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Player Information
Joshua Gray
April 1, 1986 (1986-04-01) (age 32)

Joshua "Clutch" Gray is an American eSports on camera talent and content producer known for his work with Major League Gaming and the North American Star League.


Clutch began working on the StarCraft II stream for Major League Gaming as a cameraman after the first StarCraft II event in Raleigh, NC in 2010. He was promoted to Production Assistant during the 2011 season for live events. Between events he interned for Major League Gaming, mainly producing the Beta Caster program and Diablo 3 Beta content. During the MLG Orlando 2011 event, in order to fill the gaps between matches with content, Clutch was asked to help conduct interviews, fan interactions, and player introductions on camera. He continued in this capacity during the 2012 MLG & the NASL Season 3 Finals.

Clutch is a trained actor, having performed in various plays, films, and television shows. He graduated from Old Dominion University with a BFA in acting. He is passionate about video games and eSports, especially StarCraft II, & is represented by eSports Management Group.

Shifting Gears[edit]

Shifting Gears is a gaming variety show hosted by Clutch that airs Tuesday nights at 6pm EST on his stream. It began independently in 2011, was added to shortly after State of the Game became part of the official Major League Gaming program lineup on their channel, and in 2012 became an independent show once again. Topics have ranged from live gameplay of recently released titles, betas, and independent games to topics of discussion with writers, referees, casters, and pro-players in the eSports realm. StarCraft II has been featured a variety of times with such guests as Kennigit and Sheth.




Notable Videos[edit]