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Classic (Kim Doh Woo)

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See Classic (Kim Hong Jae) for the retired player with the same ID (also a Protoss).

[e][h] Classic
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Kim Doh-woo
November 27, 1991 (age 30)
ChinToss, Tassadou, ZealotToss
Approx. Total Winnings:
Approx. Winnings 2022:
EPT KR rank:
Military Service:
Fulfilled 2021-08-01
Years active:
2012 - 2019
2021 - Present
2014 GSL S2 Code S2014 GSL S2 Code S2015 SSL S22015 SSL S2IEM ShenzhenIEM ShenzhenGSL ST2GSL ST2GSL ST1GSL ST1
2010-10-13 — 2013-08-31
2013-08-31 — 2016-10-18
2018-07-25 — 2019-01-20
2019-04-30 — 2019-11-24
2021-08-01 — 2022-05-31
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Kim "Classic" Doh-woo (born November 27, 1991) is a Korean Protoss player.

He started his StarCraft II career playing for STX SouL, but after the team disbanded, he played for SKT1 for three years, winning three premier titles before the team's disbandment on October 18, 2016.

Wings of Liberty[edit]


Classic played his first official StarCraft II match during the first week of the hybrid 2011-2012 Proleague Season 2 on 20 May 2012. He faced Flying in a TvP on Entombed Valley. The game turned out to be a long macro battle, but in the end Classic lost. A few weeks later, Classic was able to win his first official StarCraft II match against sKyHigh. Over the whole Proleague season Classic posted a 4-3 record in StarCraft II while going 3-3 in Brood War matches. His team STX Soul finished 6th and thus was not able to advance to the playoffs.

On July 19, 2012, Classic participated in the 2012 OSL KeSPA Preliminaries. Classic received a bye in round one and then took down Alone, Stats, and faced StarDust in the finals. After taking down StarDust by a score of 2:1, Classic advanced in to the 2012 OSL KeSPA Dual Tournament. There, he was seeded into a group with BeSt, TY (then known as BaBy) and ZerO. Classic lost against ZerO and BaBy and was eliminated.

In the first round of the first full StarCraft II Proleague, the 2012–2013 Proleague, Classic was fielded in almost every match of STX SouL but he only went 1-4. Most famously he lost against ThorZaIN, which marked the first win of a foreigner in Proleague in over seven years.


In the second round of the 2012–2013 Proleague, which was played in all-kill format, Classic did only play one game which he lost against Soulkey.

Classic had a positive 2-1 record in the third round but was not fielded in the last four matches of STX SouL.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]


With Proleague moving over to Heart of the Swarm in Round 4 of the 2012–2013 Proleague, Classic switched his race from Terran to Protoss. This race switch brought immediate success as Classic went on a 3-0 winning streak in Proleague. He continued this good form in Round 5 and 6, as well as the playoffs, and helped STX SouL reach the finals. In those finals, Classic beat Flying in the sixth game and secured the victory for STX SouL. Overall Classic had a much improved 19-10 record.

After STX dropped its sponsorship of team SouL, Classic joined SK Telecom T1 through the "posting" process.[1]

With his new found team, Classic participated in WCS Korea Season 3. He qualified in the Afternoon Session Group A4 receiving a bye in the first round and beating 김기태, a Korean Zerg, 2-0. In the finals, he beat Creator 2-0 and ShowTime 2-0. He debuted in bracket 4 of Challenger League where he faced RorO but was beaten with a score of 1-2, thus ending his WCS run.


In 2014, Classic participated in GSL Season 1. He started off in Code A being seeded from the online qualifier where he defeated Mamuri, DeParture and Ryung with a total record of 6-1. In group A of Code A he first faced off against GuMiho beating the Terran 2-0. In the winners round, he played against sOs and was swept 0-2. Having to faced GuMiho again, he was able to defeat him once again with a score of 2-1 and advanced second in the group. Now in the Ro32, he was put in a group with Maru, Hydra and Symbol. He dominated the group finishing in first without dropping a game over Maru and Hydra. In the Ro16 he was placed in the all Protoss group. He first played Squirtle winning 2-0, then facing Rain he lost 1-2. The final match of the group would place Classic against PartinG, PartinG was able to sweep Classic 2-0.

Smelling foreign money, Classic attended IEM Cologne, he was to attend by winning the Korean & Taiwan Qualifier. Before beating HerO 2-0 in the finals of bracket B, Classic beat Eren, Dear and PartinG going 2-0, 2-1 and 2-0. In stage 2 of the main tournament, Classic was put into group D with INnoVation, MC and HeRoMaRinE. He advanced second overall by first losing to MC 1-2, then 2-0'ing HeRoMaRinE and sweeping MC 2-0. In the quarterfinals, Classic faced off against Polt. Polt ended up beating Classic in a nail biting series with a score of 3-2. He took home $1000 and 250 WCS points as consolation for finishing 5-8th.

Back in Korea for GSL Season 2, Classic was able to re qualify for Code S by placing second in his group over RorO and Seed, he went 4-2 in games. Now in Code S Classic once again made it into the Ro16 over Hydra and Rogue placing second only to Life going 2-1 in series and 5-4 in games. Drawn in group A, Classic is in a group with PartinG, herO and soO. The group was played on 28 May and Classic was able to win it by defeating both PartinG and soO, therefore, moving into Ro8 for the first time.

He met Paralyze there, and despite dropping the first map and being on brink of losing the second, Classic recovered well and won 3-1. In the Round of 4, Classic was able to take down last Terran hope Maru by winning 4-2 in an exciting series. He met soO again in the finals on 28 June. After winning 4-2 in the finals, Classic hoisted his trophy, securing his first SK Telecom T1 GSL victory.

Despite being the defending champion, Classic placed last in his group in the Ro32 in GSL Season 3. He regained some of his form when he finished 3rd-4th in the 2014 KeSPA Cup. Later that year, Classic again surprised many fans when he reached the semifinals of the 2014 WCS Global Finals.

After his run at BlizzCon, Classic participated in the 2014 Hot6ix Cup, for which he qualified by winning the GSL Season 2. Classic was placed into a group with Soulkey, Flash and sKyHigh, but lost against both Flash and sKyHigh with a score of 1-2, thus placing last in the group.

Towards the end of 2014, Classic secured himself a spot in the first season of the newly created StarCraft II StarLeague. On 17 December 2014, he beat Cure in a close 3-2 series to qualify for the Main Event of the 2015 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 1.

In addition to all this individual league success, Classic played a successful season in the 2014 Proleague with SK Telecom T1. Classic had a 13-10 record over the season and reached the finals again. There, SK Telecom unfortunately lost against rival KT Rolster with Classic losing to TY's proxy barracks in the sixth game.


Classic had a rough start in 2015. He was not able to qualify for the 2015 Global StarCraft II League Season 1 and placed last in his SSL group. In addition to that, Classic did only play three games in the first round of the 2015 Proleague. Still, Classic went 2-1 in these three games and SK Telecom T1 was still able to grab the first place in this round. Despite his struggles, Classic participated in the IEM Season IX - Taipei, replacing his teammate INnoVation. Classic reached the quarterfinals at this event.

With the year progressing, Classic's form started to stabilize. He posted a clean 3-0 record for SKT1 in the second round of the 2015 Proleague.

Towards the middle of 2015, Classic reached his peak again and proved several other progamers, who called him a "bubble" (indicating that he is a "one hit wonder") during group selections, wrong by winning the 2015 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 2. In his playoff run, Classic dominated his opponents and beat ByuL 3-0, Stats 4-2 and finally his teammate Dream 4-1. This made Classic the first player to win both a GSL and an SSL.

Similar to what happened after his GSL victory, Classic dropped out early in the group stage in the 2015 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 3, losing to a proxy in-base hatchery from Rogue on the deciding map.

At the same time Classic found success in his first GSL season of the year, reaching the Round of 8 in the 2015 Global StarCraft II League Season 3. In addition to that, Classic won his first foreign event with his victory at IEM Season X - Shenzhen.

In October, Classic once again participated in the Proleague finals with SK Telecom, making him a back-to-back-to-back Proleague finalist. Just like the two years before, Classic played the sixth game, but this time he was able to win, securing SK Telecom the victory and himself his second Proleague championship.

Classic's last premier Heart of the Swarm tournament were the 2015 WCS Global Finals. Like the year before, Classic made it to the semi-finals where he lost to Life 2-3 after leading 2-1.

Legacy of the Void[edit]


On December 8, it was reported that Classic's contract with SK Telecom T1 was renewed.[2]

At the end of the year, Classic qualified for both the 2016 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 1 and the 2016 Global StarCraft II League Season 1: Code A. In the SSL, Classic will face aLive in the Ro16, while he has to play jjakji in Code A.


In late January, Classic was able to win against aLive in SSL and advanced to the quarter-finals of the winner's bracket. About a week later Classic again showed great games in the PvT matchup as he did also beat jjakji 3-0 to advance to Code S.

On February 1, Classic played in the opening match of the 2016 Proleague. He won his match against Curious helping his team SK Telecom T1 beat the newly-formed Afreeca Freecs.

Ten days later, he faced his teammate Dark in the quarter-finals of the SSL. Classic decisively lost 0-3 and thus dropped down to the loser's bracket. There he met his former teammate Soulkey, who had shown some strong ZvP games before. Classic won the first map, easily defending a baneling all-in from Soulkey. On the second map, Classsic was able to secure a early lead after some DT harassment, but Soulkey's late game control proved to be too strong and the Zerg player came back. On the deciding third map, Classic was finally able to close out the series and advance to the losers's round three, where he met fellow Protoss player Patience. Classic quickly secured a 2-0 lead and everything looked like he would easily advance to the next round. But Patience went on to win the next three maps and thus put an end to Classic's run in the loser's bracket.

Just one day after being eliminated from the SSL by Patience, Classic had to play his GSL Ro32 group. The day started out good for Classic as he beat Creator 2-1 in his first match. In the winner's match against Solar, Classic won the first match but still lost 1-2. Classic had to face the GSL rookie SpeeD in the deciding match. Once again, Classic won the first map but in the end, the rookie player was victorious.

In addition to his lackluster performance in individual leagues, Classic was not fielded in Proleague for five consecutive weeks. In Week three of the second Round, Classic was finally part of the line-up again. He defeated Zest on Lerilak Crest and helped SKT secure an victory over longtime rival KT Rolster.

In the following season Classic once again managed to qualify for SSL Challenge by beating players such as Apocalypse and Leenock as well as being seeded into Code A as a former Code S player.


Three Seasons of GSL[edit]

After a successful qualifier run, Classic played in the first season of GSL. He started Code S in Group F, with aLive, Scarlett and MyuNgSiK. Taking down aLive and Scarlett, Classic advanced on to the Ro16.

After the group selections were finished, Classic found himself in Group B, composed entirely of ex-SKT players. He played against Dark in the opening match, taking down the Zerg 2-0. In the winners' match he faced off against INnoVation, but was unable to close out the last game, losing the series 1-2. In the decider match he played against soO, and the former teammate defeated Classic.

In the second season of GSL Classic had to again play through the qualifiers to reach Code S. In the Ro32 he was placed in Group G, with Scarlett, Stats and KeeN. Classic topped his group after defeating KeeN and Stats. In the Ro16 he likewise topped his group as the sole Protoss player against three Terrans. Classic took down aLive and TY to advance to the playoffs.

In the quarterfinals he once again met Stats, and won the series 3-1. In the semifinals Classic faced off against soO, but was unable to win even a single map, losing the series 0-4.

With his semifinals finish, Classic was automatically seeded into the third season of GSL. Playing in Group G of the Ro32, he defeated TIME and Bunny to advance to the Ro16. Playing in a group with three Zergs, Classic was defeated by Dark and Rogue, ending his third Code S run of the year.

Lacking points and a tournament victory, Classic was unable to qualify for 2017's BlizzCon.


Classic played in the qualifiers for the first season of GSL. He took down JYP and Losira until he fell against soO. In the losers' bracket he won against Forte to qualify for Code S.

He was placed in Group G in the Ro32, where he first played against jjakji. After defeating the Terran player 2-1, Classic lost 1-2 against Stats. In the decider match Classic was able to overcome Impact, and proceed to the Ro16. There he played in Group C. Classic took down two Terran players, GuMiho and Maru, advancing to the Ro8, where was placed against Stats once more.

Having successfully navigated the Korean server qualifiers for IEM Katowice, Classic started out in the main group stage. He topped Group D with a 5-0 match score, dropping only a single map, and securing himself a spot in the Ro8. There he met Dear, whom he beat 3-1 in the mirror. In the semifinals he played against Serral. Classic took the first game with a fast Zealot all-in. In the second game he defended against Serral's early Zergling aggression. The third game was longer, but in the end Classic's higher tier army beat back Serral's Zerg forces, and the Protoss took the series cleanly 3-0.

In the grand finals Classic was up against 2017's BlizzCon champion Rogue. In the first game, Rogue used a Nydus Worm build to take an early win. The second game saw Classic harass with Archon drops, but Rogue's Mutalisk attack caused Classic to go on the offensive. The Protoss lost his army and a lot of his workers, and a final attack by Rogue swept away the remnants of Classic's army. Down 0-2, Classic turned aggressive in the third game, but was unable to close out the early game in a decisive fashion. The two players amassed huge armies, but Rogue's multi-pronged attacks were too much for Classic to handle, and despite a nearly maxed out army, Classic fell against Rogue. In the fourth game, Classic defended against Rogue's initial all-in, but the Protoss was unable to capitalize on his advantage. Despite doing some economic damage, it was not enough, and Rogue's army moved across the map to finish off the Protoss. The Zerg army proved simply too much for Classic to handle, and he tapped out, losing the grand finals series without winning a single map.


  • Lost his first official SC2 match to Flying.
  • Switched race from Terran to Protoss after a losing streak in the beginning of 2012-2013 Proleague, considering the play style of Protoss in StarCraft II more like Terran in StarCraft: Brood War.
  • Called "Chintoss" by community.
  • Called "Tassadou" (mix of "Tassadar" and Classic's name) by the Korean fans. He is said to resemble the Protoss character because of his chin.
  • Is the first player to have won both a GSL and an SSL.
  • Was eliminated from SSL, Season 1 and GSL Code S, Season 1 on consecutive days in March 2016 while being only a game away from advancing to the respective next rounds three times. He was up 2-0 vs Patience in SSL Losers' Round 3 (losing then 2-3), and 1-0 vs Solar in the winners' match and 1-0 vs SpeeD in the deciding match of his GSL Round of 32 Group (losing both 1-2).
  • Completed two reverse sweeps in a row in 2018 AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 2 and won the tournament.


In A1Premier Tournaments
2022-01-22DA4thWorld Team League 2021 WinterAlpha XAlpha X2 : 4Dragon Phoenix GamingDragon Phoenix Gaming$2,175.84
2019-11-01CA3 - 4th2019 WCS Global FinalsMkersMkers0 : 3$51,000
2019-08-18BA2nd2019 GSL vs. The World: Teams CompetitionTeam Serral3 : 5Team Dark$206.50
2019-08-17CA3 - 4th2019 GSL vs the WorldMkersMkers1 : 3$5,781
2019-06-12CA3 - 4th2019 Global StarCraft II League Season 2: Code SMkersMkers3 : 4$7,623
2019-04-21AA1st2019 AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 14 : 1$8,804
2019-04-14BA2nd2019 Global StarCraft II League Season 1: Code S2 : 4$10,727
2019-02-07AwardGlobal StarCraft II League: NesTea Award– : –$0
2018-09-30AA1st2018 AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 2The Gosu CrewThe Gosu Crew4 : 3$10,663
2018-08-05AA1st2018 GSL vs. The World: Teams CompetitionTeam Serral5 : 2Maru$891
2018-06-16CA3 - 4th2018 Global StarCraft II League Season 2: Code S1 : 4$7,035
2018-04-08CA3 - 4th2018 AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 11 : 3$2,349
2018-03-17DA4thWorld Electronic Sports Games 20171 : 3$20,000
2018-03-04BA2ndIEM Season XII - World Championship0 : 4$66,000
2017-12-30DA4thNEO Star League 2017SoloAsRSoloAsR1 : 3SCBoySCBoy$147.50
2017-09-11CA3rd2017 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 2 - Premier2 : 4$6,991
2017-06-17CA3 - 4th2017 Global StarCraft II League Season 2: Code S0 : 4$6,720
2016-08-25CA3 - 4th2016 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 2: Main EventSK Telecom T1SK Telecom T13 : 4$8,066
2015-11-07CA3 - 4th2015 WCS Global FinalsSK Telecom T1SK Telecom T12 : 3$15,000
2015-10-10AA1st2015 SK Telecom ProleagueSK Telecom T1SK Telecom T14 : 2Jin Air Green WingsJin Air Green Wings$4,240
2015-07-19AA1stIEM Season X - ShenzhenSK Telecom T1SK Telecom T14 : 1$10,000
2015-06-20AA1st2015 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 2 Main EventSK Telecom T1SK Telecom T14 : 1$36,099
2014-11-08CA3 - 4th2014 WCS Global FinalsSK Telecom T1SK Telecom T11 : 3$15,000
2014-09-13CA3 - 4th2014 KeSPA CupSK Telecom T1SK Telecom T11 : 3$4,895
2014-08-09BA2nd2014 SK Telecom ProleagueSK Telecom T1SK Telecom T12 : 4KT RolsterKT Rolster$2,111.11
2014-06-28AA1st2014 Global StarCraft II League Season 2: Code SSK Telecom T1SK Telecom T14 : 2$69,043.74
2013-08-03AA1st2012–2013 SK Planet ProleagueSouLSouL4 : 2Woongjin StarsWoongjin Stars$3,557.14
2013-07-09CA3rd2012–2013 SK Planet Proleague: Regular SeasonSouLSouL24–18Grp S.$2,667.85
In A2Major Tournaments
2022-04-24AA1stCasters Civil WarStasis WardisStasis Wardis3 : 2GOAT & The GangGOAT & The Gang$1,300
2022-02-08BA2ndWardiTV Team Liquid Map Contest #8Alpha XAlpha X2 : 3$600
2019-07-07AA1stWardiTV Team Liquid Map Contest #5MkersMkers5 : 1$1,200
2018-01-14AA1stWESG 2017 - Asia-Pacific Qualifier3 : 1$18,000
2017-07-21CA3rd2017 VSL Season 2 - Team LeagueTeam soOTeam soO3 : 4Team LeenockTeam Leenock$219.25
2017-06-03BA2nd2017 StarCraft II StarLeague Season 1 - Challenge3–2Grp S.$1,760
2017-04-28AA1st2017 VSL Season 1 - Team LeagueTeam ZestTeam Zest4 : 3Team herOTeam herO$442.50
2016-11-20AA1stVSL Team LeagueY-dong4 : 3No Toss$847.23
2016-03-26AA1st2016 Proleague: Round 1SK Telecom T1SK Telecom T14 : 2Jin Air Green WingsJin Air Green Wings$1,603.73
2015-09-13BA2nd2015 Proleague: Round 4SK Telecom T1SK Telecom T12 : 4KT RolsterKT Rolster$422.82
2014-07-08BA2nd2014 Proleague: Round 4SK Telecom T1SK Telecom T12 : 4Jin Air Green WingsJin Air Green Wings$548.90
2014-05-20AA1st2014 Proleague: Round 3SK Telecom T1SK Telecom T14 : 2CJ EntusCJ Entus$1,625.22
2014-02-11BA2nd2014 Proleague: Round 1SK Telecom T1SK Telecom T10 : 4KT RolsterKT Rolster$389.06
In Premier/Major Team Leagues
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GOMTV Global StarCraft II League Global StarCraft II League Champion
2014 GSL Season 1
Preceded By:
South Korea  Zest
2014 GSL Season 2
28 June 2014 - 4 October 2014
South Korea  Classic
2014 GSL Season 3
Succeeded By:
South Korea  INnoVation
StarCraft II StarLeague StarCraft II StarLeague Champion
2015 SSL Season 1
Preceded By:
South Korea  Maru
2015 SSL Season 2
20 June 2015 - 20 September 2015
South Korea  Classic
2015 SSL Season 3
Succeeded By:
South Korea  herO
Intel Extreme Masters Intel Extreme Masters
Season IX - World Championship
Preceded By:
South Korea  Zest
Season X - Shenzhen
19 July 2015 - 9 August 2015
South Korea  Classic
Season X - gamescom
Succeeded By:
South Korea  INnoVation




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 vs Protossvs Terranvs Zergvs RandomTotal
as Protoss525 - 33860.8 %570 - 45355.7 %478 - 36356.8 %3 - 0100 %1576 - 115457.7 %
as Terran8 - 372.7 %2 - 166.7 %2 - 433.3 %0 - 0-12 - 860 %
as Random0 - 0-0 - 0-0 - 0-16 - 672.7 %16 - 672.7 %

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