Campaign/The Escape

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[e][h]Nova Covert Ops
The Escape
Mission Information
Mission Objective
Escape the facility
Available units:
Available heroes:

The Escape is the first mission in the Nova Covert Ops Campaign.

Primary Objectives[edit]

  • Escape the facility
  • Reach the spaceport
  • Nova must survive


Secondary Objectives[edit]

  • Rescue ghosts (3)



The Escape
Complete the “The Escape” mission in Nova: Covert Ops. 10
Fire and Forget
Kill 20 enemies with the Snipe ability in the “The Escape” mission. 10
More Like Lame Turrets
Do not take any damage from the flame turrets in the “The Escape” mission on Normal difficulty or higher. 10
Defensive Driving
Complete the “The Escape” mission on Hard difficulty or higher without allowing Nova to be damaged by the Warhawk. 10
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