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[e][h]Tactic Bombing
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Stalife, others

Bombing is used to refer to the maneuver in which drops or other techniques are used to position units, especially units that deal heavy burst damage (Banelings or even Thors), in the mass of enemy units or structures. This is especially useful in cases where the transporting unit is faster (Thors in Medivacs) or have better ability to survive attacks (Banelings in Overlords). The key to the effectiveness of this technique is the ability of air-borne transports to bypass enemy units and terrain.

In the use of drops, especially in combat scenarios, bombing may also refer to unit bombing, a specialised use of this technique in which specialised units are transported to block off incoming damage, as Marauders from Baneling attacks.


  • Hellions or Thors are units that can deal heavy damage with the aid of the mobility of Medivacs, especially in the early game. Marine and Marauder drops may also be considered bombing.
  • Marauder or MULE Bombs are the use of drops (Medivac or MULE) to block off incoming attacking units, largely slow Baneling pushes in the early game. There is generally nothing a Zerg fielding Banelings can do against this. However, the cost of Orbital Command energy means that players must heavily consider the loss of mining, scans or supply drops before using MULE Bombs. When Marauders are used against Banelings, the drops may be called Stalife Drops after the forum poster who detailed its use. This is especially effective as Armored units like Marauders take reduced Baneling damage (20), allowing them to take 6 hits. If the Banelings are on attack-move and stop they will attack the Marauders and may explode out of range of the main Terran army. Large Marauders can also easily form a total wall-in.
    • TLO used Marauder Bombs very effectively in his second match against LosirA in the first GSL in the Round of 64.
  • Similar tactics can be used to break Siege Tank lines in TvT. By dropping units on tanks, you can force other tanks to splash each other and break siege lines. If they survive, they can be used to clean up tanks afterwards.


  • Zerg bombing is usually based around dropping Banelings onto opposing armies or worker lines to instantly deal heavy splash damage to lower health units. For example, Baneling drops onto an approaching Terran Bio Ball can take out large numbers of Marines and force Terran to retreat. Other units may be used for Zerg, but Banelings instantly trade for cost in ways that are usually respectable.
  • It is also possible to bomb by spawning Infested Terrans in your opposing Banelings or in a Bio Ball with tank support to soak up damage and cause the Tanks to deal splash damage to the Marines and Marauders.


  • Using Warp Prisms to bomb Terrans with tank friendly fire or Zerg Banelings with armored units can be a moderately good battle tactic, although rarely used as it is not usually cost effective or necessary with Blink, and Warp Prisms and Banelings are not common in Protoss matchups.
  • As always, transports may be used to reposition the army in PvP, where drops of Zealots or High Templar into mineral lines (Storm Drops) can be very effective.