Campaign/Shoot the Messenger

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Shoot the Messenger
Mission Information
Mission Objective
  • Destroy All Protoss Shuttles (9 Waves)
  • No Shuttle Can Escape


  • Destroy the Stasis Chambers
Available heroes:

Shoot the Messenger is the second mission of the Kaldir arc.

The Protoss on Kaldir try to escape, to get the Protoss fleet from Shakuras to destroy Kerrigan.


You can use the Hydralisk starting from this mission.

Primary Objectives[edit]

  • Destroy All Protoss Shuttles (9 Waves)
  • No Shuttle Can Escape


Start off the mission by walking your army to the portal; the Protoss will launch a lonely shuttle. Take it out. After that, move the army to the right and claim the expansion that is there. This allows you to get a huge army so you can do the side mission in between the shuttles.

After destroying a few shuttles, they will first activate two more portals, and after that send out more shuttles at a time. Continue to intercept them early and this should not prove to be a problem.

The last wave is three shuttles at the same time and a Mothership sent with the middle shuttle. It is recommended to take out the shuttles one at a time, but you can shoot them down all at once.


  • Destroy the Stasis Chambers
Find and destroy the 3 stasis chambers.
Halfway in, they will be marked with yellow circles on your map.


Shoot the Messenger
Complete the "Shoot the Messenger" mission in the Heart of the Swarm campaign 10
Complete the mission to obtain this achievement.
Warp in Peace
Don´t let a Protoss Shuttle begin Warping Out in the "Shoot the Messenger" mission on normal difficulty 10
In order to get this achievement, you need to intercept the shuttles before they start warping out. The shuttle needs to be quite close to the portal in order to start warping out.
All Achievements
Extreme Nexism
Destroy 2 Protoss Nexuses in the "Shoot the Messenger" mission on normal difficulty 10
This can be done with Roaches and Hydralisks, but it is easier to do this with Mutalisks. The first nexus is at the small base to the west. The second nexus is inside the north east base.
My Cool Bay Explosion
Destroy all 3 Protoss Docking Bays in the "Shoot the Messenger" on Hard difficulty 10
My Cool Bay Explosion done quick
This achievement requires you to mass up quite an army. Start off by taking the expansion to the right very early. If you have Mutalisks, you can mass those. You only need about 35 to fly in from the sides to kill off the Docking Bays without engaging the Protoss army. Another way is maxing out on Roach Hydra. Worth noting is that all three Protoss bases are connected with ramps, so you can build a defense made of spine and spore crawlers. Then you choose which side you want to start and simply continue to fight forward.