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Bio-Tank (vs. Zerg)

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The Bio-Tank build relies on Hellion openings and Siege Tank-expansion timings to secure fast expansions and deny Zerg a fast third base. Meanwhile, Terran can muster a strong Marine force off of two or three bases to repel Mutalisk-harass.

Siege Tanks are used as the stopping power for Barracks units, mainly against Banelings, and are still just as effective against Armored units like the Roach and Infestor.


A Hellion opening gives the Terran good map control against Zerg and can deny early Creep-spread. This allows any follow-up aggression to come closer to the Zerg natural resulting in less time for the Zerg to react. When use effectively, this map control can help secure a fast third base expansion.

Siege Tanks and a moderate amount of Marines (with Stimpack) can be used to control the choke points close to your third or gold base location, which Terran can use for good early game economy.

The tactics vary from Medivac-drops to early two Factory Siege Tank-pushes (whether it be Mech or Bio centric). The goal is to deny early third bases and then push while the Zerg Tech or economy is damaged. The older style relied on two-base aggression, while the new Macro style relies on Medivac-drops and a faster third.

Build Recipe[edit]

Suicidal Aggression versus Uber-Ups[edit]

Suicidal Aggression: The previous style of Bio-Tank that either used a Medivac-drop harass style to attack wherever Mutalisks where not; or 3 Barracks, 2 Factory aggression (delaying Medivacs) to push Zerg back into the natural. This style was able to pull the Zerg's army all over the place and discouraged Zerg from taking risky expansions making it easier to perform a Siege Tank-contain as the late game strategy.

Uber-Ups covers the current style of TvZ that is an upgrade war that aims to complete Infantry Weapons and Armour quicker than the Zerg is able to upgrade, sometimes not even moving out before completing 2-2, and it aims to trade armies cost-effectively while denying additional expansions of Zerg rather than containing Zerg. This style is preferred for maps that have an easy to defend third base such as; Antiga Shipyard, Tal'Darim Altar, etc.


The most important part of TvZ is being able to deny Zerg additional bases past three, when playing aggressively; however, the main goal should be either to secure three mining bases or mass a big enough army to take a Gold Expansion and try to overwhelm the Zerg player with Marines.