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Blue Flame eSports

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[e][h]Blue Flame eSports
Team Information

Blue Flame eSports was a German StarCraft 2 team born as a rebranding of Charge Gaming in June 2020.

As of August 30 the team merged with Archangel Gaming.


  • June 16, Urien leaves the team.
  • June 17, SlammerPower and Utopi join the Academy Team.
  • June 19, rotab joins the Main Team.
  • June 20, RainmaN and AnySoSex join the Academy Team.
  • June 22, JustNUKE joins the Academy Team.
  • June 23, NeOPriMaL joins the Academy Team.
  • June 27, Tozis joins the Academy Team.
  • June 28, TGS joins the Main Team.
  • July 5, SnoW joins the Academy Team.
  • July 6, SnoW gets promoted to the Main Team & the Organization decides to build up a Juniors Team led by Virtuzz.
  • July 7, alfi joins the Juniors Team while Comp joins the Main Team.
  • July 8, Areff joins the Academy Team.
  • July 12, TGS leaves the Team.
  • July 15, Sega gets kicked out of the Team,due to toxic behaviour.
  • July 19, mOsTeN joins the Academy Team while Twine joins the Main Team.
  • July 20, BattleB joins the Main Team.
  • July 23, DarknessK joins the Academy Team.
  • July 25, Joel joins the Academy Team.
  • July 28, AnDreJOO joins the Academy Team.
  • August 1, Bordan joins the Main Team.
  • August 6, Ladabaz joins the Main Team.
  • August 30, The team merges with Archangel Gaming

Player Roster[edit]

Pro Squad at time of Disbandment[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
GermanyACIDMartin Schill2020-06-072020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
GermanyBattleBSven Kroth2020-07-202020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
GermanyBordanNicolas Bengs2020-08-012020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
GermanyCompAdrian Beer2020-07-072020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
FranceCripSeilClément Pagnier2020-06-152020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
GermanyFrisKMaurice Peter2020-06-072020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
GermanyJaCkalKristof Schöps2020-06-072020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
SlovakiaLadabazMatej Zabadal2020-08-062020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
SwedenMonstRAlexander Nilsson2020-06-112020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
GermanyObbFlyQtyDominik2020-06-072020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
FrancerotabJean-Baptiste Doubez2020-06-192020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
UkraineSlyCrabOlexiy Zakharchuk2020-06-132020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
SwedenSnoWAlbin Grip2020-07-052020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
FranceTwineJules Bied2020-07-192020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
GermanyvmgNarraMartin Strotmann2020-06-072020-08-30 Archangel Gaming

Academy Squad at time of Disbandment[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
FranceAnySoSex2020-06-202020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
TurkeyAreffArif Gürsoy2020-07-082020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
FranceBaRaGooD2020-06-102020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
LebanonJustNUKE2020-06-222020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
FranceNeOPriMaL2020-06-232020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
LatviaRainmaN2020-06-202020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
IsraelSlammerPowerNiv Cohen2020-06-172020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
RussiaTachyon2020-06-142020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
FranceTOTOPOTATO2020-06-152020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
PolandTozisBartosz Woziwoda2020-06-272020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
DenmarkUtopi2020-06-172020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
HungarymOsTeN2020-07-192020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
GermanyDarknessK2020-07-232020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
SwedenJoel2020-07-252020-08-30 Archangel Gaming
PolandAnDreJOO2020-07-282020-08-30 Archangel Gaming

Juniors Squad at time of Disbandment[edit]

Active Squad
IDNameJoin Date
SwedenalfiAlfred Andersson2020-07-07


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
SwedenTGSAlbin Zetterlund2020-07-122020-07-02

Team Achievements[edit]

2020-08-17EA5 - 6thA3MinorHell, it's about timeHell, it's about time1-2Grp S.$0
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