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Chrono Boost

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Chrono Boost is the Protoss macro mechanic for StarCraft II. Located at the Nexus, this ability can be activated using 50 energy and is used to increase the production or research speed at the target building by 50%. This allows the building to do 30 seconds of work in 20 seconds, so production/research will complete 10 seconds earlier. This will work on any unit production and research building, creating interesting decision-making scenarios where you must choose between opting for faster tech and faster unit production.


Besides speeding production and research, Chrono Boost also accelerates ability cooldowns, notably on Warpgates. It can also be cast on a Nexus to hurry the Strategic Recall cooldown, though casting it on more than one Nexus does not stack this effect.

While Chrono Boost cannot be used on an ally's buildings in a team game, if you control Zerg or Terran buildings they can also be Chrono Boosted. It can be cast on any Zerg or Terran production or research building. Zerg Cocoons cannot be Chrono Boosted. Chrono Boost will also accelerate morphing buildings (such as Planetary Fortresses) and on the timer for Spawn Larva used by Queens. It will also accelerate a Hatchery's larva production and Creep spread.

Competitive Usage[edit]

Against all three races, Chrono Boost is often used to hasten Probe production in order to have a stronger economy. Later, many Protoss players use Chrono Boost on upgrades such as Warp Gate from Technological structures as well as unit production structures.

See Chrono Boost Math for more technical details on Chrono Boost usage.

Vs. Protoss[edit]

In the mirror match-up it is arguably most important to monitor the usage of Chrono Boost in the early game. Since the Warp Gate timing is critical, scouting the use of Chrono Boost on the Cybernetics Core with your first Probe may be the only warning you can obtain of an impending 4 Gate rush. The amount of stored Chrono Boost on a Nexus in PvP can also be a clue that it is being saved to chain-chrono the Warpgate tech research.

Vs. Terran[edit]

With fast expand builds, chrono boost can be used to pump units out of a single gateway to gain just enough units to defend against pressure. See, for example, 1 gate FE, which uses a Zealot and two Stalkers Chrono Boosted out of a single Gateway to defend the early Nexus.

In the case of needing detection in time to prevent damage from Cloaked Banshees, Chrono Boosting out the first Observer or two helps.

Vs. Zerg[edit]

Chrono Boost is often used on a Gateway for early Zealot pressure, as described here.



Chronoboost may be used through the minimap. Zerg that Neural Parasite a Probe and build a Nexus can chronoboost any buildings they own. Chronoboost can be seen through the Fog of War (this is a bug apparently).


  • From the start of LotV to Patch 4.0.0, Chrono Boost had a far lower effect (15%), but did not expire. This is also how it works in the Campaign. Since Chrono Boost has returned to costing energy, it is no longer a global speed buff on its target, but rather a buff on categories of behaviours: Charge (not Energy), Cooldown, Creep, Morph, Progress, Queueable, Spawn. Chrono Boost no longer affects movement speed, Health, Energy, or Shield regeneration.
    • A Terran building that was Chrono Boosted could fly faster.[1]
    • Chrono Boosting a damaged Protoss building made the shields regenerate faster and Chrono Boosting a Zerg building made it regenerate health faster.
    • As of 2010, Chrono Boost increased energy regeneration by 15%[2]

Patch Changes[edit]