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CM Storm

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2013 MLG Spring Championship2013 WCS Season 2 America: Premier League2013 WCS Season 3 America: Premier LeagueRed Bull Battle Grounds: Detroit2015 WCS Season 1 Premier League2016 WCS Circuit: Winter Circuit Championship

CM Storm is a subsidiary brand of the Taiwanese computer hardware manufacturer Cooler Master. The brand was established in 2008 with a specific focus on gaming products, co-developing products alongside their affiliated teams and players. CM Storm's marketing involves sponsoring eSport events, professional gaming teams and players.

CM Storm's marketing involves sponsoring eSports events, professional gaming teams and players. Both CM Storm and its parent company Cooler Master have partnered with major events and tournaments such as the Electronic Sports League (ESL) Euro Series Summer 2013 and the DreamHack Summer 2014.

CM Storm's most prolific involvement in StarCraft II is the sponsorship of several high profile players such as Choi "Polt" Seong Hun, and Kim "Revival" Dong Hyun.

Direct Involvement[edit]

CM Storm is committed to supporting the eSports community through its sponsorship of both established and emerging athletes. Its elite roster comprises a combination of teams and individual players such as Polt and Revival. A full list of teams and players sponsored by CM Storm can be found at website of CM Storm, along with applications for sponsorship.

Players directly sponsored[edit]

  • South Korea  Polt (2013-03-12 - 2016-03-05)

Teams sponsored[edit]


Player Roster[edit]

Currently no active players[edit]


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
SpainAlaStOrEnrique Macias2012-09-132013-12-05Vega SquadronVega Squadron Vega Squadron
South AfricaPandaTankRobert Botha2013-02-032014-01-14 Retirement
South KoreaPoltChoi Seong Hun2013-03-112016-03-04Team EnVyUsTeam EnVyUs Team EnVyUs
South KoreaRevivalKim Dong Hyun2014-03-042015-04-23

Team Achievements[edit]

This team has no recorded achievements.


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