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Cauthonluck cheese

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[e][h]TerranCauthon Build
Strategy Information
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The 111 Tech Banshee rush is aimed at catching the Zerg off-guard with very early Banshees. It also hard counters mass Roach and most FE Zerg builds.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Basic Build

Have 2 or 3 Marines ready by the time your Starport finishes in order to defend against early Zergling/Roach rushes and Overlords. If the Barracks/Factory Wall is not enough to block your choke point completely, (which is absolutely essential), use your Starport to close it up completely. If a small space is left open in your choke point, a Zergling rush could prove devastating. When your Supply Depot finishes, start pumping Banshees and resume SCV production.

You can build the Tech Lab add-on via the Factory while the Starport is in production. If your are on a large map such as Tal'Darim Altar it is possible to proxy the Starport. Doing this will mean slower production for the first Banshee (as you have to build the Tech Lab)however this will be countered by the closer flight path as well as reduced times on all subsequent Banshees.

The Attack[edit]

Start the harass as soon as possible. Banshee wins 1v1 with a Queen. Banshees win 2v1 with a Spore Crawler. The point of this build is to damage the Zerg to the point of losing, or severely enough that you can expand and transition. If you scout 1 base Lair, stop producing Banshees and begin the transition into another build (see below).


If you do not win outright with this build, you have a few options:

  • vs 1 base Lair, you can toss down 2 more Barracks and switch to a standard 3 Barracks build.
  • vs fast expand into fast Lair, throw down more Refineries and another Factory with Tech Lab and begin Thor+Hellion production.
  • vs fast expand with a second Queen or army production, (coming soon)
  • If you see early gas with a Baneling Nest, throw up a Bunker by the weakest part of your wall and begin producing Marines,as a Baneling bust is coming.


  • 2-3 Spore Crawlers with good positioning can hold off Banshees (or kill them outright) and still allows fast Baneling bust if the Terran wall uses Supply Depots or the Tech Lab

Map Specific Notes[edit]

  • This build is extremely weak on Scrap Station due to the very short aerial path Overlords can take to scout it. In addition to the large ramp, a Zergling or Speedling run-by will easily shred this build.
  • On Blistering Sands, this build can be tricky. You must sacrifice some econ until you plant the Supply Depot in order to keep an eye on the rocks, which can throw off the timing of the build.
  • On Metalopolis, if the Zerg does not take his natural, Banshees will have easy access to the mineral line.
  • This works well in 2v2 matches well enough as long as you're not playing on Twilight Fortress, which has a huge ramp and is commonly plagued by double-rush strategies.
  • Despite the short Overlord scout path, Desert Oasis is a strong map for this build due to the huge ground path and small chokes.



As of patch 1.1.2 this build is no longer as effective, although it still works, as a Supply Depot is required to be built before a Barracks can begin construction.