Campaign/Waking the Ancient

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Waking the Ancient
Mission Information
Mission Objective
  • Feed the Ancient One
  • Brakk Can't Destroy 7 Guillgar Biomass
  • Kill Brakk


  • Absorb Primal Essence
Available heroes:

Waking the Ancient is the first mission of the Zerus arc

Kerrigan travels to the birth world of the Zerg to talk to a Primal Zerg that was there when the Overmind was created


You can use the Mutalisk starting from this mission.

Primary Objectives[edit]

  • Feed the Ancient One
  • Brakk Can't Destroy 7 Quillgar Biomass
  • Kill Brakk


This mission introduces the Mutalisk to your swarm. It is also the perfect map for them. You need to kill Quillgor and send a drone to them to get bio mass to feed to the Ancient one. You need to do this seven times in order to continue the mission to its second phase.

To start the mission off to the south of your base is a Quillgor that stands in an expansion. It is recommended to start with that one so that you can get your economy going as soon as possible. Mass up your Mutalisk force in order to fly around the map defending from Primal Zerg strike forces. Worth noting is that every time you try to harvest a Quillgor there will be a small force sent towards the drone so leave something with it to defend it.

As soon as you feed the seventh piece of Quillgor to the Ancient one, Brakk decides it's time to charge your base. You have no time to do anything else other than try to stop him. The mission ends as soon as he dies. If you want to finish every side mission or achievement, you should do so before you summon Brakk. Following Brakk is a quite large force of Primal Zerg, but if you have kept up your Mutalisk ball it's a easy fight.


  • Absorb Primal Essence
you need to walk to the green pools and stand in them
The first one is located to the south east from your base. The second one is located south west corner of the map and the third is located in the north east corner of the map.

Easter Eggs[edit]

In this mission you will find a strange creature running around the map. This creature turns out to be Dehaka who you will meet later in the campaign.

Strange Creature/Dehaka Waking of the ancient


Waking the Ancient
Complete the "Waking the Ancient" mission. 10
Complete the mission to obtain this achievement.
Rude Awakening
Kill 4 Primal Hives in the "Waking the Ancient" mission on Normal difficulty 10
These structures are what spawn most of the Primal Zerg attacks. In order to get this achievement, you need to kill them off. The first one is located a little bit to the south east of the middle. The second one you can get to by going from the first one straight down and to the right. The last two are located in the south eastern corner of the map.
A Game of Drones
Don't lose more than 3 Drones in the "Waking the Ancient" mission 10
This is quite easy. Simply defend your drones once they start to harvest any bio mass.
Don't let Brakk destroy any Biomass in the "Waking the Ancient" mission on Hard difficulty 10
This is easier than it looks at the start. In order for a Biomass to be destroyed, not only does the force need to kill the Quillgor, but they also need to attack the corpse for one minute before it gets destroyed. With your massive ball of Mutalisks it should not be a problem getting there before they succeed.