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[e][h]Zerg CatZ
Player Information
Paulo Vizcarra
July 4, 1986 (age 37)
Alternate IDs:
coL.CatZ, coL.Standard, ROOTCatZ, ROOTWeWin, ROOTStandard, ROOTnOcancer, JEJUS, ROOT.Guacamole
Approx. Total Winnings:
Years Active:
2010 - 2023
Years Active (caster):
2013 - 2015,
2018 - Present
2010-03-22 — 2011-06-12ROOT Gaming
2011-06-12 — 2012-05-15compLexity Gaming
2012-05-15 — PresentROOT Gaming
Recent Matches
CatZ Zerg Peru
Australia Random PiG
April 28, 2023 - 22:55 CEST  
CatZ Zerg Peru
Sweden Zerg Fjant
January 6, 2023 - 19:05 CET  
Berserker eSportsBerserker eSports BRSKR
September 11, 2022 - 20:00 CST  
Starlight TwinkleStarlight Twinkle SLT
September 10, 2022 - 20:00 CST  
CSO eSportsCSO eSports CSO
July 30, 2022 - 15:00 EDT  

Paulo "CatZ" Vizcarra (born July 4, 1986) is a Peruvian commentator who is currently working for ROOT Gaming.


CatZ was a long time StarCraft: Brood War player. Teaming with Drewbie in 2v2 on iCCup they achieved an A rating. With the release of StarCraft II he has focused primarily on 1v1.

CatZ is known as a player with a very eclectic playstyle. Sometimes compared to TLO, CatZ has been known to engage in a variety of odd builds, including but not limited to early hatches in the opponent's main,[1] pulling off half the starting workers as harassing units, and dropping Ultralisks into enemy mineral lines.[2]

In Beta[edit]

CatZ started the ROOT Gaming team in beta with Drewbie. CatZ recruited many top players from Warcraft III and Brood War. The team blossomed during beta into America's top clan. He was active in the beta tournament scene with notable wins in the ITL.

Wings of Liberty[edit]


With the release of Wings of Liberty, CatZ has seen moderate success in tournament play.

At MLG Raleigh 2010, he won his first series 2-0. After losing 0-2 to LzGaMeR, he fell to the loser's bracket:

  • Game One was played on Steppes of War. CatZ's play was centered heavily around one-base infestor harassment. He ultimately lost when LzGaMeR pushed with a mix of Thors, Marines, Marauders and Banshees.
  • Game Two was played on Metalopolis, with CatZ spawning at 2 o'clock and LzGaMeR at 4 o'clock positions. LzGaMeR opened the game with strong Reaper play leaving CatZ playing from behind for the rest of the match.

In the loser's bracket, Catz defeated Machine (2-1) and J3TTY (2-0) before eventually losing to Agh 2-1 in a highly competitive series.


In 2011, CatZ would post his first notable tournament result with a victory in the first Invitational. He defeated players such as Pokebunny and MaNa along the way. Catz would be announced as one of the initial invites to participate in the first season of the IGN ProLeague.

In March 2011, CatZ was selected to be a player in the first season of the North American Star League.[3][4]

During this year, CatZ experienced relative mediocrity at MLG's, never making it out of the Open Bracket. His best result in the MLG Pro Circuit 2011 was placing 37th at MLG Columbus 2011, where he lost 0-2 to qxc in the loser's bracket finals of the Open Bracket.

On June 12, 2011, ROOT Gaming was acquired by compLexity Gaming and CatZ joined compLexity Gaming.[5]


On May 15, compLexity Gaming announced that they parted ways with CatZ and Drewbie[6] after their contract was not renewed. CatZ also announced the same day the rebirth of ROOT Gaming.[7] CatZ had originally planned to attend the MLG Summer Championship, but attended the WCG Pan-American Championship instead, where he took home the bronze medal.


  • He is one of ROOT Gaming's founders and co-leaders.[8]
  • In StarCraft: Brood War, he was leader of Team Peru for the WCG.[9]
  • Was a 2v2 player in Brood War with Drewbie, which has since carried over in 2v2 tournaments like the Evil Geniuses Master's Cup Series.
  • His handle does not refer to the animal, but is instead a nickname given by friends referring to his last name.[10]
  • He is known for interviewing himself.[11]
  • Was the last professional player to stream the Beta of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm.[12]
  • On Reddit CatZ revealed he suffers from Depression.[13]


WoL Matches[edit]


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First Person View Match VODS[edit]


Matchup Statistics

vs Protossvs Terranvs Zergvs RandomTotal
as Zerg271 - 23253.9 %214 - 29142.4 %270 - 25751.2 %21 - 387.5 %776 - 78349.8 %
as Protoss2 - 0100 %0 - 0-1 - 614.3 %4 - 0100 %7 - 653.8 %
as Random0 - 20 %0 - 0-2 - 166.7 %0 - 0-2 - 340 %
as Terran0 - 20 %0 - 0-0 - 20 %0 - 0-0 - 40 %
Σ273 - 23653.6 %214 - 29142.4 %273 - 26650.6 %25 - 389.3 %785 - 79649.7 %

Earnings Statistics

1v1 Medal Statistics