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Co-op Missions

Originally introduced to fans as Allied Commanders, Co-op Missions is a new game mode featured in StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. Two players assume the role of specialized and iconic 'Commanders' from the StarCraft universe to complete a number of challenging missions.


Legacy of the Void launched with six commanders available for free and added a seventh on December 15, 2015; future commanders are available as purchasable downloadable content. Upon the launch of Patch 3.3, you can unlock Abathur for $4.99. With Patch 4.0.0 (Starcraft II going free to play), the three commanders Raynor, Kerrigan, and Artanis are free, while the others are free to play up to level 5. To be able to level other commanders beyond level 5 one has to buy them. Players who bought the game can also still play Swann, Zagara and Vorazun to max level.

Due to the  2019–20 coronavirus outbreak Blizzard made all Co-op Commanders free to play until Thursday, April 2, 2020 PST — with NO limitation on leveling.[1]


Initially, Co-op Missions featured five missions. Over the years several more missions have been added. Starting with the sixth mission on December 15, 2015 and the seventh mission on June 13, 2016.

Experience and Mastery Levels[edit]

Every played game in the Co-Op Missions grants at the end of the mission a variable amount of experience points. Once a Commander collects enough points, he will level up and gain new abilities, units or upgrades. The maximum level is 15.

If the maximum level has been reached by one of the Commanders, any further experience points will go towards the mastery levels. These levels apply to every Commander who has reached the maximum level. Each of these levels grants a single Mastery Point in one of three Power Sets of a Commander. A Power Set contains two bonuses which can be upgraded up to 30 times. These bonuses add a small buff to certain units or abilities. The level cap of Mastery Levels is 90 which, in the end, allows you to maximize one entry per power set.

If the maximum Mastery Level (90) is reached one can earn Ascension Levels (starting at Level 90). Reaching those Ascension Levels doesn't grant any further perks.

Earning XP[edit]

Completing a Co-Op mission succesfully will grant the players a base reward of 20,000 experience points (XP), plus up to 2,000 additional points (base reward) for completing the bonus objectives. Depending on the dificulty and other selections players gain additional XP:

Casual 0%
Normal 20%
Hard 50%
Brutal 100%
Brutal+2 175%
Brutal+23 200%
Brutal+33 225%
Brutal+43 250%
Brutal+53 275%
Brutal+63 300%
Random Map 25%
First Win of the Day 10,000 XP

1These percentage bonuses are always calculated against the base reward before any other bonuses are applied.
2This option requires level 15 on your selected commander or playing in a party.
2This option requires playing in a party.

Commander Leveling[edit]

The experience required for levelling a commander is shown below:


Mutators are gameplay modifiers that bring a new type of challenge to Co-op Missions. For example, a mutator could cause all enemy units to be cloaked, or cause all enemy units to explode on death.

Each week, players can queue for the Weekly Mutation – a mission that has a set of pre-selected mutators active.

In addition players (in a party) can play custom Mutations. There the players can choose up to 10 mutators.

Weekly Mutations[edit]

Weekly Mutations are, as the name suggests, mutations that appear as weekly challenges. Completing the weekly challenge offers an experience bounty, depending on the difficulty level completed. These bounties are shown below:

Difficulty Bounty
Casual 25,000
Normal 35,000
Hard 50,000
Brutal 75,000
Retry Brutal+ 75,000

Completing a Weekly Mutation on a difficulty level will unlock the bounties for all levels below. For example, completing a Weekly Mutation on Brutal difficulty (commonly known as a "Brutation"), will give you 185,000. You can only earn each weekly bounty once.

Current Weekly Mutation[edit]

Current Weekly Mutation
# Release Date Name Base Mission Mutators
207 2020-04-06 Explosive Hunt Part and Parcel Minesweeper, Slim Pickings