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A Caster is a person dedicated to the broadcasting side of esports, providing commentary for games. Casters often double as hosts for tournaments, conducting interviews and player introductions among other things. Some casters are well known for in-depth analysis of builds and strategies and some also compete in tournaments, and form part of teams.

Active Casters[edit]

ID Name Language Links Team Twitter
ukUnited Kingdom r 2GD James Harding English Speaking @follow2GD
caCanada t Adebisi Michael van Driel English Speaking @AdebisiSC
usUnited States p Ahnaris Christian Old English Speaking @Ahnaris
ukUnited Kingdom r Apollo Shaun Clark English Speaking @ApolloSC2
usUnited States p Artosis Dan Stemkoski English Speaking @Artosis
usUnited States r AskJoshy Josh Sutherland English Speaking @AskJoshy
usUnited States p Axeltoss Alex Rodriguez English Speaking ROOT Gaming @Axeltoss
caCanada p azael Isaac Cummings Bentley English Speaking EG @EGazael
slovakiaSlovakia p BelleNOiR Patrik Bauman English Speaking @BelleNOiRtv
itItaly r Dartilus Francesco Acampora Italy @Foyerback
usUnited States r Day[9] Sean Plott English Speaking @day9tv
itItaly r Desa Marco Rossi Italy @Foyerback
usUnited States r Diggity Zach Smith English Speaking @Diggitysc
usUnited States z djWHEAT Marcus Graham English Speaking @djWHEAT
usUnited States t DoA Erik Lonnquist English Speaking @ggDoA
esSpain r DoKy Spain @dokyadrian
coColombia r elcoco Carlos Camargo English SpeakingSpain @carloselcoco
plPoland r Emil Emil Wieczorek Poland YouTube @EmSc2tv
frFrance z Foxy Sophia Metz English SpeakingFrance @foxytalks
itItaly r Foyerback Alessandro Francesconi Italy @Foyerback
usUnited States P Frodan Dan Chou English Speaking @Frodan
frFrance t FunKaDeLiC Alexandre Verrier France @FunKaStarcraft
usUnited States t Gravity Michael Buchanan United States @realgravity620
usUnited States t Gretorp Andre Hengchua English Speaking @Gretorp
nlNetherlands p Grubby Manuel Schenkhuizen English SpeakingNetherlandsGerman SpeakingFrance @followgrubby
brBrazil p Gruntar Diniz Albieri Portugal @GruntarTV
usUnited States r Gwin Garrett Prechel English Speaking @gwincraft
usUnited States z HDstarcraft Alex Do English Speaking @HDstarcraft
deGermany t HomerJ Sebastian Schenck German Speaking @HDHomerJ
usUnited States p Husky Mike Lamond English Speaking Axiom @HuskyStarcraft
usUnited States p iNcontroL Geoff Robinson English Speaking @iNcontroLTV
plPoland p Indy Igor Kaczmarek Poland YouTube @IndyStarCraft
usUnited States r itmeJP JP McDaniel English Speaking @itmejp
ukUnited Kingdom r Kaelaris James Carrol English Speaking mouz @Kaelaris
SingaporeSingapore z kellyMILKIES Kelly Ong Xiao Wei English SpeakingSingapore Clan aLternative @kellymilkies
usUnited States t Kevin Knocke Kevin Knocke English Speaking @KevinKnocke
deGermany z Khaldor Thomas Kilian English SpeakingGerman Speaking @Khaldor
frFrance z Llewellys Remy Chanson France Millenium @Llewellys_
esSpain r LorCH Spain @LorCH_SC2
nlNetherlands r MartijnMumbles Martijn Bloemheuvel English SpeakingNetherlands Western Wolves / LowLandLions @MartijnMumbles
ukUnited Kingdom r Madals Adam Simmons English Speaking @Madals91
auAustralia t Maynarde Leigh Mandalov English Speaking @MaynardeSC2
usUnited States r Moletrap Noah Kalb English Speaking @moletrap
deGermany p Mori Maurice Lange German Speaking @Mori09TV
usUnited States z MrBitter Ben Nichol English Speaking @MrBitterTV
usUnited States t Nathanias Nathan Fabrikant English Speaking @nathaniastv
usUnited States p orb Jake Sklarew English Speaking @orbtl
usUnited States t PainUser Taylor Parsons English Speaking @PainUser
brBrazil t Pedroca Pedro Beraldo Brazil @PedrocaTV
frFrance r Pomf Alexandre Noci France
frFrance z Pouilleux Pierre-Yves Petit France
usUnited States t RAPiD Reid Melton English SpeakingSouth Korea @RAPiDCasting
ukUnited Kingdom t ReDeYe Paul Chaloner English Speaking @PaulChaloner
caCanada r Rifkin Graham Rogers English Speaking @Rif_kingz
usUnited States r Rob Simpson Rob Simpson English Speaking @robpsimpson
nlNetherlands p RotterdaM Kevin van der Kooi English SpeakingNetherlands ROOT Gaming @RotterdaM08
usUnited States r Semmlertheriot Auguste Massonnat English Speaking @SemmlertheRiot
usUnited States z Shaft Malcolm Heath English Speaking YouTube @theonlyshaft
usUnited States z Small Everett Coleman English Speaking @DPadSmall
chSwitzerland r Soe Salome Soe Gschwind-Penski English SpeakingGerman Speaking @Soembie
deGermany t TaKe Dennis Gehlen English SpeakingGerman Speaking @TaKeSeN
usUnited States p Tasteless Nicolas Plott English Speaking @CallMeTasteless
frFrance r Thud Hadrien Noci France
frFrance p ToD Yoan Merlo English SpeakingFrance @YoanMerlot
ukUnited Kingdom t TotalBiscuit John Bain English Speaking Axiom @Totalbiscuit
usUnited States p Wolf Wolf Schröder English Speaking @ProxyWolf
frFrance z YoGo Pierre-Marie Humeau France Millenium @DocteurYoGo
plPoland r Zedd Michał Bogacz Poland YouTube @ZeddSC
usUnited States z Zoia Jared Eggleston English Speaking @ZoiaLight
usUnited States t ZombieGrub Jessica Chernega English Speaking @ZGGaming
ruRussia r ZERGTV Alexander Titov Russia YouTube ZERGTV @TVZERG