Colossus (Legacy of the Void)

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This article covers the current multiplayer version of this unit. For another version see Colossus (Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm).
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[e][h] Colossus
Unit Information
Ground Unit
Built From:
300 200 54 6
Attack 1:
Targets: Ground
Damage: 10 (+1) (x2)
DPS: 18.7 (+1.87)
Cooldown: 1.07
Bonus: +5 (+1) vs Light
Bonus DPS: +9.3 (+1.87) vs Light
Range: 7 (+2)
200 150 1 (+1)
Cargo Size:
Strong against:
Weak against:


The Colossus (plural -lossi, -lossuses) is a massive Protoss battle strider that towers over all other ground units on the battlefield. In LotV its base damage is reduced by 20%.

It is built at the Robotics Facility after a Robotics Bay is constructed. Its dual Thermal Lance weapons target units in an area of effect, making the Colossus a powerful siege unit that can quickly destroy an enemy's ground forces. Colossi also have the ability to traverse cliffs and provide vision of high ground areas. However, the Colossus' enormous height also allows anti-air attacks to hit them; care must be taken with Colossi to make sure units like Vikings or Corruptors do not pick them off in battle. The Extended Thermal Lance upgrade gives the Colossus an impressive attack range of 9, which allows them to attack while standing behind their support army.


Allows the Colossus to walk up and down cliffs.


 150      150      100 Hotkey: E
Researched from: Robotics Bay
Increases the range of the Colossus weapon by 2.

Competitive Usage[edit]


The Colossus is a heavy support unit, that deals large amounts of damage over an average sized area. The massive battle strider is capable of obliterating large amounts light ground forces within seconds.

The Legacy of the Void version of the Colossus does less damage in general than earlier versions of the unit. It does bonus damage against light units, and thus can be effective against massed light units like Marines, Zerglings, or Zealots.

Getting the Extended Thermal Lance upgrade is considered standard in all match ups, as the extra range grants it an edge over most other ground units, allowing it to fire from a safe distance - while being relatively safe itself. It is merely outranged by the Terran Siege Tank when in it's immobile siege mode. This and the cliff walk ability allow the Colossus to kite ground units, using the terrain to one's advantage. Most units will not be able to pursue correctly microed Colossi, without taking high amounts of damage, or dying in the process.

The Colossus' main weakness is its additional vulnerability to air attacks. Vikings, Corruptors, and Void Rays deal bonus damage to massive and/or armored units, of which the Colossus is both. As airborne units - Vikings, Corruptors, and Void Rays may also abuse their agility to flank the Protoss army, effectively negating the powerful positional advantage that Colossi are able to award. Hence, a Colossus-heavy army needs to be bolstered with appropriate numbers of anti-air support, in order to combat aerial threats.

Unlike its spiritual predecessor, the Reaver, Colossi have very limited potential as harassment units. Mining workers will generally not line up in a manner, that would allow for multiple hits, thereby significantly decreasing the effectiveness of its primary weapons. Also, it's slow speed make the usage of a Warp Prism mandatory, increasing the cost of investment even further, alongside the risk of losing both units during the long travel time between bases.

The Colossus synergizes well with Sentries and Stalkers. Force fields can be used to block off and/or trap impeding enemy ground units - allowing for maximized splash damage - while Stalkers provide for anti-air support and act as a meat shield (alongside Zealots), absorbing incoming damage; the blink ability may be used to further increase damage absorption. With its height, the Colossus is able to reveal areas atop cliffs, enabling allied units fire upwards on to high ground, as well as Stalkers to Blink to targeted locations, which would otherwise be covered by fog of war.

As a rule of thumb, it is possible to sustain continuous Colossi production with double Robotics Facilities - per one mining base; so long no Chrono Boost is used.

Vs. Protoss[edit]

Colossi are not typically used in PvP matches in Legacy of the Void. Protoss players typically use Immortal, Archon, Chargelot (IAC) or Blink/Disruptor compositions instead of Colossus-based armies.

Vs. Terran[edit]

Colossus still find use in PvT against Marine-heavy compositions, but are generally a far less popular splash damage source than High Templars or Disruptors.

Vs. Zerg[edit]

Against a Zerg, Colossi can be effective in battle if the opposing player decides to make Hydralisk, Zergling or Baneling heavy armies. While not as cost effective against Roaches as their heavy-fire counterpart, the Immortal, smaller amounts of Colossus are still capable of dealing with moderate amounts of Roaches with Sentry and Stalker support, while critical numbers of Colossus can kill larger masses of Roaches very swiftly. Furthermore, Colossi are less effective than Immortals when dealing with Ultralisks in late game, but are still quite capable as support fire to protect units from masses of lower-tiered units. Use of Colossi in PvZ depends on how the Zerg plays; massing Colossi against Muta/Ling play is inefficient (though still relatively effective), but against Hydralisk/Roach heavy Zerg, they are almost essential. In combination with Force Field, Colossi with the range upgrade can safely outrange Hydralisks and Roaches that are blocked by the Forcefield wall. Like when playing Terran, you must be prepared to deal with Corruptors when playing against a Zerg.



Patch Changes[edit]


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