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Collegiate Gaming Organization
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Duran Parsi (CEO)


The Collegiate Starleague (CSL) is an intercollegiate StarCraft league for North American colleges and universities. The format is modeled after South Korean Proleague, with a regular season and playoff tournament centered around matches between college teams.[1] Twenty-five schools participated in the inaugural season of the CSL and that number has grown to one-hundred and forty four schools by Season 4. Originally corresponding to approximately one semester of university, CSL seasons have grown to encompass the full academic year. Season 4 concluded on March 7, 2011. Season 5 began September 10, 2011 and had their live grand finals on June 3, 2012 at the University of Central Florida.[2]


All students currently enrolled in a North American undergraduate or graduate program are eligible for the CSL. Teams must have a minimum of five verified players before entering the league. Players are cleared for participation by supplying an official school email address.

Players NOT registered as current students can be considered for eligibility under special circumstances on a case-by-case basis. Exceptions can also be made for players from unusually small schools that are affiliated with larger universities.[3]


  • Duran Xeris Parsi
  • Theresa jadedshock Gaffney
    Editor in Chief
  • Daniil Cheeseheadlogic Pauley
    Production Director
  • Theresa jadedshock Gaffney
    Community Director
  • Alan Phoenix Nguyen
    Tournament Director
  • Tanya 'Juliet' Alconcel
    Community Director
  • Kierstin 'Kierpanda'
    Community Director
  • Paul LSOne Stutes
    Head Developer
  • Sean Day[9] Plott
    Honorary Member


Tournament Date Winner Runner-Up TL Threads Game Version
Season 1 2009-02-15 – 2009-04-26 USA University of California Berkeley USA University of Texas Austin - Brood War
Season 2 2009-10-09 – 2009-12-19 Canada University of Waterloo USA University of California San Diego Official Thread Brood War
Season 3 2010-02-13 – 2010-05-22 USA University of California San Diego USA Duke University - Brood War
Season 4 2010-10-22 – 2011-04-07 Canada University of British Columbia Canada University of Waterloo Official Thread Wings of Liberty
Season 5 2011-09-10 – 2012-06-03 USA University of North Texas USA University of Washington Official Thread Wings of Liberty
AZUBU Collegiate Champions 2012-11-10 – 2013-02-03 USA University of California Berkeley South Korea Chunnam Techno University Official Thread Wings of Liberty
Spring Season 2013 2013-03-16 – 2013-06-08 USA University of California Berkeley USA Georgia Institute of Technology Official Thread Heart of the Swarm
Season 7 2013-09-02 – 2014-06-21 Canada University of Western Ontario Canada University of Toronto Official Thread Heart of the Swarm
Season 8 2014-10-25 – 2015-04-25 USA University of Washington USA University of California Berkeley - Heart of the Swarm
2015/2016 Season 2015-10-04 – 2016-05-08 USA University of California Berkeley USA Temple University Review Legacy of the Void
2016/2017 Season 2016-10-15 – 2017-05-12 Canada Université de Montréal USA Temple University - Legacy of the Void
2017/2018 Season 2017-10-14 – 2018-05-12 USA Temple University Canada University of Waterloo - Legacy of the Void

Medal Count[edit]

Last update: 2017/2018 Season
Rank Team
1. USA University of California Berkeley 4 1 0
2. USA Temple University 1 2 0
2. Canada University of Waterloo 1 2 0
4. USA University of Washington 1 1 1
5. USA University of California San Diego 1 1 0
6. Canada University of British Columbia 1 0 0
6. USA University of North Texas 1 0 0
6. Canada University of Western Ontario 1 0 0
6. Canada Université de Montréal 1 0 0
10. USA Duke University 0 1 0
10. USA University of Texas Austin 0 1 0
10. South Korea Chunnam Techno University 0 1 0
10. USA Georgia Institute of Technology 0 1 0
10. Canada University of Toronto 0 1 0
15. USA Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 0 0 1

Notable Players[edit]

Professional Players[edit]

Brood War[edit]

  • Assem, Georgia Tech
  • Day[9], University of Southern California
  • Freaky, McGill University
  • Jianfei, University of Toronto
  • MasterAsia, Georgia Tech
  • Nesh, Rutgers University
  • Oldy, McGill University
  • Stryker, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Yosh, University of California, Berkeley

StarCraft II[edit]

  • Antimage, University of Waterloo
  • Caliber, University of Washington
  • ExO, University of Houston
  • FireZerg, University of British Columbia
  • Gerbil, University of Waterloo
  • Hellokitty, University of Texas, Austin
  • Humble, University of Waterloo
  • KawaiiRice, University of Washington
  • iNcontroL, Oregon State University
  • MaSa, Ryerson University
  • mOoNan, Stony Brook University
  • MurDeR, Indiana University, Season 4
  • CaGiNa, University of Florida
  • NerZhuL, University of Maryland Baltimore County
  • ostojiy, University of Western Ontario & New York University
  • Pokebunny, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • qxc, Harvey Mudd College
  • Shew, New York University
  • Stalife, University of British Columbia
  • SuperNinja, University of Waterloo
  • Suppy, University of California, Berkeley
  • sWs, San Jose State University
  • TheoRy, Georgia Tech
  • TorcH, Rensselaer Polytechnic University, Season 3
  • Tyler, Duke University
  • Whiplash, University of Central Florida
  • Wbc, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Season 4

Community Members[edit]

  • Xeris, University of California San Diego
  • Atrioc, Arizona State University
  • blabber, University of California Irvine
  • CapO, Rutgers University
  • CaucasianAsian, Radford College
  • dimsum, Rutgers University
  • Empyrean, Duke University
  • FragKrag, University of California Santa Barbara
  • GHOSTCLAW, University of California Irvine
  • Hot_Bid, University of Michigan Ann Arbor
  • JiYan, University of California Riverside
  • Ideas, Georgia Tech
  • LosingID8, University of Southern California
  • LuckyFool, George Mason University
  • mOnion, Texas A&M
  • OneOther, Duke University
  • Saracen, California Institute of Technology
  • Seeker, University of Florida
  • Sojourner, Texas A&M
  • Sunyveil, Oberlin College and Conservatory
  • TOP, University of California San Diego
  • Elcoco, Florida International University

Life-time Bans[edit]

  • CombatEX, University of Waterloo [4]
  • Doppler, University of Wisconsin-Madison [5]
  • DxT, University of California Berkeley [6]
  • igWare, University of California Berkeley [6]
  • SUGGY, McMaster University [7]
  • Wyatt, University of Wisconsin-Madison [5]


  • Day[9] played for the University of Southern California in Season 1. In later seasons, he took a Boxer-esque role as coach, mentor, and behind-the-scenes professor of StarCraft.[8]
  • qxc's entrance into the SC:BW scene began with his involvement with the Harvey Mudd CSL team. He aced for his team and brought HMC to 10th place in Season 1, narrowly missing the cutoff for playoffs.
  • UCSD decided to name their team "Xeris," spawning Xeris_Cheese, Xeris_Jaeyun, and the abominably narcissistic Xeris_Xeris.
  • The University of Texas, prior to their championship match against Berkeley in Season 1, cited the following as their worst fear: "Along with Texas, Berkeley has one of the highest percentage of Asians in their student body. So the biggest Unknown and also fear is whether or not their entire lineup is composed of Asians, and whether or not they are better than our all-Asian lineup." [9]
  • During Season 2, CSL was unofficially named CSL+. After realizing the CSL, Inc. tournament was no longer running, the staff at CSL decided to take back their name.
  • In Season 3, there were three female coordinators (Carnegie Mellon University, The Ohio State University, and University of Southern California).
  • As of August 23, 2010 - there are 10 players playing for the CSL in the top 200: qxc, Stalife, IefNaij, Cheese, ostojiy, MasterAsia, xiaofan, Antimage, SlaineD, and Darrenc.[10]
  • After winning SC2 beta keys (Season 2 Grand Prize), the University of Waterloo's players suffered a severe hit to their performance in Season 3 and lost early on in the playoffs.
  • CSL was featured in The New York Times in April 2009.[11]
  • The Collegiate Starleague Liquipedia page is the first page to reference Combat-EX, breaking an unspoken taboo of Liquipedia editors.
  • As of May 12, 2012, there are 24 players playing in the CSL who are in the North American server Grand Master League.[12]
  • Just before the Season 5 finals, Tt eSports dropped its sponsorship for the CSL. This move drove the CSL to conduct an emergency fundraiser through raffles.


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