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Player Information
Myles Donald
September 5, 1994 (1994-09-05) (age 24)
Alternate IDs:
Total Earnings:
2012-04-?? - 2012-09-01
2012-09-01 - 2013-03-??
2013-04-20 - 2013-10-13
2013-10-13 - 2014-08-12
2014-08-14 - 2015-01-28
2015-01-29 - 2017-01-06
2017-03-25- 2017-06-01

Myles "Bones" Donald is a Canadian Protoss player who is currently teamless.


Bones resides in Ontario, Canada and attends the University of Ontario Institute of Technology studying Networking and Information Technology Security.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

Bones picked up StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty shortly after release, lingering in the lower leagues for some time before swiftly rising to Master league. He joined Team Nightmares in April 2012 and, shortly following its collapse, moved to Triumph eSports in September 2012. He was highly ranked in Master league.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

Bones began playing the beta in early December 2012, and made Grandmaster league on the beta server shortly thereafter. He finished the beta ranked decently in Grandmaster league, eagerly awaiting the full release of the game. He made Grandmaster league on North America once it was opened on March 19. Bones became teamless when Triumph eSports ceased to be in early March 2013.

On April 20, Bones secured a spot on Clarity Gaming's Academy after a 4th place finish in the final tournament of a lengthy recruitment process.[1]

On August 10, Bones participated in the online qualifier for the World Cyber Games 2013 Canadian nationals. He made it to the winner bracket semi-finals before falling to desRow 0-2. He continued in the lower bracket, defeating teammate sAikOu 2-1 in the lower bracket before losing again to desRow 0-2 for a third place finish.[2] As a result, he earned a preferred seed for the WCG Canada National Final.

On October 13, 2013, Bones was announced as a member of ROOT Gaming's academy.[3]

Bones was one of eight up-and-coming North American players highlighted in the first season of Breaking Out, being featured during the week of October 28.[4] He also participated in the follow-up tournament, The Breakout Invitational, on November 21-23rd.[5] In the group stage, Bones started off with an 0-2 loss to JonSnow, but fought back and defeated Jowj 2-0 and then Hellokitty 2-1 in order to advance from his group. He lost in the semi-finals with a score of 1-3 against former teammate SaroVati, resulting in a 3rd/4th place finish.

On December 28, 2013, Bones participated in the first APM League tournament hosted by Golden and CranK.[6] He took first place, defeating former teammate Shew in the finals with a score of 2-0.

Bones attended MLG Anaheim in June 2014 as his first major LAN competition. In the winners' bracket he defeated Jowj and LovE before falling to Harstem in Round 3. He started the losers' bracket in Round 4, defeating Livibee and then EliGE. He was eliminated in Round 6 by Suppy with a 1-2 score, resulting in a finish of 45-60th place.

On July 28, Bones participated in the IEM Toronto - Canadian Qualifier, defeating Drunkenboi and hendralisk in the loser's bracket before falling to Scarlett a few rounds from qualifying. He also participated in ToD's Red Bull Battle Grounds: Detroit - Satellite Tournament on August 11. He defeated ElhayM and CatZ to earn a top 4 placing and a paid trip to the main event.

Bones left SEED Gaming on August the 12th.[7] He joined IvDgaming on August 14.[8]

On August 22, Bones attended Red Bull Battle Grounds: Detroit. He made it through the group stage without dropping a map, and knocked out fellow Satellite Tournament qualifier AiuR 2-0 in the Round of 64. He was then eliminated in the Round of 32 by CatZ with an 0-2 score, resulting in a 17th-32nd finish.

Bones joined Team Ascension in January 2015 following its acquisition of IvDgaming.

Legacy of the Void[edit]

Bones began playing the beta in April 2015.

His first Legacy of the Void event was the Red Bull Archon Tournament in Toronto on June 26. Teaming up with AprilTerran, they finished in 5-8th place after being eliminated by viOlet and MaSa.


  • "This guy really hates to attack. I mean, holy shit!" - Minigun[9]


In A1Premier tournaments
2014-08-2317 - 32ndRed Bull Battle Grounds: Detroit0 : 2 CatZ$200
In A3Minor and A5Monthly tournaments
2013-12-281stAPM League2 : 0 Shew$70
2013-11-223 - 4thThe Breakout Invitational1 : 3 SaroVati$215.33
Complete Results in any Tournament


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