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[e][h]Random Beastyqt
Player Information
Александар Крстић
Romanized Name:
Aleksandar Krstić
December 29, 1990 (age 33)
Alternate IDs:
Beasty, EmpireBeasty
Approx. Total Winnings:
Years Active:
2011 - 2021
Years Active (caster):
 × 2
2011-01-10 — 2013-06-28Team Empire
2013-07-09 — 2013-09-12Cascade
2013-09-18 — 2014-05-15Retirement
2014-05-15 — 2014-08-29RuW
2014-08-29 — 2015-12-26Extreme Supremacy
2015-12-26 — 2016-06-01True eSport
2016-10-04 — 2017-05-01mYinsanity
Recent Matches
(MaxPax Denmark, Beastyqt Serbia)Protoss
Zerg(Poland Elazer, Germany Lambo)
December 30, 2020 - 19:00 CET  
MaxPax Protoss Denmark / Beastyqt Terran Serbia
Croatia Protoss goblin / Netherlands Terran uThermal
March 30, 2020 - 19:00 CET  
MaxPax Protoss Denmark / Beastyqt Terran Serbia
Russia Terran Brat_OK / Ukraine Zerg DIMAGA
March 11, 2020 - 10:00 PST  
MaxPax Protoss Denmark / Beastyqt Terran Serbia
Brazil Terran Kelazhur / France Zerg Denver
March 7, 2020 - 18:30 CET  
MaxPax Protoss Denmark / Beastyqt Terran Serbia
France Terran Clem / Poland Zerg Elazer
February 8, 2020 - 20:00 CET  

Aleksandar "Beastyqt" Krstić (born December 29, 1990) is a Serbian Random player who last played for mYinsanity.

He formerly played Terran.


Beastyqt started his progaming career in Counter Strike. He played DotA from 2006 to 2010 with his friends. Beastyqt then transitioned to Brood War during 2010, wanting more experience with multi-unit real time strategy games in preparation for the release of StarCraft II. His first competitive team in SC2 was United as One (uAo). He spent his formative time in SC2 on Team uAo, learning and growing. Eventually, he received and accepted an offer to join Team Empire.

Beastyqt qualified for IEM Global Challenge Cologne 2011 and was eliminated in group stage where he took 3rd place with 1 win and 2 losses.

He was invited to Dreamhack Winter 2011 where he was seeded into Group I, winning against Ciara and losing to NaNiwa and his teammate Happy, finishing 3rd in his group and not advancing to the next stage.

Beastyqt qualified to the World Cyber Games Grand Finals 2011 which was held in Busan, Korea. He showed good games and went 3-3 in his group, but it was not enough to progress to the playoffs.

In December 2011 he won the SC2RO Season 2 tournament where many well known professional players like Kas, DIMAGA, NightEnD, Adelscott and HasuObs attended. He lost in main bracket round 6 versus the Ukrainian Zerg DIMAGA 1 - 3. After coming back from lower bracket where he defeated Protoss player BlinG, he beat DIMAGA 4-1 in the finals, achieving his biggest tournament win to date.

On January 25, 2012, Beastyqt participated in the ZOTAC Cup Monthly Final December. He was able to take down horror, Lucky, and then GoOdy to make it into the finals. For the finals, Beastyqt played a fierce Bo5 against Bly but was unable to take 1st place with a score of 2-3 and had to settle for 2nd.

In April 2012, he was announced as one of the first players to join MrBitter's Razer Academy Team House. He felt that his practice in Serbia on the European ladder was insufficient, and thus moved to California to be able to play on the South Korean ladder.[1] While in California, he attended the MSI Battlegrounds, where he placed third, after winning against SeleCt but losing against Axslav, and was invited to the GIGABYTE ESPORTS LAN Invitational.

He participated in the GIGABYTE ESPORTS LAN and was placed into a tough group. He was unable to overcome the calibre of players whom he was placed with and ended the tournament 5th in his group, 1-4, and was eliminated.

In June 28, 2013, he left Team Empire.[2]

Beastyqt retired on September 17, 2013.[3]

In May 15, 2014, he joined RuW[4] after being considered retired for about eight months. In this period he took part at some Starbow tournaments, like the Razer Starbow Tournament, where he achieved second place.

In August 29, 2014, he joined Team Extreme Supremacy.[5] The team changed name to True eSport on December 26, 2015.

On October 4th, 2016, Beastyqt joined mYinsanity for his re-appearance in the pro-scene. Beastyqt instantly shows his skill by achieving 3rd in the WESG Europe & CIS qualifier by defeating some very strong opponents, winning 3K USD and a spot in the WESG global finals.

He has since left pro gaming, actively uploading content on Youtube and streaming full-time.


Beastyqt's playstyle emphasizes outpacing his opponents economically in long macro-oriented games. He is both confident in mech and bio play and oftentimes play both styles in series.


  • By RotterdaM he has been nicknamed the radioactive terran, because in WoL he used a lot more nukes than anyone else in the professional scene.
  • "Beast" nickname is derived from his beastly play.
  • Mainly practices on the ladder, specializing with all 3 races.
  • His favorite match-up is TvZ, though his winrate is best in TvP.[6]
  • Studying at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.
  • Has this far accomplished two all-kills in the incredible Panic Team League Season 3.


2020-11-211stShowm. (Min.)Beastyqt vs Team eXon Team Kill #211-2Grp S.$50
2020-04-111stShowm. (Min.)Beastyqt vs Team eXon Team Kill #110-1Grp S.$50
2020-02-081st2v2 (Min.)Afreeca World 52Afreeca World 524 : 2$75
2019-05-221stShowm. (Min.)Twitch Rivals: StarCraft 2 Streamer Showdown EU
2018-12-011stMinorRUR Games.con 20183 : 0$227
2017-07-091stMinorThe Vanguard Invitational4 : 0$1,250
2016-10-093rdMajorWESG 2016 - Europe & CIS Qualifier
3 : 2$3,014
2016-08-232nd2v2 (Min.)PSISTORM 2v2 Cup #30 : 3$126.91
2016-08-092ndMon. (Min.)Go4SC2 July 2016Go4SC2 July 20161 : 3$170
2016-06-271stWeek. (Min.)Corsair Cup 25Corsair Cup 253 : 0$60
2016-06-101stMinorCoaching Zone 13 : 0$97
2016-05-314thMajorBaseTradeTV Map Test TournamentBaseTradeTV Map Test Tournament
True eSportTrue eSport
2 : 3$500
2015-09-071stMon. (Min.)Lycan League Legacy of the Void Series June, July and August Mega FinalsLycan League Legacy of the Void Series June, July and August Mega Finals
Extreme SupremacyExtreme Supremacy
3 : 1$100
2015-09-051stMinorGauntlet LotV Open #1
Extreme SupremacyExtreme Supremacy
3 : 0$150
2015-05-181stWeek. (Min.)desRow LotV Weekly May #2
Extreme SupremacyExtreme Supremacy
2 : 1$75
2015-05-101stWeek. (Min.)desRow LotV Weekly May #1
Extreme SupremacyExtreme Supremacy
3 : 0$75
2015-05-041stMinorDouble Harvesting TL Open
Extreme SupremacyExtreme Supremacy
3 : 2$100
2014-01-192ndMinorRazer Starbow Tournament0 : 2$150
2013-06-131stMinorRaidCall EMS Spring 2013RaidCall EMS Spring 2013
Team EmpireTeam Empire
2 : 1
2012-12-154thMajorEvil Geniuses Master's Cup Series League VIIIEvil Geniuses Master's Cup Series League VIII
Team EmpireTeam Empire
0 : 3
Team AcerTeam Acer
2012-10-241stMinorincredible Panic Team League Season 4
Team EmpireTeam Empire
6 : 4
2012-07-081stMinorAZiO Rundown World Cup
Team EmpireTeam Empire
4 : 2$350
2012-04-292ndMinorSoCal eSports LAN Circuit 2012 - Mission Viejo
Team EmpireTeam Empire
1 : 3$200
2012-01-252ndMon. (Min.)ZOTAC Monthly Final December 2011ZOTAC Monthly Final December 2011
Team EmpireTeam Empire
2 : 3$262.02
2012-01-142ndMinorSennheiser Cup Season 2Sennheiser Cup Season 2
Team EmpireTeam Empire
0 : 3$380.37
2011-12-181stMinorsc2ro League Season 2
Team EmpireTeam Empire
4 : 1$500
2011-11-131stMinorGosuCoaching Premiere League Season 2
Team EmpireTeam Empire
3 : 2
Evil GeniusesEvil Geniuses
2011-11-092ndMon. (Min.)ZOTAC Monthly Final Ocotber 2011ZOTAC Monthly Final Ocotber 2011
Team EmpireTeam Empire
0 : 3$270.47
2011-09-222ndMajorEvil Geniuses Master's Cup Series League VIEvil Geniuses Master's Cup Series League VI
Team EmpireTeam Empire
1 : 3
2011-05-011stMinorSC2Rakeback Invitational
Team EmpireTeam Empire
W : FF$147.89
Extended list of results
All-Kill Achievements
2016-01-31 All-KillSC2Improve Team League Season 6
2012-06-20 All-KillIPL Team Arena Challenge 3


First Person View Match VODS[edit]








Matchup Statistics

vs Protossvs Terranvs Zergvs RandomTotal
as Terran322 - 24756.6 %294 - 18960.9 %382 - 35451.9 %18 - 675 %1016 - 79656.1 %
as Random18 - 1456.3 %6 - 650 %3 - 633.3 %11 - 473.3 %38 - 3055.9 %
as Protoss1 - 233.3 %4 - 180 %0 - 0-0 - 0-5 - 362.5 %
Σ341 - 26356.5 %304 - 19660.8 %385 - 36051.7 %29 - 1074.4 %1059 - 82956.1 %

Earnings Statistics

1v1 Medal Statistics



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