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CSL Europe

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The CSL:EU uses South Korea’s Starcraft “Proleague” as a model for its format – pitting teams against each other on a weekly basis. During our preseason we had 32 teams from all across the UK and Ireland battle it out to see which of them would become strongest school in the UK. We have a re-vamped website, better coverage, and much more broadcasting lined up this season.

Our shared dream of introducing e-Sports to the UK and all of Europe is only just beginning. The CSL:EU is merely a small step in the process of creating enough excitement and passion for e-Sports to fill stadiums, be broadcast on television, and ultimately become a part of mainstream culture.

In the end though, the formula for why CSL:EU is so awesome remains the same. Four 1-on-1 games and a single 2-on-2 of pure competitive StarCraft every week; live audience, commentators, and internet stream optional.


All students currently enrolled in a United Kingdom undergraduate or graduate program are eligible for the CSL:EU. Teams must have a minimum of five verified players before entering the league. Players are cleared for participation by supplying an official school email address.

Players NOT registered as current students can be considered for eligibility under special circumstances on a case-by-case basis. Exceptions can also be made for players from unusually small schools that are affiliated with larger universities.


  • Joseph Joeeigel Berkley
    Head Administrator
  • Robert Pughy Pugh
  • Tom Stonios Stonehouse
    LoL Administrator
  • Matthew Elesium Jones
    Community Outreach
  • Matthew mgbevan Bevan
    Community Outreach
  • Henry Henx Compson
    Community Outreach / Commentator
  • Wolfgang wuerzelchen Ladermann
    Community Outreach(Germany)
  • David DUSTWob Kirk
  • John JoRoSaR Sargent
  • Chris Panky Pankhurst
  • Reid RAPiD Melton
  • Chris thatGeek Attenborough
    Graphic Design

Notable Players[edit]

Professional Players[edit]

StarCraft II[edit]

  • Lau, University of London
  • TanDongHo, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • DreAm, Manchester Metropolitan University

Life-time Bans[edit]

  • NiGClueless, Queens University Belfast [1]


Tournament Date Winner Runner-Up TL Thread
Season One 05-11-11 – 18-02-12 United Kingdom University of West London United Kingdom Canterbury Christ Church University Link
Season Two 14-04-12 – TBA TBA TBA Link


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