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CC First (vs. Zerg)

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[e][h]Command Center First into 1/1/1 defense
Strategy Information
Economic, Tech, Greedy, Counter, Experimental


A build order that times both Orbital Commands (1) (2) and the Factory (1) for completion of the first Barracks matching the Hatchery First opening of Zerg and getting a fast start on tech to Hellions, Siege Tanks or Banshees to defense Hatchery Tech-based pressure and pushes.

This needs to be said that early pushes need to be delayed across the field for at least a Wall-Off to protect against the opposing player simply flooding the base with Zerglings or use early Banelings or Roaches to break the wall-off as well.

So far this build has only been used on Tal'Darim Altar as the main choke can be walled off with the first two Supply Depots and a Barracks or the first Supply Depot and a Command Center, though the placement is not obvious.


Take the risk of cheese, or adapt quickly if they do; for the huge advantage of building Command Center (2) straight after Supply Depot, and then continuing with a normal build at a delayed pace. This will make early game pushes weak, so using a quick tech build instead to throw the opposing player off. But all buildings are recommended to be in use at all times until you reach a two-base build and number of workers.

Basic Build Order[edit]

MarineKing 2 Rax Version[edit]

In Season 3 of the 2012 GSL, MarineKing almost exclusively went CC first vs. Zerg and sometimes even vs. Terran. His version of the CC first build gets two Barracks immediately after the CC, and an additional two if his opponent pressures. This version allows your opponent to get a basic army much faster, but significantly delays their tech.