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British SC2 scene

British eSport History[edit]

Britain has produced world class eSport players for many games, such as the old Four Kings Counter-Strike 1.6 team, as well as many good players for Counter-Strike: Source and assorted console shooter titles. However, the United Kingdom's biggest contribution has probably been the well known organizations, in particular, Fnatic, whose main office is in London, Team Dignitas and 4Kings. Recently, new organizations have started to crop up, such as Team Infused and TCM-Gaming.

A few years back, British eSports looked bright, with the incorporation of the United Kingdom eSports Association (UKeSA), which included support from the Government, the Police, and several large industry entities. After its very quick demise, the United Kingdom ended up severely lacking in terms of eSport infrastructure, with few small events being organised around the country. The only exception of which is Multiplay's i-Series, which is by far the UK's biggest LAN Festival.

Early in 2012, the unofficial title of "Best British player" belonged to BlinG after he won 5-4 over DeMusliM in the War of the Roses showmatch. Since then, the two of them have faced off at various tournaments with DeMusliM winning their most recent meetings.


Premier & Major Events[edit]

IPL4 UK Qualifiers
France  Stephano
Korea (South)  TAiLS
Sweden  SaSe     Korea (South)  Ryung

Minor Events[edit]

Multiplay i40 Multiplay i41 Multiplay i42
United Kingdom  PuReBall
United Kingdom  rANDY
United Kingdom  Apollo     United Kingdom  BlinG
United Kingdom  DeMusliM
France  SarenS
United Kingdom  PuReBall     United Kingdom  rANDY
Korea (South)  SeleCT
United Kingdom  BlinG
United Kingdom  Lau     Poland  Gomas
Multiplay i43 Multiplay i44 Multiplay i45
Sweden  merz
Lithuania  Fargo
Italy  StarEagle     United Kingdom  BlinG
Sweden  vOddy
Poland  Gomas
Belgium  sunshiNe     United Kingdom  Stone
United Kingdom  BlinG
Lithuania  Fargo
United Kingdom  Ourk     China  DreAm
Multiplay i46 Multiplay i50 Multiplay i51
United Kingdom  JonnyREcco
United Kingdom  BlinG
Netherlands  PoYo     China  DreAm
Poland  Tefel
United Kingdom  Lau
United Kingdom  Ourk
Netherlands  Harstem
Poland  Tefel
United Kingdom  Ourk     United Kingdom  BlinG
Multiplay i52
United Kingdom  Boombox
United Kingdom  Ourk
United Kingdom  Jamesykins
ECL3 Loughborough EGL4 London
United Kingdom  Lau
United Kingdom  BlinG
United Kingdom  rANDY     United Kingdom  PuReBall
United Kingdom  BlinG
Belgium  Orly
China  DreAm     Korea (South)  TanDongHo

Other Events[edit]

Bi-Weekly: ESL UK Open


ID Name Team Crowning Achievement
ukUnited Kingdom T DeMusliM Benjamin Baker IEM Season V - European Championships
ukUnited Kingdom p BlinG Samayan Kay Multiplay UK i45
ukUnited Kingdom z rANDY Andrew Whittle Multiplay UK i40
ukUnited Kingdom t Lau Nathan Lau ECL3 Loughborough
ukUnited Kingdom z JonnyREcco Paul Whyte Nuit Blanche WCS 2012 UK Nationals
ukUnited Kingdom t Ourk Liam Streames FM eSports Multiplay UK i51
ukUnited Kingdom z Ziktomini Nick Copello WCS 2012 UK Nationals
ukUnited Kingdom t Moomin Chloe Chippindale
ukUnited Kingdom z FlashDave David Goodman
ukUnited Kingdom t PuReBall Marty Rome


ID Name Team
ukUnited Kingdom z MrSnibbles Adam Farrington Team Eli
ukUnited Kingdom z Apollo Shaun Clark
ukUnited Kingdom r 2GD James Harding
ukUnited Kingdom r Kaelaris James Carrol mouz
ukUnited Kingdom t TotalBiscuit John Bain Axiom
ukUnited Kingdom r Tetcher Chris Ivermee



The Last Resort

United Kingdom  Sabre
United Kingdom  Simba
United Kingdom  Drolla
United Kingdom  ZaiN
United Kingdom  Rotcod
United Kingdom  SouL

Netherlands  Harstem
Poland  souL

Poland  funkay
United States of America  Lost
Canada  Warden

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