Campaign/Enemy Intelligence

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[e][h]Nova Covert Ops
Enemy Intelligence
Mission Information
Mission Objective
Reach command room
Available units:
Available heroes:

Enemy Intelligence is the third mission in the Nova Covert Ops Campaign.

Primary Objectives[edit]

  • Garrison units inside buildings (5)
  • Reach command room
  • Nova must survive (second phase only)


Secondary Objectives[edit]

  • Rescue survivors



Enemy Intelligence
Complete the “Enemy Intelligence” mission in Nova: Covert Ops. 10
Bunker Rush
Completely fill two garrisons within the first 10 minutes of the “Enemy Intelligence” mission. 10
The Invisible Woman
Do not kill any Defenders of Man forces in the “Enemy Intelligence” mission on Normal difficulty or higher. 10
Less Is More
Do not exceed 35 supply in the first stage of the “Enemy Intelligence” mission on Hard difficulty or higher. 10
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