Campaign/Brothers in Arms

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[e][h]Legacy of the Void
Brothers in Arms
Mission Information
Mission Objective
Recover the Keystone
Available units:

Brothers in Arms is a mission in the Legacy of the Void Campaign.

Primary Objectives[edit]

  • Recover the Keystone.
  • Raynor's Command Center must survive.
  • Valerian's Command Center must survive.


To be Updated.

Bonus Objectives[edit]

  • Secure 3 Research Facilities. (+5 Solarite each)


Brothers in Arms
Complete the "Brothers in Arms" mission in the Legacy of the Void campaign. 10
Mental Breakdown
Destroy 80 or more enemies affected by the disruption on the "Brother in Arms" mission. 10
For the Alliance
Do not let your allies lose more than 5 base structures in "Brother in Arms" on Normal difficulty. 10

Your allies can fend for themselves except during a disruption. Each disruption will spawn two hybrid attack waves on the same path (north or south) and highlighted on the map that you will have to kill before they reach your allies' structures.

Disruption Junction
Destroy 55 enemy structures during a single Disruption in “Brothers in Arms” on Hard difficulty. 10

Take the natural expansion right away, but don't attack any buildings at all, only defending yourself and your allies and building up your army. Once you have a large army (Dark Templars work well), split it into two and move out at the beginning of a disruption simultaneously clearing the north and south paths.

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