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[e][h] Clavie
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Chen Tianning
Alternate IDs:
NrSClavie, [NexT]NrSClavie, Clavie_cn [Toss]Clavie
Total Earnings:
????-??-?? - 2012-12-20

Chen "Clavie" Tianning is a Chinese Protoss player, currently in team Toss. He previously studied in Switzerland and played for NewRoSoft.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

As a student in the foreign country and one of the very few Chinese Mainland players who were active in Europe with DreAm, he participated in many European tournaments.

He was wrongly thought to be a Swiss player with Chinese descent only because he enrolled in ESL with a Swiss national flag.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

During the era of Heart of the Swarm, he returned to China, and joined in many Chinese tournaments, such as Leifeng Cup, GPL, Godzilla Cup and so on.

His best result is getting in the Challenger of 2015 WCS Season 1 where he lost to XiGua by 0-3.

Clavie was playing under team Next during this time.

Legacy of the Void[edit]

After the maphack controversy, Clavie became inactive for many months. He was only seen in MCL during this period. And due to the controversy he switched from team Next to its ally team Toss. He participated WESG in Beijing but lost to TIME by 1-2, prior to the loss, Cyan interviewed him. He was also present in Gold series in June. He will also participate NSL 2016 under team FAFA&Toss&Next.


Clavie was suspected for cheating in Godzilla Cup Week 2. When reviewing the replays for final games, some people found several suspicions that he might had used maphacks. Though there was no reliable technique evidence that he used maphack, his participation of future tournaments Godzilla Cup still get denied by the organizer.


  • His ID "Clavie" is the French words - "c'est la vie" (this is life) for short.


In A1Premier tournaments
2015-01-14 33 - 64th2015 WCS Season 1/Challenger0 : 3 XiGua$2,000
In A2Major tournaments
2014-12-279 - 12thGPL 2014 Season 2/Premier1-2Grp S.$161
Complete Results in any Tournament