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Cloaking Field

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This article refers to the Protoss Mothership ability. For the Terran Banshee upgrade, see Cloaking Field (Banshee).

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Cloaking Field is a passive ability of the Protoss Mothership. It cloaks all friendly units and buildings (except for friendly Mothership) in an effect-radius of 5 surrounding the Mothership. Cloaked units are invisible to the enemy, unless they have proper detection capabilities nearby. The Cloaking Field is especially helpful when used in conjunction with one of the Mothership's other abilities, Mass Recall. The Protoss army that is teleported in the Recall will instantly gain the additional benefit of the Mothership's passive Cloaking Field, allowing the attack to be even more effective. Should the Mothership be destroyed, any units and buildings that were benefitting from the Cloaking Field will become visible to enemy once more.