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Clarity Gaming

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[e][h]Clarity Gaming
Team Information
Brandon “Adama” Altman
Michael “Seeker” Suh
Mike “Cav” Bramley
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Team Earnings:

Clarity Gaming was an international StarCraft 2 team consisting of professional gamers from the United States, Canada and Korea. Many of the original members came from the previously dissolved Team Clash and Back2Back Gaming teams. Clarity Gaming is one of the few non-Korean teams with a training facility available to active players.[1] They have a very active management and supports its players in minor or major tournaments.[2]


  • February 23rd, Kontinue announced via Twitter that he was no longer a part of Clarity Gaming.[3]
  • March 2nd, the Clarity Academy returns, featuring Bop, Honeybear, MrNiceGuy, Padre, and team captain Paperboat.[4]
  • March 10th, Clarity Gaming adds the Chilean Terran Fiend to their pro roster. [5]
  • May 7th, Clarity Gaming's Padre and Silky leave to join Solaris Gaming.
  • May 23rd, Adama, owner of the team, announced the disbandment of Clarity Gaming.[6]
  • January 9th, Clarity Gaming opens a training facility for players; the first players to join this venture are JookTo and Yong.[1]
  • January 27th, Clarity Gaming announces that KiLLeR has joined its roster.[7]
  • February, KC leaves.[Citation needed]
  • March 3rd, Clarity Academy is announced, with an open call for players to participate in qualifying tournaments.[8]
  • April 15th, Sterling joins Clarity Gaming.[9][10]
  • May 1st, Clarity Academy inaugural roster announced.[11]
  • May 19th, Clarity Gaming adds Dragon to their professional roster; he will also be staying at their training facility in New York.[12]
  • July 19th, Badcop,SlowLy,Bails, EliGE, Mystery, and sAikOu are promoted from the academy to the A-team. Engyn leaves the team. ElhayM joins the academy roster.[13]
  • August 2nd, Sickness joins the Clarity Gaming roster.[14]
  • August 15th, MotoK leaves to join Eternity Gaming.[15]
  • August 20th, Clarity Gaming announces that Shuttle has left the team.[16]
  • September 25th, Clarity restructures, and consolidates the Pro and Academy rosters into a 14-man lineup. Bails, EliGE, Mystery, Mewby and Siphonn are no longer on the team.[17]
  • September 28th, sAikOu retires from competitive SC2.[18]
  • October 13th, Bones leaves to join ROOT Gaming's academy.[19]
  • November 8th, Poo, rebOrn and Kontinue are added to the roster, whilst Sickness retires to play League of Legends.[20]
  • December 6th, The Clarity Gaming website pro roster page shows that Badcop, Dragon, KiLLeR, Strykerz, and TBo are no longer on Clarity Gaming's roster, and that sAikOu has come out of retirement.[21]
  • December 19th, Clarity Gaming announces sponsorship by Ownaj.[22]
  • December 20th, sAikOu retires.[Citation needed]

Player Roster[edit]

Roster at Time of Disbandment[edit]

Main Team[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
CanadaElhayMMark Leonardo2013-07-212014-05-23Flipsid3 TacticsFlipsid3 Tactics Flipsid3 Tactics
ChileFiendSebastien Molina2014-05-23
CanadaPooAlek Hrycaiko201?-??-??2014-05-23
United StatesrebOrnArthur Lee2014-05-23Flipsid3 TacticsFlipsid3 Tactics Flipsid3 Tactics
CanadaSaroVati CaptainBrian Zhao2014-05-23Flipsid3 TacticsFlipsid3 Tactics Flipsid3 Tactics
United StatesShewAlex Raymond2012-09-272014-05-23Flipsid3 TacticsFlipsid3 Tactics Flipsid3 Tactics
United StatesSterlingSterling Kolde2013-04-162014-05-23


Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
United StatesBopNick Brock2014-05-23
United StatesHoneybearJoseph Millard201?-??-??2014-05-23
United StatesKespadAChris Karnes2014-05-23
United StatesMrNiceGuyDan Kim2014-05-23
United StatesPaperBoat CaptainKevin Cosgrove2014-05-23

Former Players[edit]

Former Players
IDNameJoin DateLeave DateNew Team
United StatesBadcopAustin WorthingtonLove Your GirlfriendLove Your Girlfriend Love Your Girlfriend
United StatesBailsBailey Thomas2013-05-012013-09-04Love Your GirlfriendLove Your Girlfriend Love Your Girlfriend
CanadaBonesMyles Donald2013-04-202013-10-13SEED GamingSEED Gaming SEED Gaming
South KoreaDragonJeon Yong Soo2013-05-182013-12-061 Step Ahead1 Step Ahead 1 Step Ahead
United StatesEliGEJonathan Jablonowski
CanadaEngynBrian Nguyen2012-10-152013-07-19
United StatesIntenseAndrew Pirelli2012-10-152013-07-19Love Your GirlfriendLove Your Girlfriend Love Your Girlfriend
South KoreajookToCho Man Hyuk2012-10-302013-??-??
CanadaKatuKevin Albert
CanadaKCKevin Camarta
ChileKiLLeRFelipe Zuñiga2013-01-272013-12-06Rival GamingRival Gaming Rival Gaming
United StatesKontinueSean Andersson2013-11-092014-02-23ESC GamingESC Gaming ESC Gaming
South KoreaMercyCho Young Hoon
United StatesMewby
South KoreaMotoKChun Hee Su2012-10-152013-08-15Eternity GamingEternity Gaming Eternity Gaming
United StatesMysteryJace Travis
United StatesPadreClay Finney2014-02-092014-05-07Solaris GamingSolaris Gaming Solaris Gaming
South KoreaSlowLyKim Seung HanDuSt GamingDuSt Gaming DuSt Gaming
ArgentinaPatoPatricio Borghi
CanadasAikOuElaya Sison2013-05-022013-09-28 Retirement
South KoreaShuttleChoi Sung Jin2012-12-042013-08-20 Retirement
South KoreaSicknessKim San Ha2013-08-012013-11-08 Retirement
United StatesSilkyNick McNeese2013-08-??2014-05-07Solaris GamingSolaris Gaming Solaris Gaming
United StatesSiphonnKevin Bentz2012-09-272013-09-25DeimosDeimos Deimos
CanadaStrykerzCory Lycett
CanadaTBoThane BordenTeam AscensionTeam Ascension Team Ascension
South KoreaYongHong Sung Yong


Staff at Time of Disbandment
ID Name Position
United States AdamaBrandon Altman Owner & CEO
United States CavMike Bramley Pro Team Co-Manager
South Korea SeekerMichael Suh Pro Team Co-Manager
United States TreiskJordan Green Assistant Manager
United States WyrdShane Olivieri Caster
United States xVixenVictoria Gong Executive Assistant

Former Staff
ID Name Position
United States EnXamMax Schnidman Marketing Director
South Korea GanziTerry Kim Outreach Director
Canada InsidiAJason Pun Graphic Designer
South Korea jookToCho Man Hyuk Head Coach
South Korea MercyCho Young Hoon Web & Design Manager
United States winteRMike Orlani Chief Operating Officer

Team Achievements[edit]

2013-08-03CA3rdA3MinorUnder Rated Team League Season 2Under Rated Team League Season 24 : 0FXO.NAFXO.NA$100
2012-12-21AA1stA3MinorUnder Rated Team League Season 1Under Rated Team League Season 14 : 2My IntentMy Intent$250
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Earnings Statistics


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