Campaign/Hand of Darkness

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[e][h]Heart of the Swarm
Hand of Darkness
Mission Information
Mission Objective
  • Destroy All Hybrid
  • Kerrigan's Life Can Not Be Drained


  • Rescue Brutalisks
Available heroes:

Hand of Darkness is the second mission of the Skygierr arc

Kerrigan ventures further into the lab and needs to fight off Hybrids in order to get to Narud.

Primary Objectives[edit]

  • Destroy All Hybrid
  • Kerrigan's Life Can Not Be Drained


The mission starts off with a Hybrid trying to drain Kerrigan's life. You can kill it with the units you start off with. On the left side to the right of the third Hybrid, there is an expansion that won't be attacked if you take it. It's very useful to get your economy going. The Hybrids use a lot of area of effect spells, so try to avoid using Zerglings.

Continue building up your army and take out the Hybrids when they appear. The terrans will send forces against you, if you take out the base to the right of your base you can always push towards the other enemy and don't need to build much of a defense at all. The side mission is very close to the third and fourth Hybrids respectively and gives you very good tank units so it is recommended to pick them up as soon as you can. The last activation of Hybrids is two of them. The mission ends when you kill the last Hybrid.


  • Rescue Brutalisks
Walk Kerrigan to the circle in front of them
the first one is to the left of the third hybrid. the second one is to the left of the fourth one.


Hand of Darkness
Complete the "Hand of Darkness" mission in the heart of the Swarm campaign 10
Complete the mission to obtain this achievement
Power Underwhelming
Destroy 3 Hybrid Holding Cells before the Hybrid are released in "Hand of Darkness" on Normal difficulty 10
This should not be any real problem, run towards the Holding Cells before the Hybrid is released and destroy it. Worth noting is that they Hybrid gets released when you destroy the cell.

Holding cell timings and release order:

  • 4 minutes in, the first hybrid is released in the southwest corner.
  • 8:00, second hybrid, northwest.
  • 12:00, 5 o'clock.
  • 16:00, 4 o'clock.
  • 20:00, north.
  • 24 minutes in, the final two hybrids are released at the 1 o'clock minimap position.

Shattered Command
Destroy 2 Command Centers in the "Hand of Darkness" mission 10
To kill the two command centers you should use an army and something flying so that you can see up ramps. The first command center is located to the left of your starting base. The second one is located to the left of the last two Hybrids.
Dominion Domination
Kill 3 Hybrid Dominators with Terran units in the "Hand of Darkness" mission on Hard difficulty 10
This sounds a lot harder then it is. Because the Hybrids are not allied with the terrans. Simply send Kerrigan (or three to five Roaches) towards the Hybrid and pull it into the Terran base and they will kill it off. This has a bonus effect as well since it can destroy the terran base, if you pull two to the first one. Note that the very first Hybrid also counts for this achievement. Despite the map confined to the center at the time, with all terran bases being unreachable, there are enough units and bunkers at the edge to kill a Hybrid.