Campaign/Night Terrors

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[e][h]Nova Covert Ops
Night Terrors
Mission Information
Mission Objective
Acquire the Terrazine
Available heroes:

Night Terrors is the fifth mission in the Nova Covert Ops Campaign.

Primary Objectives[edit]

  • Extract Terrazine (6)
  • Devices must not be destroyed (3)


Secondary Objectives[edit]

  • Explore Umojan mine
    • Kill Blightbringer
  • Explore Science Facility
    • Kill Eradicators



Night Terrors
Complete the "Night Terrors" mission in Nova: Covert Ops. 10
Liberty Rains from Above
Destroy 500 units with liberators in the "Night Terrors" mission. 10
Save the Whales
Complete the "Night Terrors" mission without any extraction devices being destroyed on Normal difficulty or higher. 10
Friendly Competition
Complete the "Night Terrors" mission without killing any Tal'darim units o Hard difficulty or higher. 10