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[e][h] BreakingGG
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Chen-Zhang Yijie
Alternate IDs:
诡计, NT.诡计, DiaoZhaSky, 萌萌达鸡, BKGG, culturedman
Total Earnings:
Approx. Earnings 2020:
EPT Korea rank:
EPT Pro Tour rank:
2012-06-04 - 2013-05-31
2015-07-15 - 2016-04-19
2016-04-19 - 2016-05-30
2016-08-11 - unknown
unknown - 2017-06-21
2018-07-05 - 2018-10-04
2019-10-02 - Present

Chen-Zhang "BreakingGG" Yijie is a Chinese Zerg player who is currently playing for Alpha X.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

BreakingGG announced that he would be a professional player for Team For.Love.

However, he didn't participate in many tournament then.

Two years later, he joined the new team - Brave Heart.

Legacy of the Void[edit]

He joined Team SPACECRAFT but only 40 days later, he left.

He participated in NEO Star League 2016 Season 1 as a member of Team LeiFeng.

On August 11, 2016, he joined Star Club.[1]

On June 10, 2017, Netease and Blizzard released statements detailing how BreakingGG and six other Chinese players were all involved in either match fixing or playing on each other's accounts on ladder and in tournaments. BreakingGG was banned from all official tournaments for six months, his Blizzard account was permanently closed, and all of his rewards from related tournaments were revoked.[2]

On June 21, 2017, he was expelled from Pisen e-sports club as a result of the match fixing/account sharing incident.[3]


In A2Major tournaments
2019-06-074th2019 WCS Summer: China QualifierZZZZZ0 : 3 Firefly$746
2018-03-242ndGPL 2018 Season 1ZZZZZ0 : 4 TIME$2,371
In A3Minor and A5Monthly tournaments
2020-03-292ndGPC 2020 Tier 2 #11 : 4 Cyan$282
2019-11-292ndAlpha X Dragon's Arena #11 : 3 XY$50
2019-09-132ndGPC 2019 September #1ZZZZZ0 : 4 XiGua$141
2019-05-241stK88 Bet Challenger Cup #1ZZZZZ4 : 3 Firefly$473
2019-03-082ndGPC 2019 March #1ZZZZZ3 : 4 TIME$149
2018-02-041stSilver StarCraft II League 23ZZZZZ4 : 1 酒酿元宵$75
2018-01-211stSilver StarCraft II League 22ZZZZZ4 : 0 MATH$75
2016-06-212ndSGL Cup 1ZZZZZ0 : 3 Hydra$100
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Team Achievements

In A1Premier tournaments
2017-06-043rdNEO Star League 20162 : 3$290.26
In A2Major tournaments
2015-12-274thStarcraft League 20152 : 3$228.57
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