open #44$5414 OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAHong Kong  GogojOey
Oct 31Oct 31Black Ice Monthly Open #3$257North America OnlinePoland  ZiomekUnited States  Ruiyichi
Oct 31Oct 31FreeStar Cup 2020 October$09Norway OnlineNorway  EikiNorway  FifthRom
Oct 31Oct 31Battle of the Americas #35$5016 OnlineUnited States  PiLiPiLiCanada  EGOR
Oct 31Oct 31REGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #96$4530Russia OnlineSlovakia  BlueCheeseRussia  EastToss
Oct 30Oct 30Copa Hyperion #7$2519 OnlineMexico  ChamMexico  JimRising
Oct 30Nov 6SoloAsR Invitational #5$4920China OnlineChina  SilkyHong Kong  Bistork
Oct 30Oct 30IndyK Crew Weekly Cup #36$350 OnlineSlovakia  BlueCheeseNetherlands  Marsman
Oct 29Oct 29Shyrshadi Open #36$5012 OnlineMexico  ChamMexico  SpeCial
Oct 29Oct 29Cock of the Walk #34$6112 OnlineRussia  BeeRussia  YoungYakov
Oct 29Oct 31Snox Off Race Invitational #6$9116Poland OnlinePoland  SnoxtarPoland  Mazi
Oct 27Oct 27OSC Matiz Open #7$7514 OnlinePoland  souLPoland  Gerald
Oct 27Oct 27IndyK Trovo Weekly #5$304Poland OnlinePoland  PAPIPoland  Snoxtar
Oct 27Oct 31Amantes de StarCraft 2 - Gladiadores Winter$708Brazil OnlineBrazil  TurkeyDanoBrazil  MimeronVex
Oct 26Nov 20maraleCup #8$43.7024Europe OnlineSlovakia  BlueCheeseSweden  FightingFrog
Oct 25Oct 25SCR Cup #3$669Russia OnlineUkraine  BlyRussia  EnigmA
Oct 25Oct 25OSC Elite SC2 Cup #11$807 OnlineBrazil  KelazhurPoland  Krystianer
Oct 25Oct 252020 NA Apprentice Cup #20$750North America OnlineUnited States  PiLiPiLiUnited States  starkiller
Oct 25Oct 25PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #33$5018 OnlineGermany  BattleBPoland  PAPI
Oct 24Oct 24CSO Cup #6$14.458South Africa OnlinePoland  ZiomekPoland  Trifax
Oct 24Oct 24Ao Dai Weekly #57$400Vietnam OnlineVietnam  JusticeSimonVietnam  Hyderia
Oct 24Oct 24Battle of the Americas #34$5018 OnlineCanada  SemperMexico  SpeCial
Oct 24Oct 24REGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #95$4737Russia OnlineSlovakia  BlueCheeseRussia  YoungYakov
Oct 24Oct 24Liga Cubana de StarCraft II #14$44.9017Cuba OnlineCuba  InMoLaTioNsCuba  Whispers
Oct 23Oct 23Sentimiento Latino #96$5014 OnlineMexico  PacomikePeru  Ryu
Oct 23Oct 23IndyK Crew Weekly Cup #35$3513 OnlineGermany  SpatzEstonia  kiyj
Oct 22Oct 22Asgard Cup #33$2426Europe OnlineNetherlands  MarsmanRussia  MindelVK
Oct 22Oct 22Cock of the Walk #33$5011 OnlineEstonia  kiyjRussia  Bee
Oct 20Oct 20OSC Matiz Open #6$758 OnlineUkraine  BlyPoland  Gerald
Oct 20Oct 20IndyK Trovo Weekly #4$304Poland OnlinePoland  ZiggyBulgaria  Nitix
Oct 19Nov 28DSL Pro: Season 1$6028 OnlinePoland  KrystianerFrance  Arrogfire
Oct 19Oct 19The Pizza Pie: Season 4 - Cup #6$8011 OnlineUnited States  VindictaUnited States  Nina
Oct 19Oct 19The Pizza Pie: Season 4 - Cup #7$8011 OnlinePoland  GeraldCroatia  goblin
Oct 17Oct 17Perm Krai Cup$6411Russia OnlineRussia  DjaubeRussia  Jasha
Oct 17Oct 174 Stars Cup #1$404Poland OnlinePoland  SnoxtarPoland  Fanatig
Oct 17Oct 17Sunrise Cup #20$156China OnlineChina  FireflyChina  奇霸霸
Oct 17Oct 17Ao Dai Weekly #56$4011Vietnam OnlineVietnam  JusticeSimonVietnam  Uply
Oct 17Oct 17REGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #94$4632Russia OnlineUkraine  BlyPoland  Krystianer
Oct 17Oct 17Turkish Open Cup - September 2020$500Turkey OnlineTurkey  MustiTurkey  Mellon
Oct 17Oct 17Nordic StarCraft League, October 2020$508Europe OnlineSweden  SortOfFinland  ZhuGeLiang
Oct 17Oct 24Alpha X Junior Championships Season 10$508World OnlineFrance  ArrogfireGermany  Ghosti
Oct 16Oct 16Asgard Cup #32$2925Europe OnlineRussia  NicoractRussia  YoungStar
Oct 16Oct 16Project Chaos Esports: October Invasion$598Europe OnlineNetherlands  MarsmanUkraine  JEROS
Oct 15Oct 15Cock of the Walk #32$71.6011 OnlinePoland  KrystianerNetherlands  Marsman
Oct 14Oct 14eXoN Cup Open #14$507 OnlineSouth Korea  sighUnited States  Nina
Oct 13Oct 13OSC Matiz Open #5$7515 OnlinePoland  souLPoland  Gerald
Oct 13Oct 13IndyK Trovo Weekly #3$304Poland OnlineFrance  ArrogfireFinland  Mixu
Oct 12Oct 12OSC Elite SC2 Cup #10$809 OnlineUkraine  BlyMexico  Cham
Oct 11Oct 11PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #32$5022 OnlineRussia  VanyaPoland  Krystianer
Oct 10Oct 10CSO Cup #5$11.2511South Africa OnlinePoland  KrystianerPoland  Trifax
Oct 10Oct 10Ao Dai Weekly #55$4016Vietnam OnlineMalaysia  RangerHong Kong  Bistork
Oct 10Oct 10Battle of the Americas #33$5015 OnlineUnited States  NinaMexico  Cham
Oct 10Oct 10Amantes de StarCraft 2 - #6$7225Brazil OnlineBrazil  TheZergLordPeru  perhark
Oct 10Oct 10REGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #93$4747Russia OnlineRussia  VanyaUkraine  Kas
Oct 10Oct 10AllThingsTerran In-House Tournament$5016 OnlineEgypt  MagnathCanada  Josh
Oct 9Oct 9Sentimiento Latino #95$5020 OnlineColombia  eGGzMexico  Pacomike
Oct 9Oct 9IndyK Crew Weekly Cup #34$3515 OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxPoland  Krystianer
Oct 8Oct 8Shyrshadi Open #34$5018 OnlineGermany  SpatzRussia  Ashbringer
Oct 8Oct 8Cock of the Walk #31$5012 OnlinePoland  KrystianerPoland  Gerald
Oct 8Oct 8Cascadia Cup Weekly #1$506 OnlineUnited States  RuiyichiUnited States  TossNSalads
Oct 7Oct 7eXoN Cup Open #13$88.7512 OnlineMexico  SpeCialRussia  Vanya
Oct 6Oct 6IndyK Trovo Weekly #2$304Poland OnlineSpain  AqueroNMexico  Cham
Oct 4Oct 4Banshee Cup October 2020$507 OnlineUnited States  MelodyNorway  Andromeda
Oct 4Oct 4PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #31$5018 OnlineRussia  VanyaPoland  Krystianer
Oct 4Oct 4The Pizza Pie: Season 4 - Cup #5$8013 OnlineRussia  SKillousMexico  Cham
Oct 3Oct 3Ao Dai Weekly #54$4013Vietnam OnlineVietnam  JusticeSimonVietnam  ThuocLao
Oct 3Oct 3Grand Platypus Open #43$3513 OnlineHong Kong  GogojOeyAustralia  Pezz
Oct 3Oct 3Battle of the Americas #32$5018 OnlineMexico  ChamColombia  eGGz
Oct 3Oct 3REGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #92$4632Russia OnlineUkraine  BlyPoland  Gerald
Oct 2Oct 2Copa Hyperion #6$2522 OnlineMexico  ChamMexico  Pacomike
Oct 2Oct 2IndyK Crew Weekly Cup #33$3520 OnlinePoland  KrystianerPoland  ArT
Oct 2Oct 22020 NA Apprentice Cup #19$250North America OnlineUnited States  PiLiPiLiUnited States  Ryan
Oct 1Oct 1Shyrshadi Open #33$5016 OnlineSpain  SouLeerMexico  Cham
Oct 1Oct 1Cock of the Walk #30$5913 OnlinePoland  KrystianerUnited States  Nina
Oct 1Oct 8SoloAsR Invitational #4$4828China OnlineChina  SilkyHong Kong  Bistork
Sep 30Sep 30eXoN Cup Open #12$5011 OnlineMexico  ChamUnited States  Nina
Sep 29Sep 29OSC Matiz Open #4$7511 OnlinePoland  souLDenmark  MaxPax
Sep 29Sep 29IndyK Trovo Weekly #1$304Poland OnlineSpain  AqueroNPoland  Indy
Sep 28Nov 28Kamarill Star League: Season 7$5032United States OnlineTBDTBD
Sep 27Sep 27HOST Open #4$3719Brazil OnlineBrazil  TheZergLordBrazil  nanO
Sep 27Sep 27OSC Elite SC2 Cup #9$809 OnlinePoland  KrystianerDenmark  MaxPax
Sep 27Sep 27PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #30$5015 OnlineRussia  NicoractPoland  Ziomek
Sep 26Oct 9Sunrise Cup #19$3016China OnlineChina  SilkyChina  Soularium
Sep 26Sep 26Ao Dai Weekly #53$4012Vietnam OnlineHong Kong  BistorkPhilippines  Nuks
Sep 26Sep 26Grand Platypus Open #42$357 OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAAustralia  Pezz
Sep 26Sep 26Battle of the Americas #31$5025 OnlineMexico  ChamUnited States  PattyMac
Sep 26Sep 26REGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #91$3519Russia OnlinePoland  KrystianerRussia  SpellSinger
Sep 25Sep 25Sentimiento Latino #94$5026 OnlineMexico  JimRisingColombia  eGGz
Sep 25Sep 25IndyK Crew Weekly Cup #32$3518 OnlinePoland  KrystianerDenmark  MaxPax
Sep 24Sep 24Shyrshadi Open #32$5017 OnlineMexico  SpeCialRussia  Vanya
Sep 24Sep 24Cock of the Walk #29$3519 OnlineMexico  ChamPoland  Krystianer
Sep 23Sep 23eXoN Cup Open #11$5014 OnlineMexico  SpeCialIsrael  Adonminus
Sep 22Sep 22OSC Matiz Open #3$7512 OnlineSweden  NamsharUkraine  Bly
Sep 21Nov 8maraleague, Season #2$60.3532Germany OnlineGermany  RhoustGermany  Dronehard
Sep 20Sep 20FreeStar Cup 2020 September$09Norway OnlineNorway  EikiNorway  CreamCake
Sep 20Sep 20PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #29$5025 OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxRussia  MilkiCow
Sep 20Sep 20The Pizza Pie: Season 4 - Cup #4$8014 OnlinePoland  GeraldUnited States  Nina
Sep 19Sep 19CSO Cup #4$1612South Africa OnlinePoland  KrystianerPoland  Snoxtar
Sep 19Sep 19Ao Dai Weekly #52$800Vietnam OnlineMalaysia  RangerVietnam  ThuocLao
Sep 19Sep 19Grand Platypus Open #41$359 OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAAustralia  Pezz
Sep 19Sep 19Battle of the Americas #30$5023 OnlineMexico  ChamMexico  JimRising
Sep 18Sep 18Asgard Cup #31$240Europe OnlineRussia  DefMarsRussia  Ashbringer
Sep 18Sep 18Copa Hyperion #5$2527 OnlineMexico  ChamBrazil  nanO
Sep 18Sep 18IndyK Crew Weekly Cup #31$350 OnlinePoland  KrystianerMexico  Cham
Sep 18Sep 18Starcraft 2 PR0 Series #1$609 OnlineUnited States  PureLegacyUnited States  starkiller
Sep 18Sep 182020 NA Apprentice Cup #18$250North America OnlineUnited States  PattyMacUnited States  Ukko
Sep 17Sep 17Shyrshadi Open #31$507 OnlineSouth Korea  PartinGRussia  Ashbringer
Sep 17Sep 17Cock of the Walk #28$3513 OnlineRussia  VanyaEstonia  kiyj
Sep 16Sep 16eXoN Cup Open #10$5013 OnlineRussia  VanyaSouth Korea  sigh
Sep 15Sep 15OSC Matiz Open #2$7513 OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxPoland  souL
Sep 13Sep 13OSC Elite SC2 Cup #8$806 OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxUnited States  starkiller
Sep 13Sep 13PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #28$5027 OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxPoland  Krystianer
Sep 12Sep 12Grand Platypus Open #40$358 OnlineAustralia  PezzHong Kong  GogojOey
Sep 12Sep 12Battle of the Americas #29$5021 OnlineMexico  ChamColombia  eGGz
Sep 12Sep 12REGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #90$5243Russia OnlineRussia  VanyaUkraine  DIMAGA
Sep 11Sep 11Sentimiento Latino #93$5021 OnlineColombia  eGGzMexico  JimRising
Sep 11Sep 11IndyK Crew Weekly Cup #30$3514 OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxDenmark  PappiJoe
Sep 11Sep 11Liga Cubana de StarCraft II #13$40.6515Cuba OnlineCuba  VyseCuba  SlayersMvP
Sep 11Sep 11Project Chaos Esports: September 2020 Challenge$507Europe OnlineUkraine  JEROSSpain  Killermonjas
Sep 10Sep 10Asgard Cup #30$2416Europe OnlineNetherlands  MarsmanRussia  GeNieS
Sep 10Sep 10Shyrshadi Open #30$5012 OnlineUnited States  NinaRussia  Vanya
Sep 10Sep 10Cock of the Walk #27$74.2010 OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxMexico  Cham
Sep 6Sep 6SCR Cup #2$6610Russia OnlineUkraine  MinatoehRussia  Nerazim
Sep 6Sep 6Zama Cup #6$84.2911Moldova OnlineMoldova  theglmlMoldova  Ryan
Sep 6Sep 6Banshee Cup September 2020$509 OnlineUnited States  MelodyUnited Kingdom  Countess
Sep 6Sep 6PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #27$5019 OnlineMexico  ChamPoland  Krystianer
Sep 6Sep 6The Pizza Pie: Season 4 - Cup #3$4713 OnlineCroatia  goblinMexico  Cham
Sep 5Sep 5CSO Cup #3$208South Africa OnlinePoland  SnoxtarFrance  GreatTeacher
Sep 5Sep 5Grand Platypus Open #39$3511 OnlineVietnam  MeomaikAHong Kong  Bistork
Sep 5Sep 5Battle of the Americas #28$5026 OnlineMexico  ChamUnited States  PureLegacy
Sep 5Sep 5Amantes de StarCraft 2 - #5$7534Brazil OnlineBrazil  TheZergLordBrazil  nanO
Sep 5Sep 5REGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #89$3633Russia OnlineUkraine  KasRussia  YoungYakov
Sep 4Sep 4Copa Hyperion #4$2520 OnlineMexico  ChamMexico  JimRising
Sep 4Sep 11SoloAsR Invitational #3$4821China OnlineHong Kong  BistorkChina  Soularium
Sep 4Sep 4IndyK Crew Weekly Cup #29$3514 OnlineMexico  ChamPoland  Krystianer
Sep 4Sep 42020 NA Apprentice Cup #17$250North America OnlineUnited States  NinaUnited States  Silky
Sep 3Sep 3Asgard Cup #29$2412Europe OnlineKazakhstan  PietaRussia  GeNieS
Sep 3Sep 3Shyrshadi Open #29$5014 OnlineMexico  ChamSouth Korea  kiwian
Sep 3Sep 3Cock of the Walk #26$5011 OnlineMexico  ChamPoland  PAPI
Sep 2Sep 2eXoN Cup Open #8$500 OnlineSouth Korea  PartinGMexico  SpeCial
Sep 1Oct 1Sunrise Cup #18$2924China OnlineChina  MacSedHong Kong  Bistork
Aug 30Aug 30OSC Elite SC2 Cup #7$807 OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxPoland  Krystianer
Aug 30Aug 30PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #26$5011 OnlinePoland  PAPIPoland  Krystianer
Aug 30Aug 30Nordic StarCraft League, August 2020$5010Europe OnlineFinland  PuPuFinland  ZhuGeLiang
Aug 29Aug 29Ao Dai Weekly #49$4012Vietnam OnlineVietnam  JusticeSimonVietnam  ThuocLao
Aug 29Aug 29Les BIGS du Québec IV$355Canada OnlineCanada  DisKCanada  SacDeFromage
Aug 29Aug 29Battle of the Americas #27$5025 OnlineUnited States  NinaMexico  Pacomike
Aug 29Aug 29REGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #88$3637Russia OnlineRussia  YoungYakovUkraine  Minatoeh
Aug 29Aug 29Turkish Open Cup - August 2020$5016Turkey OnlineTurkey  AreffTurkey  devilcik
Aug 28Aug 28Sentimiento Latino #92$5041 OnlineMexico  JimRisingPeru  Ryu
Aug 28Aug 28IndyK Crew Weekly Cup #28$3513 OnlineEstonia  kiyjPoland  Krystianer
Aug 27Aug 27Asgard Cup #28$2421Europe OnlineUkraine  MinatoehRussia  Exterminar
Aug 27Aug 27Shyrshadi Open #28$5011 OnlineSouth Korea  PartinGPoland  PAPI
Aug 27Aug 27Cock of the Walk #25$5014 OnlinePoland  KrystianerChina  MacSed
Aug 26Aug 26eXoN Cup Open #7$5017 OnlineUnited States  NinaUnited States  Vindicta
Aug 26Sep 1Amantes de StarCraft 2 - Gladiadores Fall$378Brazil OnlineBrazil  TurkeyDanoBrazil  TerraN
Aug 23Aug 23FreeStar Cup 2020 August$06Norway OnlineNorway  EikiNorway  CreamCake
Aug 23Aug 23The Pizza Pie: Season 4 - Cup #2$50.508 OnlineUnited States  AstreaUnited States  Vindicta
Aug 22Aug 22Ao Dai Weekly #48$4019Vietnam OnlineVietnam  ThuocLaoVietnam  JusticeSimon
Aug 22Aug 22REGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #87$3622Russia OnlineUkraine  KasRussia  SpellSinger
Aug 21Aug 212020 NA Apprentice Cup #16$2512North America OnlineUnited States  SilkyUnited States  PiLiPiLi
Aug 20Aug 20Asgard Cup #27$2514Europe OnlineNetherlands  MarsmanKazakhstan  Pieta
Aug 20Aug 20Cock of the Walk #24$358 OnlineRussia  RailRussia  Vanya
Aug 17Aug 30maraleCup #7$7820Europe OnlineSweden  FightingFrogRussia  Exostriker
Aug 16Aug 16HOST Open #3$4129Brazil OnlineBrazil  MimeronVexBrazil  Sleepy
Aug 16Aug 16OSC Elite SC2 Cup #6$807 OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxUkraine  Bly
Aug 16Aug 16Rebirth of StarCraft v2$5049Chile OnlineChile  HalfBreedChile  Dastan
Aug 15Aug 15CSO Cup #2$4011South Africa OnlinePoland  SnoxtarPoland  Ziomek
Aug 15Aug 15Ao Dai Weekly #47$4010Vietnam OnlineVietnam  JusticeSimonPhilippines  Nux
Aug 15Aug 15REGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #86$3727Russia OnlineUkraine  KasRussia  GeNieS
Aug 14Aug 14OSC Matiz Open #1$5011 OnlineUkraine  BlyPoland  souL
Aug 14Aug 14Sentimiento Latino #91$6535 OnlineColombia  eGGzBrazil  TheZergLord
Aug 14Aug 18Minatoeh vs ZipperTheFly Bo69$712Ukraine OnlineUkraine  MinatoehUkraine  ZipperTheFly
Aug 13Aug 13Asgard Cup #26$2522Europe OnlineRussia  MindelVKRussia  Ashbringer
Aug 13Aug 13Cock of the Walk #23$3512 OnlineRussia  VanyaRussia  Rail
Aug 12Aug 12Justiça por Aiur #4$2825Brazil OnlineBrazil  SilasBrazil  COSMOS
Aug 11Aug 11ESL Open Cup #20 OCE$7118South East Asia OnlineAustralia  PezzAustralia  Azure
Aug 9Aug 9Torneo El Prisma$2571 OnlineColombia  eGGzPeru  XionS
Aug 9Aug 9PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #25$5012 OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxPoland  Gerald
Aug 9Aug 9The Pizza Pie: Season 4 - Cup #1$37.809 OnlineUnited States  NinaMexico  Cham
Aug 8Aug 9BrisCraft 2020$00Australia BrisbaneTBDTBD
Aug 8Aug 8Ao Dai Weekly #46$400Vietnam OnlineMalaysia  RangerPhilippines  NUKS
Aug 8Aug 8Le Gros Tournoi #4$6011Canada OnlineCanada  DisKCanada  SacDeFromage
Aug 8Aug 8Battle of the Americas #26$5028 OnlineMexico  ChamUnited States  Nina
Aug 8Aug 8REGENERATE Open Weekly Cup #85$4925Russia OnlineSpain  AqueroNSpain  SouLeer
Aug 8Aug 30Alpha X Junior Championships Season 9$508World OnlineRussia  ExostrikerFrance  Arrogfire
Aug 7Aug 7SCR Cup #1$6818Russia OnlineUkraine  BlyRussia  Bee
Aug 7Aug 7Copa Hyperion #3$2528 OnlinePeru  RyuMexico  JimRising
Aug 7Aug 7IndyK Crew Weekly Cup #27$3511 OnlineRussia  RailDenmark  MaxPax
Aug 7Aug 72020 NA Apprentice Cup #15$350North America OnlineUnited States  FutureUnited States  Rhizer
Aug 6Aug 6Shyrshadi Open #27$5012 OnlineUnited States  VindictaUnited States  Nina
Aug 5Aug 5eXoN Cup Open #6$5013 OnlineSouth Korea  sighUnited States  Nina
Aug 5Aug 5Cock of the Walk #22$3512 OnlineGermany  SpatzNetherlands  Marsman
Aug 4Aug 4ESL Open Cup #19 OCE$7217South East Asia OnlineIndia  DemiAustralia  Azure
Aug 2Aug 2OSC Elite SC2 Cup #5$807 OnlineUkraine  BlyPoland  Gerald
Aug 2Sep 302020 NA Contender Season 4$74.1037North America OnlineUnited States  BenjadeathUnited States  Seigifried
Aug 2Aug 2PassionCraft Sunday Showdown #24$5022 OnlineDenmark  MaxPaxPoland  ArT
Aug 1Aug 1CSO Cup #1$34.408 OnlinePoland  TrifaxGermany  ForJumy
Aug 1A