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Campaign/In the Enemy's Shadow

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[e][h]Nova Covert Ops
In the Enemy's Shadow
Mission Information
Mission Objective
Apprehend General Davis
Available heroes:

In the Enemy's Shadow is the seventh mission in the Nova Covert Ops Campaign.

Primary Objectives[edit]

  • Infiltrate the Facility
  • Deactivate door locks (2)
  • Defeat Stone
  • Arrest General Davis
  • Nova must survive


Secondary Objectives[edit]

  • Investigate energy signal
  • Obtain tactical gear
  • Obtain advanced weaponry
  • Obtain Experimental Weapon (Secret Objective)


In this mission, the guide will be divided into 2 versions; normal clear and hard achievement speed run. These versions can be played much differently because the strategies of the mission are completely opposite.

Note that the mission has 2 maps so the strategies will be described separately.

1. Normal Clear In the normal clear, the 3 achievements are played fully except the hard one. Picking up some enemies in the mission is essential. When you need to do the achievements one by one, there are steps following easily. You can use any equipment if you like. (According to my guide, I change many weapon that will be explained in Sewer Section)

Sewer Section First, you will need to do anything following the steps of mission, kill everyone and make the bonus objective complete. You will get the Indoctrination Visor for any unit dominated. Then you will find Thor out of the door; DON'T KILL HIM. Use Visor to dominate Thor and follow the way carefully. The enemy will try to advance so hard; Normal difficulty is too weak while in Brutal is too much; If you pick Sword and Flashbang on the mission brief, it will be much easier. Beware of Laser Detectors along the way of sewer; you touch it, you will be stunned and the enemy will call for reinforcement, but you can disable by using flashbang to this for 5 seconds. At this rate, Thor must survive or better if he has full health.

Second, Sensor Drone will patrol in the way, the best way is to use Canister Rifle and snipe it out as soon as possible. When you step in range, it will explode after seconds (5 sec in Normal, 2.5 sec in Hard, instant in Brutal), slow you and de-cloak for a while. Passing the first sensor drone, there is a armory box along the way throughout the mission. This is essential because you can change equipment whenever you want (but don't change helmet because Indoctrination Visor is the tool to achieve this mission.)

Next one is about turret detectors and many laser detectors. Beware of those especially when you play in Brutal. Many units in this area are enough to kill you if being detected. The problem is about reapers and warhounds, if possible, try to use Snipe as soon and use ability range to take advantage of, or it is okay if you need to use dominated Thor for meat shield, but don't let him die. After this one, before the end of the section. Move Thor through the bottom right room and the Thor will make a conversation in the room; complete the first achievement Fix Me Up, Will Ya! If you kill enemies with Thor less than 20, don't worry about this, the first section is just cleared.

Office Section Now you will get outside the sewer, there is an armory box nearby so you can change equipment whatever you like except the helmet. There are many ways to go inside the office and complete any objectives if you want. Because there is as same as the first section except the way to get scientists for complete the main objective, you can seek and sneak throughout defenses without being detected as usual. Better than the first section, there are many armory boxes and replenishment stations so if you think running through defenses is too hard or too painful, you can change any strategies via armory boxes to make it easier for you.

Getting scientists is a bit tricky; there are 2 ways to find them; finding stairs to go upper of the room and use vision. This is the traditional way for every player who don't know any tricks of the mission. Beware of the siege tanks which can siege you in range of some units and perma-cloak ghosts around the room. If you pick flashbang, it will make this problem means nothing. When you dominate a scientist, move him to the objective area and the section is nearly completed.

For bonus objective, it looks like puzzles so you can pick the bonus items if you want.

In this section, many enemies can be picked for the achievement killing 20 enemies with dominated units.

Vs. Stone

Recommend Equipment - Apollo Suit / Flashbang / C-20 Canister Rifle

Defeating Stone is quite hard. He can blink and cloak for a while and build up shield to soak tremendous damage from your any attacks. The only way to defeat easily is to use your eyes to detect his movement during cloaking. Using flashbang must be periodically, not frequently or you will lose continuous attack and let him blink through the obstacles of the room, being harder to find. He eventually create the new shield after taking heavy damage from you if you leave him for too long.

After fighting for a while, he will charge the snipe attack to shoot you for 100-150 damage (depends on armors and difficulties) whether you will stun him or not, the charge channeling will not be stopped, only to reset the channeling. He also summons 2 sensor drones to patrol and explode against you. Shoot them first.

When his shield is broken. 3 snipe attacks should be enough to defeat Stone and complete the mission.

In my opinion; Brutal is easier than Normal because the mechanic of Stone acts so foolish but in kids difficulty, he tries to boost the shield instead of sneaking with players.

2. Hard Achievement Speed Run In this guide, the achievement is to only complete the mission within 4 minutes game. It is absolutely impossible to achieve any other achievement rather than only complete the mission. Killing 20 enemies takes more 10-20 minutes and Thor goes to mechanic room takes up to 10 minutes. Let's start the guide for Brutal.

Sewer Section

Equipment - Apollo Suit / Stim Infusion / Monomolecular Blade

This section, skip everything with blade dash through the section. Pick Indoctrination Visor, use Stim Infusion and go through anything even Thor, using enemy units to close the laser detectors and go through anything. Periodically use Stim Infusion if you think the area is danger, you will gain life regen rapidly and run faster. This will finish within 1 minute.

Office Section

Equipment - Turbo Jumpsuit / Stim Infusion / Monomolecular Blade

This section requires well micro skilled player in order to making the least numbers of mistake. In this map, there are many shortcuts (I usually call air passages) to go through the room. Using the passive of cliffjumping from Jumpsuit to get inside. In this suit, you will use blade dash less times due to low energy. Go to the left room first and be cautious about sensor drones and sonar drones. If possible, keep at least 50 energy to use blade dash through the drones once. Siege tanks and cyclones are really dangerous and if you dominate a scientist, don't go in siege tank range while close to him or he will die of the blast.

When the first is cleared, go outside to the starting point and begin entering the right room. Destroy ventilator doors and complete the second one. Now before enter the office, you need to change the equipment before fighting Stone. (Read the equipment in Vs. Stone below)

Vs. Stone

Equipment - Turbo Jumpsuit / Flashbang / C-20 Canister Rifle or Monomolecular Blade

Read Vs. Stone in normal clear guide.**

Clear Time: 3 minutes 45 seconds approx.


Secret Objective (Experimental Weapon)

After infiltrating the facility. Acquire the Phase Reactor Suit in the north eastern room then equip it at any gear box. Go to the northern most room containing a Thor in it. Once there, go to the eastern part of the room, behind the two lasers and to the right of the Advanced Weaponry upgrade. There is a ledge you can blink to, do so and blink once more across a gap you come to, then proceed to follow the path. Stay and listen to the mantra robot if you like, but further on in the next room you can acquire the Blazefire Gunblade and the Bonus Objective will appear and be completed.


In the Enemy's Shadow
Complete the "In the Enemy's Shadow" mission in Nova: Covert Ops. 10
I'm With Her
Use enemy units under the effect of Domination to destroy 20 other enemy units in the "in the Enemy's Shadow" mission. 10
Fix Me Up, Will Ya!
Bring the Thor to the mechanic while in the sewers in the "in the Enemy's Shadow" mission on Normal difficulty or higher. 10
Catch Me If You Can
Complete the "In the Enemy's Shadow" mission in under 4 minutes on Hard difficulty or higher. 10
Brutal Guide for "Fix Me Up, Will Ya!" and "Catch Me If You Can" Achievement