Campaign/Harvest of Screams

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[e][h]Heart of the Swarm
Harvest of Screams
Mission Information
Mission Objective
  • Collect Ursadon Matriarch Essence
  • Recover the Lost Brood
  • Destroy Psi-link Spires


  • Kill the Ursadon Matriarchs
Available heroes:

Harvest of Screams is the first mission of the Kaldir arc.

Kerrigan travels to Kaldir to strengthen her swarm, trying to include an already existing brood.


You can use the Roach starting from this mission.

Primary Objectives[edit]

  • Collect Ursadon Matriarch Essence
  • Recover the Lost Brood
  • Destroy Psi-link Spires


You start of in search of a Ursadon Matriarch to be able to take its Essence, that allows your units to stay active during flash freezes. Follow the track and you will find a few roaches, a flash freeze will lock you in place, and a Ursadon matriarch will appear. As soon as the flash freeze is over, kill the matriarch and move forward. You will find a Zerg base frozen solid, Kerrigan activates it again but the Protoss have noticed your presence.

There is coming a force of zealots quite fast towards you, kill them off and then go towards the first Psi-lens and kill it off together with all the Protoss structures there as well. You can expand here if you need more resources. If you are fast, you can take down the Ursadon group above you right after you killed the Psi-lens.

Once the first Psi-lens is destroyed, the other two show up on your map. Continue to wait for additional flash freezes to finish these bases off. You can always mass a huge amount of roaches and kill bases while flash freeze is not on, but the safe option is to wait for the flash freeze. The map ends as soon as the last Psi-Lens falls.


  • Kill the Ursadon Matriarchs
Kill the 2 Ursadon Matriarchs
Their location is marked on your map with yellow circles.


Harvest of Screams
Complete the "Harvest of Screams" mission in the heart of the Swarm campaign 10
Complete the mission to obtain this achievement.
Ice Breaker
Destroy 20 unfrozen enemy structures in the "Harvest of Screams" mission 10
You need to kill Protoss structures when they are not frozen in a flash freeze. The easiest way to do this is to wait for a flash freeze kill off all units inside a base, and then kill structures that are not defended once the flash freeze ends.
Storm Chaser
Complete the "Harvest of Screams" mission in less then 15 minutes on normal difficulty 10
The easiest way to do this is to have Raptor Zerglings and simply attack the Psi-Links once the flash freeze hits.
All Normal Achievements
Psi-Lence is Golden
Complete all objectives in less than 12 minutes in the "Harvest of Screams" mission on hard difficulty 10
Psi-Lence is Golden
Very similar to Storm Chaser, same again but you need more units. Kill 1 Psi-Lens each flash freeze and killing a matriarch in the time in between. Using Hunter Lings with Metabolic Boost is really helpful, as you can snipe the towers during the flash freeze, and quickly retreat.

Easter Eggs[edit]

In the upper left corner of the map you will be able to see the Lich King Arthas from World of Warcraft or Warcraft 3 on the side of a cliff.

Lich King