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Cinder Fortress

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[e][h]Cinder Fortress
Map Information
Spawn Positions:
6 at 5, 5, 5, 10, 10, 10


Cinder Fortress is a 6-player map intended for 3v3 ladder play. It was released by Blizzard with Patch 1.3.

Official Map Description[edit]

Team play map, you share a fortress with your allies. Initial expansions are easily defended, but additional expansions push towards the enemy. Utilize a Watch Tower to help defend your team's forward position.

Notable Features[edit]

  • All allies are found the same landmass with two separate ramps; one found at the center and is the largest of the two and the second is at the 1/5 o'clock and is relatively smaller.
  • A natural expansion is found directly facing the main center ramp of the main bases offering an easy expansion for two of the three players, however there is the danger found at the front of the natural bases where destructible rocks temporarily halt opponents from infiltrating the naturals.
  • A natural expansion is found at the 2/6 o'clock position for the third ally, however it is more dangerous and out in the open than the other two closely-situated natural expansions.
  • One Xel'Naga tower is offered for each team (thus 2 in total). These towers do not give direct sight of the main paths of attack (outlining the natural expansions and stemming from the main ramp), but rather reveal if anyone has the intention of taking the gold expansion found at opposing corners of the map (3/9 o'clock position).
  • Two more expansions are center at the neutral line that divides the two bases and blocked by destructible rocks (it is also where the xel'naga towers reside).