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Blue Flame Expand (vs. Terran)

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[e][h]Blue Flame Expand (vs. Terran)
Strategy Information


Basically a long rush distance version of the iEchoic build. Fast teching to both blue flame Hellions and Starport for a fast drop into the opposing base, while expanding to natural. From then on it is an open build that can transition into a Hellion-Starport unit composition as its creator does, or switch to Siege Tank-Viking for positional play instead of harassment, though it is a good idea to continue to make use of Hellions throughout the game, even if that is just the occasional drop into the opposing main/natural bases.

This build is purely a response to a fast expand build that lacks army. If the opposing army is massing units then Siege Tank, Marine and other units with high health or damage output are recommended to hold the aggression. Scouting is always key for harassment builds.

Basic Build Order[edit]


  • Use the first Viking to distract any opposing Vikings and move all Hellions and Banshees towards the opponents' mineral line.
  • Use the first few Hellions to scout the map for proxies and early pressure, build tanks and Bunkers if necessary.


  • Use Hellions to pressure Marine numbers but keep enough to drop at a few different locations and keep the opposing player panicked.
  • Switch any Starports to Reactors for Vikings, if the opposing player is trying to mass Vikings for air control; produce one or two Ravens for PDDs for safety. If ahead on the Viking count, continue to produce Banshees and Battlecruisers for the death-blow.


  • See air +0/1 - Yamato Cannon push for the basic end-game Battlecruiser mid-game plan, especially against a player who makes the mistake of Marine or Thor production as a response.


  • TitusStarcraft's Channel, featuring MetroSG (TvT only) uses this build and Titus is a huge fan of the player, or search for MetroSG replay pack on google.